This was also the case for, Coincidentally, all four of these characters were playable in the. Overall, these stats render Link's mobility generally poor. After they get out of the hole, they find Bowser, who Mario tries to attack until Bowser raises Peach/Zelda's trophy as a shield, forcing him to miss. The player must defeat Don's spirit to access his unlock battle. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Swipes sword from front to back, having very quick start-up but moderately long ending lag. For a more detailed information regarding Link's moveset and attack hitboxes, see this page. Although it has been improved from Smash 4, Link's mobility is still inconsistent and somewhat on the poor side. Completing it as Link has Title Theme - The Legend of Zelda accompany the credits. The ability to perform any attack out of a run and his faster movement speed helps Link close in on opponents more easily (which is further helped by his sword attacks' longer range and his above average traction), and his much faster jumpsquat significantly improves his combo potential into aerials. A mac is required to make the app. Because of his overwhelming weaknesses, he is widely considered non-viable in tournament play, and his representation is almost nonexistent at a competitive level. Lastly, Link has among the lowest jump heights in the game. To drop the bomb in air, press Z without moving, - If an opponent shield a boomerang, or is hit by one, you normally have enough time to pull a bomb, - Bombs can be used to Bomb Tech for extra recovery, more on that later, - Not a very useful move, only for hampering the recovery of an opponent, and then only at the tap of the B button, nothing more, Note: A Fast Faller would be Fox, Falco, Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, While there are barely any guaranteed combos in Melee, some of the biggest ones belongs to Link. It mainly focuses on ranking each character’s options such as frames of … Notes - 20 frames to catch the boomerang. Very practical for starting your grab combos, hard to dodge if the Back Air makes contact, - 0:59/Bomb Dashing ~ When you have a bomb, short hop and throw it, then you should have enough time to air dodge like you would to wavedash. If done correctly, the bomb will stay on the edge and will explode on contact with certain characters, you can also always pick it up again, - Hookshot Recovery ~ When making your way back to the stage, you can press Z to have your hookshot shoot out and latch onto the stage. Link's forward smash can become a two hit natural combo at low percentages. At higher percentages the knockback from the bomb can be used for additional height. To do really well with him, you'll have to use your mindgames and technical skills to your fullest ability, and that means learning all that Link can do, which means learning Linkology, This Is Linkology (Advanced Link Tutorial By The Germ), Since The Germ really only shows you the moves, I'll tell you how to do them and where they appear in the video, and how to use them, - Short Hop ~ Jumping by pressing X or Y is nice, but it goes very high in the air. A front kick. Link releases the opponent then kicks them, football punt style. Link is equipped with a useful DACUS that helps his mobility, camping ability, some of the best overall reach in his attacks, great momentum cancelling, the third-best potential vertical endurance, and many KO moves. Melee Framedata. You can cut that down to about half by tapping X or Y very quickly. The Bomb's detonation has large range and deals decent damage and knockback, with enough power to KO opponents at 180%. This overall makes him a worse character in Brawl than he was in Melee where he was already a non viable character. Spin Attack can also deflect projectiles if used in the air. Has. Link's grounded moveset comes with its merits, long range set aside: neutral attack deals above-average damage and has a reliable semi-spike in its third hit; forward tilt boasts both above-average damage and knockback, which in tandem with its good range and low ending lag, makes for a great spacing option; up tilt also deals above-average damage which, in tandem with its low ending lag and large range, makes it a great juggling option; down tilt possesses very low ending lag, satisfactory damage, and high vertical knockback, rendering it a great combo starter for devastating chains of aerial attacks. It costs $100 a year for the privilege to post an app on the Apple Store. As a result, most players think of Link as a high tier character once again, garnering him a mostly positive reception from the community overall, albeit not to the same degree as before. A luminous image of the Triforce appears around the opponent as Link slashes them. - This move has a great amount of knock back, - If you are shielding an attack, you can preform an Up B right out of the shield to punish, - If a recovering opponent hits the bottom or tip of the Up B, they will be knocked back farther, and sent downward, most of this time they will not be able to recover from this, especially if after you edgehog (grab onto the edge of the map so your opponent cannot), - When using this move to recover, it does not matter what direction you are looking, you will grab the edge if you sweet spot, - If missed, you will create a huge amount of lag that will be easily punished, - If your opponent shields once at any time against any hit in the attack, it will no longer damage them for the rest of the attack, - Best used when comboed into, to punish, from shield or to finish a recovering opponent, - The boomerang will almost always return, use this to your advantage, - The move has a bit of a wind up time before Link throws his boomerang, during this time you can press a direction such as up or down to angle your boomerang in a significantly different angle, - A very spammable move, use it to tack on damage, stun your opponent or force them to dodge, - After a bomb is in your hands you can toss it by pressing A and a direction. Transitions to Jab 3 as early as frame 8. Thrusts his sword upward, just like the upward thrust attack in, 22% (clean), 18% (late), 8% (after bounce), Holds his sword downward, this time based on his "Downthrust" from. The first hit can also set up various attacks on landing, including an up tilt, up smash, or most notably, a Spin Attack, the last two of which can serve as KO setups at high percents. Link (リンク, Link) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Link helps the other heroes throughout the rest of the story. When you reach the edge of the stage press Z without moving to drop the bomb. Swings sword from head to toe. However if he wants he can go up close and personal with his “Master Sword”. His grab aerial can only be used as a tether recovery significantly reducing its utility and his Spin Attack covers less horizontal distance and is more reliant on prior momentum which is especially poor considering his worse air speed and acceleration. Swings sword in an arc three times. A frame is a unit of communication in the data link layer. last hit frames 43-44 and can do 8 or 9% damage and 5 or 6 frames shield stun. Artwork of all The Legend of Zelda characters, as posted on the official Legend of Zelda Twitter account. His sliding DACUS also helps his slow mobility and his BDACUS is very effective due to his fast sidestep.

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