Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Gameplay TipsMewtwo is definitely one of the oddest characters in SSBM. Mewtwo is a secret character and has to be unlocked before you can select him from the character screen. Mewtwo is a character with some powerful and versatile throws, as its Down Throw can chaingrab fast falling heavy characters like Captain Falcon, and its Forward Throw can deal double damage and knockback if done near a wall. Project M Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It's very effective. Mewtwo's Up Special Move, Teleport, has decent range and passes through any attack, but it can't attack Mewtwo's opponent. Simply go north from Cerulean City to Route 24, then use Surf to swim south to get to the cave entrance. A lot of combos carry over and work on most of the characters in this category. This sets up for multiple Forward Aerials at low percents and at least two at moderate percents. Mewtwo crosses its arms and spins in midair, laughing sinisterly. Use it in between his second jump and Teleport. This genetic freak may have a syllable in common with the benign and ultra-rare Mew, but that's where the similarities end. Mewtwo is actually the experiment of years of gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments. Choose any of Nintendo's classic characters including Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Yoshi, Kirby, and many of the more obscure personas from the company's history then try to beat the crud out of the other ones. Combos into itself and other aerials with ease. However, confusion leaves Mewtwo open for attack from the opponent as the move takes longer to end than it takes the opponent to recovery and attack. While never providing any "true" combos, this sets up for combos if the opponent Directional Influences incorrectly. If they DI towards the player, then they can grab them again, or begin a Down Tilt assault into a grab. He's a bit of a mix between Zelda and Ness. Mewtwo is one of the highest jumpers in the game and falls very slowly, which makes recovery easy with it, and its Teleport adds to the jumping distance. Mewtwo´s neutral has a basically a zoning or bait and punish play style forcing opponents to either commit to a defensive option or force them to approach. Similar to Samus, Mewtwo has a charge shot--like Shadow Ball he can create out of energy. Voice Actor It's subtle and also very similar to Zelda's diagonal attacks for juggling characters. Mewtwo thrusts both arms out and attacks the enemy with a shadowy blast. MEWTWO - How to Unlock 3 Unlock Methods Available He can send it modulating across the screen in a wavy motion, which is a bit harder to avoid that Samus' horizontal attack. Number of Jumps An Up Tilt is an awkward but effective setup. Also appears in Mewtwo crosses both its arms, then moves them outward. Project M 3.5 Mewtwo Guide by EmuKiller-1. Mewtwo has very low traction. On the downside, Mewtwo has a poor spot dodge. Mewtwo is also known for having the fastest backward and forward rolls in the game, as well as covering the most ground. Of course, what would a psychic be without some completely off-the-wall B-button attacks. Mewtwo climbs onto the stage and attacks with its tail. Rack up 20:00 hours in Combined Vs. Right on Mewtwo! However, Mewtwo rose significantly (the highest rise in the tier list and the highest change in any Melee tier list, rising 6 places), due to techniques that have been developed over the last two years of competitive play, such as teleport mindgames, and its good ability to either combo or have great tech chasing after its down throw. Mewtwo telekinetically gets up and spins around with its tail extended. Pressing L or R buttons or performing an evasive roll will cancel out the charge, which can be resumed by pressing the B button. Mewtwo picks up and uses items via its telekinetic power, never actually touching them outside grasping the, This results in Mewtwo having poor usage of the, Mewtwo being of light weight (85 units) contradicts its Pokédex information, where it is supposed to outweigh any non-overweight human. Mewtwo's Costumes / Alts (We don't own the Image.). Mewtwo spins and swings its tail forward at the opponent's feet. Apart from its subsequent appearances in all major Game Boy and N64 titles, Mewtwo also made a name for itself in the Pokemon TV series and theatrical movie releases. Most of Mewtwo's attacks have a lot of range. } Mewtwo does a backflip before kicking downward with one foot. Mewtwo is a secret character and has to be unlocked before you can select him from the character screen. Use it repeatedly to get an opponent's damage high without much trouble. Although mostly effective against Fox and Falco, this usually leads to juggles at low percents. Mewtwo's alternate costumes in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Mewtwo first appeared in Project M 3.02 along with Roy. Mewtwo replaces Pokemon trainer in Project M since Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle received their own slots. Mewtwo attacks directly forward with a shadowy explosion. This allows Mewtwo to have a long wavedash, but it also hurts its approach. Masachika Ichimura It's usually best if used quickly before a smash move. Mewtwo quickly vanishes and reappears in a different location, which can be directed with the control stick. Link and Zelda have Ganondorf. Its fighting ability is incredibly high, and it's said to have the most savage heart among Pokémon. Mewtwo throws the opponent down on the ground and strikes them with its tail. It can be charged and is very forgiving because once it is activated it stays in effect for a brief period. Has some connection issues at higher %s. Usually after two Down Tilts Mewtwo can follow up with a grab at low percents. Mewtwo has a fast and powerful Forward Aerial with combo and killing potential, but it also has mediocre reach. Another great juggling aerial. Mewtwo's projectile, Shadow Ball, is powerful. Buff Infinite jabs deal slightly more damage.Buff Up tilt deals slightly more damage at the body.Change Its trajectory and knockback has been altered.Buff Down tilt has less endlag.Nerf Down smash has more endlag.Nerf Forward aerial has slightly more startup.Nerf Up aerial has slightly more startup and more endlag.Nerf Shadow Ball has become smaller.Nerf It also has more startup.Buff Confusion deals more knockback.Nerf Can no longer act out of teleport if used after second jump.Nerf Can no longer teleport through stage corners.Change Disable can no longer clank with opponent's attacks. If you're extremely close, however, the attack is not nearly as effective. Catch them at the right time and you can deal some serious damage. It is reliable. Mewtwo is ranked 21st on the current tier list mainly due to its poor attributes (slow movement speed, tall, floaty, light, tail hitbox). Being the glass cannon he is, Mewtwo thrives off of safe pressure with his projectiles, aerials and long reaching tilts. Mewtwo releases a short-range beam from its eyes that stuns the opponent. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Unlockable F (21) Similar to the Princess's magic, many of his A-button attacks are concentrated forms of energy that can hit from a distance.

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