. Theate rWide 1 (for 4 :3 for mat prog rams) The center of [...], 41 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapter 6: Using the TV’s features Scrolling the T heaterWide ® picture (TheaterWide 2 and 3 only) You can set separate scro ll settings for the TheaterWide 2 and TheaterWide 3 mo des for each input. . To select the color te mperature: 1 From th e Video menu , highl i gh t Pic ture Sett ings and press[...], 57 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapter 7 : Using the T V’s advanced fe atures Using the ColorMaster ™ fe atur e The ColorMaster feature allows you to ad just standard colors . The menu wi l l co nsist of 3 items: ColorMaster, Co lor Palette Adjustment, and Reset. . • To di splay t he rat ing of t he pr ogram y ou are w atchi ng, pr[...], 49 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapter 6: Using the TV’s features Using the inpu t lock feature You can use the In put Lock feature to lock the video inputs ( Video 1 , Video 2 , Colo rStr eam HD 1 , ColorStream HD2 , HDMI 1 , HDMI 2 , HDM I 3 , HDMI 4 and PC ) and channels 3 and 4. Note: To display a High Definition picture, the TV must be … . . . "e-STUDIO6570C" oder "B-EX4T1" für den Download einer Bedienungsanleitung ein. Download Bedienungsanleitungen. 3 Pre ss Bb c t o highlight Custom an d press T . . View online or download Toshiba REGZA 46RV535U Owner's Manual 32RV530U. HDMI sign al form[...], 64 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapte r 9: Appendix Limited United States Warranty for LCD Te levisions 26” and Larger Toshi ba America Con sumer Products , L.L.C. . . REMOTE CONTROL KEY Toshib a TV CABLE[...], 24 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapte r 3: Using the re mote control Programming the remote control to control your other devices Your Toshiba TV remote con trol is preprogrammed to op erate most Tos hiba devi ces . MTS also can transmi t a second aud io program (SAP) con taining a second l anguage, mus i c , or ot he r audio infor ma tion (w hen pr o vided by individua l [...], 46 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapter 6: Using the TV’s features Selecting the optical au dio output format You can use this feature to s e lect the optical audio output format when you connect a Dolby D igital decoder or other digital audio system to th e DIGITAL AUDIO OUT ter minal on the TV (see “C onnecting a digital audio system” on page 1[...], 47 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapter 6: Using the TV’s features Changing you r PI N code 1 From the Locks m enu, pr e ss b to display the PIN code entering screen. Integrated High Definition. . 3 Pre ss b to highlight Hist ory List , and th en press C or[...], 38 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapter 6: Using the TV’s features Adding and clearin g channels and inputs i n the Histor y List Adding channel s and inputs to the History List: As a channel or input is tuned, the Channel Brow ser ™ adds it to the H istory List and displays it on the “right sid e” of the Chan nel Br owser ™ . Note: The error m essage “Not Avail able” may app ear if you pr[...], 22 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapte r 3: Using the re mote control Using the remote control to control your other devices If you have a non-Toshiba d evi ce o r a Tos hi b a dev ice t hat t h e remote contro l is not preprogra mmed to operate, you must fi rst program t he remote control t o recognize the device (i f you have not already done so) ( -[...], 23 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapte r 3: Using the re mote control Remote Control fu nctional key chart Note: • “---” = key doe s not send a si gnal in that remote control mode. . . 2 Pre ss B to highlight Navigation , and t hen p ress C or c to select either Browse Mode or Select Mode . Regza 46RV530U lcd tv pdf manual download. P reviously tun[...], 39 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapter 6: Using the TV’s features Switchin g between two c hannels using Channel Return The Channel Return feature allows you to switch between two channels without enteri ng an actual channel number each time. Replac e the batteries ( - pag e 20). • Press Y to open the menu system. Coaxial (F-type) cable Coaxial (F-type) cable is used fo r connecting your anten[...], 13 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapter 2: Connecting your TV Connecting a VCR (or a VCR wi th S-video) and antenna, Cable TV or Cam corde r IN OUT CH 3 CH 4 IN from ANT VIDEO AUDIO OUT to TV LR R L OUT IN CH 3 CH 4 VIDEO AUDIO OUT L R TV upper back panel TV lower back panel Stereo VCR From Cable TV or antenna S-video cable Audio cable or Standard A/V [...], 14 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapter 2: Connecting your TV Connecting a DVD player with ColorStream ® (compone nt video), a VCR, and a satellite receiver Your TV has two sets of ColorStream ® (component v ideo) inputs. . - Sicherheitszeichen und Zertifikate, die die Übereinstimmung mit entsprechenden Normen bestätigen. Bu t this is not a malfunction of your TV. To remove all channels from the c hannel memory: Highlight Re set and p res s T , and then highlight Done and press T . TOSHIBA 46RV530U SM. . Immerhin kann man in der Gebrauchsanleitung die Kontaktnummer zum Service Toshiba finden, wenn die vorgeschlagenen Lösungen nicht wirksam sind. . Database contains 1 Toshiba 46RV530U - 46" LCD TV Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Specifications . . . To set the sleep timer us ing the remote cont rol: Press [ o n the remote co ntrol to set the length of t ime until the TV turns off. This site helps you to save the Earth from electronic waste! . Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmfu l interference, and (2) this device must accept an[...], RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 7 Contents Important Safe ty Instructio ns ...................... .................... 3 Installation, Care , a nd Service ..................................... ... 3 Chapter 1: In troduction . . Televis ion Syste m NTSC standard[...], 63 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapte r 9: Appendix Acceptable signal formats for PC IN and HDMI terminals PC IN s ignal fo rmats Note: Dependi ng on t he connected PC, the followin g s tatus m ay oc cur; incorrect displa y, false format detection, pic ture position failure, blur, or judder. . . . Der Grund dafür ist die fehlende Zeit und die Sicherheit, was die bestimmten Funktionen der gekauften Geräte angeht. Die Anleitung ist eine Sammlung von Informationen über ein Gegenstand/eine Dienstleistung, ein Hinweis. To customiz e the closed ca ptions: 1 From the Pr eference s menu , high l ight Digital CC Settings and press T . . Effective range: 2 Gr ee n an d Ye l[...], 11 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapte r 1: Introducti on TV back p anel connections For an ex planation of cable t ypes and connections, see pages 12–19. click to preview . HIGH -DEFINITION TELEVISION 32RV530U 37RV530U 42RV530U 46RV530U 52RV530U Integrated High Definition LCD Television © 2008 TOSHIBA CORPORATION All Rights Reserved Owner’s Record The model number and serial number are on the back of your TV. . PRINTED IN USA (08-01) CableClear , ColorStream, GameTimer , StableSound, and TheaterWide are r egistered trademarks of T oshiba America Consumer Pr oducts, L.L.C. Toshiba 46RV530U Manuals & User Guides. Download Owner's manual of Toshiba 46RV530U Flat Panel TV, LCD TV for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. Bitte geben Sie einen Modellnamen wie z. . . If this happens, use the device’s remote con trol. • Design s and specificat ions are subject to change without notice . . . For an overview of steps for setting up your new TV, see page 9. To tu r n on Co lo rMas ter: 1 From the Video m enu, highlight Co lorMas ter and p re[...], 58 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapter 7 : Using the T V’s advanced fe atures Using the advanced audio settings features Using the surround sou nd features Stereo Extension, Voice Enha ncement, and Dynamic Bass Boost help to create a thrilling surround s ound experience with deep, rich bas s from stereo soun d sources. Install in accordan ce with the ma nufacturer’s instructions. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Toshiba 46RV530U Flat Panel TV, LCD TV, TV. We have 2 Toshiba 46RV525U - 46" LCD TV manuals available for free PDF download: Owner's Manual… Your other device may use a code that is not recognized by the TV remote control. . . . Rechtsmäßig lässt man das Anfügen einer Gebrauchsanleitung in anderer Form als Papierform zu, was letztens sehr oft genutzt wird, indem man eine grafische oder elektronische Anleitung von Toshiba 46RV530U, sowie Anleitungsvideos für Nutzer beifügt. Aktuell erfreuen sich Anleitungen in Form von interessanten Animationen oder Videoanleitungen an Popularität, die den Nutzer besser ansprechen als eine Broschüre. 2 And then either: a) Press 0–9; or b) Repeatedly press Bb on the remote contro l and then press T to change the input; or c) Repeatedly press +[...], 36 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapter 6: Using the TV’s features 4 Pre ss C or c to select the desired label fo r that input source. T o p rog ram your TV remo te con trol t o operate a non-To s hib a device (or a Toshiba device that it is not preprogrammed to op erate)[...], 25 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapte r 3: Using the re mote control Remote control codes In some cas es you may not b e able to operate your device with the TV remote con trol. . . Toshiba REGZA 46RV535U Pdf User Manuals. 2 Open the Ter[...], 34 RV530U (E/F) Web 213:276 Chapt er 5: Set ting up y our TV Viewing the system status To view the system status: 1 From t he Se tup menu, hig hli ght Installation an d pres s T . . • “ s TV” = key will affe ct the TV, even though the re mote control i s in another mo de.

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