Thank you for visiting Penn State New Kensington. The most interesting of these is a possible in 30104-F2 in the Davis Mountains where breeding has not been reported. Depending on the…. Range: The Pacific coast mountains from southeastern Alaska to California. It overwinters in almost all of the lower forty-eight states (and down into northern Mexico) and has an equally broad summer/breeding range across Canada and Alaska. The outside diameter is 8.9 cm (3.5 in), inside diameter is 5.7 cm (2.3 in) and cup depth 4.3 cm (1.7 in; Nolan et al. The breeding season of the Red-backed Junco in the Guadalupe Mountains extends from mid-April to mid-August (young birds in a nest as late as August 5).. College Station TX 77843-2258 They have gray hoods and backs and white bellies, and dark tails with distinctive white, lateral tail feathers. Union 1998). A field guide to western birds’ nests. Nolan, V., Jr., E. D. Ketterson, D. A. Cristol, C. M. Rogers, E. D. Clotfelter, R. C. Titus, S. J. Schoech and E. Snajdr. professional advice. Checklist of North American birds, 7. Why We Love Juncos . 2005). BREEDING HABITAT. During the 1987-1992 field work of the TBBA project, observers reported 9 breeding records for Dark-eyed Juncos. Those found in the eastern half of the U.S. are charcoal gray on top with white bellies and known as slate-colored types. Nests take three to seven days to build and they are seldom re-used. Nestlings are actively fed by both parents and are able to fledge after another two weeks or so. The nest may be made of a variety of materials. These flocks may include several of the sub-species of the northern junco and also several other species of sparrows and even bluebirds. Junco hyemalis, (Information for this species page was gathered in part, by Ms. Stephanie Hughes for Biology 220W at Penn State New Kensington in Spring 2009). Dark-eyed Junco is a complex taxon of identifiable forms, groups and subspecies. Described as snapping, twittering or fast trills that are reminiscent of the rattling of small ball bearings. Dept. The Heroes that Were Pigeons: The Smart “Rescue and War” Pigeons This site is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Fledglings stay with and are dependent upon the parents for another three weeks. Two successful clutches may be raised in one season. They also readily consume fruit (including wild blueberries, raspberries, and elderberries as they come into season) and many types of arthropods (including caterpillars, ants, flies, spiders, and beetles). In Pennsylvania, in addition to winter populations of “bird feeder” Northern Juncos, we have observed dense, summer populations of this species in the mixed hardwood forests of the Allegheny National Forest in the northwest section of the state. The bird life of Texas, University of Texas Press, Austin. 1995. Dark-eyed Junco the Snow Birds Nesting, Mating, Feeding Habits Howell, S. N. G. and S. Webb. The Juncos, members of the bird genus Junco, comprise three to eight species of small American finches. These relatively modest trends are an encouraging sign for the future of Dark-eyed Juncos in Texas. Sometimes it is simply a gathering of pine needles and grasses, sometimes it has a foundation of sticks on top of which softer materials are layered. Breeding may also occur in the mountains of the west, throughout New England, and down the Appalachian Mountains into northern Georgia. Oregon and Gray-headed juncos are usually found in the western half of the state. American Ornithologists’ Union. Sauer, J. R., J. E. Hines, and J. Fallon. AgriLife Extension's online Bookstore offers educational information and resources related to our many areas of expertise and programming; from agriculture, horticulture, and natural resources to nutrition, wellness for families and youth, and much more. Texas A&M University The Dark-eyed Juncos (Junco hyemalis) are also referred to as "Snowbirds" as they breed in North America (i.e., Alaska and Canada) and migrate in large flocks to the lower United States, Mexico or Central America for the winter.

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