My Mother use to cook this when I growing up and my children grew up on it to! Sure seemed easier to eat in my mother’s pack lunch in those days when I worked construction. And guess which one unanimously won the sausage shootout? 1 More. IIRC, they also added some Tobasco into the mixture for added kick. In my days growing up, they would call this kind of meal, a "poor man's meal", like potato soup, which I love to! Van Camp used to make Vienna sausage, but I haven’t seen it for many years. Before lil smokies and even oscar meyer weiners, they were just plain ole Viennas. Choose a spicy chili sauce and add some crushed red pepper flakes for a spicy version. Interesting about the fishing comment. Heated up though. Try it with your favorite condiments like mustard, grilled onions, and pickles. That’s right. went well with ketchup, shoyu-vinegar, & rice or, beer! I’ll have to come up with a Hawaii special edition label design for Hormel Vienna Sausage…. Last Monday and Tuesday were meant for spending my free time in the kitchen to test if my cooking prowess still lives on. Kyle, exactly. Always got a can or two (or whole case) in your pantry? Yup, I think I commented on that one. The most popular was Van Camp’s I believe, with Armour next. view polish sausage. Now let’s crank up the fun and take this from a Vienna Sausage Party to a Vienna Sausage Fest! That’s probably where I said that the Pop Chips BBQ flavor tastes like Nibb-its. Your email address will not be published. Regular retail price was on average about 80 cents per can. lol, Reading through Amazon reviews on Beenee Weenee, everyone describes the sausage in it as being sliced-up hot dog, not Vienna Sausage. Image source: What’s his name?” I reply, “Salchichas” but you can call  him “Sal”. Am describing a children’s tea party circa Hawaii 1950’s. Same for the other preferred local style breakfast meats: “1 Can SPAM Omelet” and of course the “1 Link Portuguese Sausage Omelet”. @ Mr. T – Mahalo for the kind words… and take care of that mohawk. That’s why I don’t care for bacon in my burgers, IMO because it totally masks the flavor of the beef patty. That mushy texture is exactly why I never cared for Vienna Sausage; in part because there’s no casing, hence no “snap” when you bite into it. ), Applebee’s Opening First Hawaii Location in Ewa, Coverage: St. Patrick’s Day Waikiki Parade 2019, Grindz of the Day: Matzo Ball Soup & "Nathan’s Caesar Dog", The Counter Custom Burgers Kahala once again locally owned, Turkey Jook Recipe - Recipe: Turkey Jook (Rice Porridge) - Tasting Table, “Distance”: Wolfang’s tribute song to his dad, Eddie Van Halen, Haru’s Bama Kitchen: Katsu, Ramen, Charsiu and his Guava tree, Big Island Candies offering tasty new treats for 2020, Vienna Sausage Banh Mi (<–I’m putting money on that one as da’ winnah! It has a spicy kick that will leave you wanting more. Ken. They tasted a bit different than today. lol. Mushrooms (and onions) on the other hand ENHANCE the beef flavor. Or simply straight outta’ the can out of sheer hunger. Of which to note that Van Camp’s is under Con Agra now. We’ll get to more ways to serve Vienna Sausage shortly (no pun intended), however first let’s compare these two brands. where there’s hickory smoke, there’s fire! Hardwood hickory smoking adds the famous Vienna taste in every hearty Polish Sausage. Pomai, there are 100s of recipes for Vienna sausage! That tangy zip from the vinegar combined with the robust depth of the shoyu not only masks the weirdness of the sausage itself, but also compliments its mystery meat weirdness. ). They were much fatter and you had to shake the can. We’d get dressed up as best we could and those memories have lasted a lifetime. These simple snacks will be a big hit with your family or guests. Which has me thinking already that it has more “filler” mixed in it with a chemical name requiring 4 syllables to pronounce properly. Scavenged the pan... Find out when National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day is and some neat trivia about it. Which was deviled meat spread on a cracker with a dash of Tobasco sauce (the one in them tiny little Tobasco bottles). lol j/k, I’m totally in the dark on tea parties, however I’d hope the tea pot, cups and tea itself were REAL! Lay each piece of dough on a flat surface, unroll it, and then lay a sausage on each piece. Your email address will not be published. Getting to it, we (4 of us) tried each one side-by-side, having the Libby’s® and Great Value™ Vienna Sausage handed to us blindly, consecutively one after the other, using simply a glass of water as a palate buffer (chaser). When I was a kid, we ate vienna sausage with pork and beans, in omelets, with eggs, on bread as a sandwich, etc. Where I tell you, when that landed on the table, I CRACKED-UP! IIRC, the cheapest is the Libby’s Vienna Sausage bulk case from Costco, which breaks down to less than 40 cents each. As noted to Kelli previously in this thread, Tim’s Cascade Chips’ “Hawaiian Luau Barbecue Rings” are the real Nibb-Its deal: Here is my wisdom on Vienna sausage: When I was young they had no chicken. Permalink. Get the best and healthy vienna sausage appetizers Recipes! The following recipe you dismissed as being mainland however it is in the following book you can purchase anywhere in Hawaii. I think I might get some the next time and challenge my kids to a duel. @ Kyle K – I’ve added your dad’s Vienna Sausage & Pork & Beans Sandwich to my list above. Mahalo and keep up the great work. I remember small kid time going fishing with my dad and for lunch he would bring along a couple of cans of Vienna sausage, a can of pork & beans and a half a loaf of sandwich bread. I bet no one heard of the lowly VIenna sausage on the menu in a tea party. I Pitty the fool be messin’ wit’ it. Pomai, when I was a kid mom made mini musubi with vienna sausages in rice. Yeah, that’s pretty “ghetto”, but hey, sometimes them “Cheap Eats” are the most satisfying! Make sure that you choose little smokies or little Vienna sausages. Spice lovers will enjoy these hot Vienna sausages as snacks, appetizers … We have 21055 vienna sausage appetizers Recipes for Your choice! Pomai, there are 100s of recipes for Vienna sausage! Required fields are marked *. I can’t fathom it any other way! Hey Pomai sorry to crash the sausage comments here but I just wanted to say I love this blog. You’re right, you did comment there. And my reply to you was: Regarding Nibb-Its, If I see the BBQ Pop Chips, I’ll definitely give them a try. **I use 1 package of Nathan koshered hot dogs because…. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Not surprisingly, the Libby’s Vienna Sausage ingredients are almost identical: mechanically separated chicken, chicken water, beef, pork, contains less than 2% of salt, sugar, spices, sodium erythorbate, flavoring, sodium nitrite, garlic powder. <—- in that link we talk about Exchange Orange Aid, One Ton Chips, Yick Lung, Nibb-Its, Haw Flakes, Da’ Manapua Man… all ‘dat ‘kine stuffs. However, while growing up when our parents were struggling to make ends meet, like SPAM, Vienna Sausage was THE go-to protein of choice. lol. It’s on my to-do list in my reply above to Ken. Are you serious?! It’s them ocean spray negative ions (a good thing)! Of course you still being a spring chicken would not recognize anything later than 1980 as that would be before your time. Yet whaddaya’ know? Pop open a can of crescent roll dough and remove the dough from the tube before cutting the dough into 1-inch pieces. That said, still, I don’t detest Vienna Sausage. Spam is still my canned meat of choice. Pretty good, actually. Vienna spread with egg, mayo, green sweet relish spread on crackers or Vienna fried rice are quick and easy.

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