In short, yes. But yeah, as said above, MOST armies don't have a set faction for them and can therefore be played as either traitor or loyalist force, both in the personal fluff you write for your army, AND by the gameplay rules, Solar Auxilia being one of these. solar auxilia tactical command. I believe people commonly mistake Solar Auxilia operating only as an loyalist force, or even exclusively in the sol system of terra because the term "Solar" in the tittle of the army. solar auxilia rapier quad multi-laser. They then struck at the Cyclops Cluster, where Dark Mechanicus ambassadors convinced the Forge World of M'Pandex to join Horus' cause. [1a], Cut off from the Ruinstorm created by the Word Bearers, the Imperial worlds of the Coronid Deeps had little time to prepare for the traitor attack and little hope of outside aid. The Manachean War was a campaign of the Horus Heresy waged between 006 and 008.M31. According to the measure of the Officio Militaris of Terra, the Solar Auxilia Cohorts are the definitive example of a heavy void infantry formation of the Excertus Imperialis. usd 39.90. add to cart. Right now in the rules, there is no army that has exclusively one Faction or another, though this is guaranteed to change when they FAQ Talons and officially add Daemons. [2], [1b], Letting Mezoa sit and rot in its isolation, the Warmaster began with the next stage of his plan. usd 14.00. add to cart. MaSade struck at the recently captured world of Numinal, creating a vicious battle where his Solar Auxilia battled traitor Mechanicum forces. The remaining regiments got their teeth kicked in … Right now in the rules, there is no army that has exclusively one Faction or another, though this is guaranteed to change when they FAQ Talons and officially add Daemons. With communications and defenses in complete chaos, the traitor forces swiftly captured the base from brave but outclassed Solar Auxilia troops and what active Imperial Armada warships remained loyal. [1d], Epsilon-Stranivar IX, known during the Great Crusade of Fortress Stranivar, was a world found at the edge of the Coronid Deeps. Several functions may not work. Wow I missed that in the newest red book. like Stormtroopers but find their list hideously lacking in the vehicle department solar auxilia rapier quad mortar. Their doctrine em… But while the loyalists were united in a common cause, the traitors were divided among their own agendas. The 114th Grand Battalion was effectively abandoned by the Alpha Legion and Death Guard, left to act as a sacrificial rearguard. This can lead to a lot of fun as one basic Lasrifle Tercio can throw down 120 shots as 36" Heavy 2 Lasrifles to literally melt one side of the battlefield in a hail of energy fire. solar auxilia surgeon-primus aevos jovan & medicae orderlies. When Horus' own flagship, the Vengeful Spirit arrived, the battle in space was decided in the traitors favor. Basically how it works is that during list building you pick your faction first, this is either Loyalist or Traitor, then you select your army and unit from there. [2], Thus a force of Iron Warriors of the 114th Grand Battalion, Alpha Legion companies, and Death Guard host began their poorly coordinated push. He dispatched the Death Guard led by Mortarion across the Cyclops cluster, where they captured the worlds of Lascal and Dominica Minor with the help of the traitor Knight House House Makabius. False, word bearers legion rules set them as belonging exclusively to the traitor faction, no buts or ifs. solar auxilia. This is not recommended for shared computers.

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