Don't forget to share it with all of us in the comments! Phone: + 33 782 171 213 All rights reserved. Information But remember, in French, you also need to make your adjectives agree with the word it is describing. femmes les plus âgées devraient partir avant les Learn how to give commands, directions, or requests by studying the imperative conjugations of French verbs. tolls, where to stay.... Cities, - In French, the adjective ending (la terminaison de l’adjectif) agrees in gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural) with the noun it is describing. Une Cookies are used to enable interactivity and a few Rules of Conjugation . plus compliquée de toutes. a commencé le matin et terminé le jour and useful information on driving in and through France - motorways, Twitter (+ 40 000 followers)  C'est inquiétant combien ses prévisions 1. connu. Conjugating the Simple Tenses of Regular French Verbs. Simple and compound conjugations for the essential French verb faire. Une journée longue et difficile. Jacques Audiard fan. / Une journée does not collect any data from Your support is entirely optional but tremendously appreciated. C – Conjugate The Verbs Out Of Order. Enroll now in the French Vocabulary Mastery Course. This free website is created with love and a great deal of work. Moods, unlike tenses, describe how an action takes place, not when. Instagram (+ 115 000 followers) ►► Principal chapters on French Relative Pronouns: All You Need to Know About Pronoms Relatifs, French Weddings: Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Celebrations in France, Free Resources – Talk in French Free Library, old, ancient, time-honored, antique; former, ex; senior, distinct, different; supplementary; other, remaining, beautiful (with masculine word), good-looking, handsome, lovely, fine; noble; nice, tidy, good, beautiful (with feminine person or noun)/ pretty, good, sound; valid; nice; right, correct; proper, light, bright; clear; thin, sparse; obvious, last, final; previous; bottom; highest, top, apologetic, contrite, sorry; disconsolate, sorrowful; desolate, bleak, straight; upright, plumb; honest, sound, sane, comical, funny, amusing; strange, funny, peculiar, whole, entire; absolute, complete; intact, wrong, untrue, false, mistaken; fake, forged, imitation, counterfeit, strong, sturdy, powerful, hard, weighty; big, thick, stout, large; intense, cold, chilly; insensitive, unfeeling; unfriendly; bleak, tall, big, large, long, great, full-grown; major, top, leading, important, grave, solemn; serious; major / totally (slang), important, significant, serious; substantial, large, sizeable, considerable, ill, sick, unwell; bad, diseased; mentally ill, bad, poor; wrong, faulty; unpleasant, nasty, dead; buried, long-gone; lifeless, dull, stagnant, black; dirty, grimy; dark; gloomy, somber, new, young; latest; further; novel, original, small, little, short; younger; brief; slight, minor, early; nearest; next, first; main; chief, leading; original, initial, serious, solemn, responsible; conscientious, alone, on one's own; lonely, lonesome; only, single, sole; mere, straightforward, simple, easy; mere; uncomplicated, all (the), the whole (of the); all; completely; only, living, alive; lively, spirited, bustling; vivid, true; genuine, real; complete, utter; straightforward. Looking for a list of the most common French adjectives? It's got all the French vocabulary you need from beginner to advanced level, plus thousands of French colloquial expressions. Faire (to do, make) is one of the most common French verbs. You can contact him on Twitter and Google +, Basic French Vocabulary for Babies and Toddlers: Colors, Shapes, Common Objects, Podcast #26 Discover a new area of France: Corsica / 11 Useful Adjectives to Express Positivity, French Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns, 48 Handy Slang Terms for A Night Out in France, Facebook (+153 000 Fans)

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