TO CLEAN NIRA, cut off and discard about an inch from the top to get rid of the tightly layered tip. Dear Mona, thanks for your kind words. SCALLIONS (piaz che): Also called green onions or spring onions, grows green hollow leaves very similar to onion but with much smaller roots. Thank you Homa. Take care and have a great weekend! Spread the sprigs on a tea towel set on a drying rack for a few days until very dry. Remove the sprigs with a slotted spoon into a colander. Should I grow them in shadow or ???? The fresh or frozen sliced chives may be used in sauces or sprinkled over baked potatoes. or are these used for other purposes? Thyme is suitable for growing in containers. Plant one small container of this herb in your garden and watch it come back faithfully year after year in all parts of your yard and provide hours of enjoyment for your cats and your neighbors’ cats. For a longer storage, dry the leaves on the stem for optimum flavor, then separate them and store in an airtight container. Drain all the water, then pat dry the leaves with paper towel. Keep in mind that, like all herbs, for every one tablespoon of fresh basil you will use one teaspoon of the dried leaves in your recipes. ROSEMARY: This is an aromatic herb that is native to the Mediterranean region and is used in Italian cuisine. Parrotia persica, Persian ironwood is a multi-stemmed tree with striking autumn colours. Transfer the sliced herb with the slotted spoon to a colander. They both originated in that part of the world and feature heavily in the local cuisines. Persian Food, Desserts, Baking and Pastry Recipes with step-by-step instructions and illustrations. Fresh Tareh is usually sold in the Persian markets, but Nira, which is a garlic chives, is sold at the Asian markets. We love all Persian foods with these amazing fresh herbs. Raw (Sabzi Khordan) or cooked, Persian culture has a love affair with herbs. Kew. Thank you for your great site. Last but not least, CATNIP: A perennial herb with fuzzy leaves and light pink flowers that resemble those of the mint plant. The shape of the leaves can easily be mistaken for flat leaf Italian parsley but in closer examination you will find the leaves to be more delicate, lighter in color, and with a distinct aroma when crushed between your fingertips. Good luck and happy cooking . For some this is their first time trying any Persian recipe and yet they enjoy it and this is simply fantastic. DILLWEED (shevid): This is a feathery herb that looks very much like fennel but the aroma and taste is quite different. Spread on a tea towel and air dry for several days. Unfortunately Chochagh is only native to Gilan province. I will try them and if I decide to post them on my blog, I will mention the name and the source of recipe I’m sorry you were not able to find my seafood recipes, here are the links to couple of them: Thank you for your comment and I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Translations of thyme from English to Persian and index of thyme in the bilingual analogic dictionary Another similarity between the two herbs is that they are both members of the mint family, which means that they have a lot in common in terms of flavor and pungency. Please email me any recipes you might have ( The flavor is pretty much the same and both could be used in recipes that call for parsley. Sumac is used for different grilled kabobs. TO FREEZE CHIVES, wash and thinly slice the leaves. Two of the most popular herbs in the spice rack, thyme and oregano are both staple herbs in Mediterranean cooking. SWEET BASIL: This is an aromatic tender herb that is well known to Mediterranean cooks.

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