Loved the salty flavor. Its so flavorful and cooked to perfection. The service was okay, not exceptional. Definitely will be back! The sauce they pour on it was amazing. And WOW. I wonder how much longer it will last before it's demolished and replaced by a 30 story condo tower. The deal comes with two apps, two entrees and a bottle of wine. The French onion soup however was super salty. Surprisingly, there wasn't a wait time when we got there as well. Several places were found that match your search criteria. Want to chime in. The wagyu beef is from the Snake River Farms, Idaho. 10/10 will be back!! Above on Google Maps you will find all the places for request "Wagyu Beef Restaurants Near Me". I also ordered their popular raspberry martini for $10. YES YES YES! Steak: Grilled, Boiled or Fried from Scandanavia To Santa Maria Steak refers to a particular slice of meat that is cut perpendicular to the muscle fibers and may still include the bone. We offer our users a wide list of events for all type of people, for every preference. This is a result of the wagyu breed and it gives it additional tenderness. We pretty much devoured it! -Conrad was polite and welcoming. ::Drinks::I saw another table get a drink that caught my attention, so I had to get it. The tortilla soup was so watery and tasteless. Conrad brought us Moscow Mule, and I liked it a lot!! He ordered the Grilled Sweet Potatoesand a salad.Service was standard/good. We will definitely be back! The vegan one wanted to check out a new spot in his neighborhood and I was game to trying this place out since I've never checked out the one they have in OC. It was a pretty big portion and it came with mashed potatoes on the side. I also had a bite of my brother in law's Miyazaki Filet Chateaubriand and it was life-changing to say the least! I would rate this a 10 if I could. You can't go wrong. We received all our starters at the same time.. Please review and confirm the items and quantities before checking out. In here last night with a large party. The restaurant is nicely built, parking is easy, overall a great place to have dinner with family and friends. The wagyu beef is from the Snake River Farms, Idaho. To ensure we deliver a consistently remarkable experience every time, we’re committed to an approach that values the animal, the people, and the environment, while adhering to nature’s cycles. Second chance, his gets his steak for a second time and it's over done again! The restaurants biggest table seats 9 and in order for them to accommodate our part of 11, we had to wait for a booth and a banquet table to open up next to one another. The steak was very flavorful and cooked a perfect medium rare. Next time, hopefully I can try some cocktails with my meal. Several places were found that match your search criteria. When the word steak is used without reference to a specific meat, it is often in reference to a beef steak. Place looks fancier than ever. We'll be back for sure ! We were stuffed, but obviously we had to get dessert, which deserves a standing ovation on its own. The ice cream sundae came with chocolate sauce, toasted marshmallow fluff, and vanilla ice cream on the bottom. The Halibut main dish was OK, "brik" chicken with cauliflower side was horrible, quinoa ball was a disaster and we had to return the dish, the grilled chicken that we asked to have with that was uneatable, Skirt Steak was not impressive at al...  We had to return the quinoa dish.However, the manager came to ask us about our experience, without us asking... and carefully listened to our feedback. Service: Amazing customer service. Our server, Ali, was very nice and we loved watching all the special little things the staff and manager did to keep the level of service so high. Salad was good. Only 2 Left. The lights are dim, the bar area in the front is welcoming, and the atmosphere just gives off a special vibe. You can see reviews of companies by clicking on them. Our plates were wiped clean. Although next time I go, I'll probably order a different side so I can try their other options.For dessert, we had the carrot cake with brown butter Maker's Mark ice cream and curry walnuts. Submit corrections. What an incredible experience! We got an order of the bacon Mac n' cheese and foraged mushrooms as sides for the table. All the steaks sound amazing. My boyfriend ordered the skirt steak and he was not impressed....said it was too chewy. I was going to give this place four stars, but unfortunately the temperature inside the restaurant was very uncomfortable, it ruined the experience for us. I think we would go back and ask for less salt. You can see reviews of companies by clicking on them. Staff is friendly all around, professional, and personable. And with an award winning mixologist on staff, the cocktails are pretty special. While the salt was so good with the steaks, we shouldn't have that much salt in one meal ever again lol. My friends ordered the pork chop, $34 which personally I thought tasted so much better than my steak since it was more flavorful. Chicken was good but unfortunately quite dry. The hand stuffed blue cheese olives were spectacular. For dinner I chose the Skirt Steak, which was perfectly cooked and so tender, not at all chewy or dry. Oysters were good too but I wouldnt come here for any of that. Only 2 Left. Tomahawk ... Spicy Wagyu Beef Steak Strips . It was also very flavorful! Both steaks came with peppered mashed potatoes and broccoli.

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