Various scenes of the fair NCERT Solutions for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. The man tries to locate the child’s parents He feels sad when his parents don’t buy anything for him. The child then saw a snake-charmer. He finds purpose and gratification in chasing his new pursuit, the colourful butterflies and dragonflies. The child continued sobbing writhing in anguish and screaming for a glimpse and reunion with his mother and father. The man then took the child to the flower- seller. He ran gaily towards his parents. Being heartbroken with unfulfilled desires, he looks at the massive expanse of mustard fields in front of him. The fields looked gold with it. The boy begins slavering for his favorite burfi. He also asked him the names of his parents. Tears ” rolled down his eyes. I want my father.”, बच्चा मेले में जाता है। Another theme that the author has touched is the courage that the child exhibits. The novel The Lost Child beautifully explores the imaginative and curious mind of a child. The little child ran with his parents. All the people were going to it. They were provided shade by a humongous banyan tree. The child goes to the fair But even this noble attempt failed to soothe the hurt of the lost child. Even after realizing the harsh reality of being lost, he remembers to do the right thing and look for his parents. The God of Small Things Summary | Arundhati Roy, Great Expectations Part 3 (Chapters 40-59), Train to Pakistan Summary by Khushwant Singh, Book Review of ‘The White Marble Burzi and Other Stories’, Americanah Summary by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. However, the child is grief-stricken and unable to control his tears and painful cries. परन्तु बच्चा | सिसकियाँ भरता रहा। वह अपने माँ बाप को ही चाहता था।, बच्चे को फूल बेचने वाले और मिठाई की दुकान पर ले जाया जाता है। The child knew his parents would not buy him a balloon. The child turned his nose. He wanders about the pleasantries on offer and is particularly interested in the toys sitting beautifully in the fair stalls and shops. The child reaches a roundabout. He loses contact with his loved ones in a village fair. He enters the fields and rummages through the flower. Then the man asked him if he would take a balloon. The child had been lost. He heard a sweetmeat seller calling ‘gulab-jamun, rasogulla, burfi, jalebi’. It was vast in tots spread and its branches dominated over other smaller trees like Gulmohur etc. He only said, “I want my mother. The Lost Child by Mulk Raj Anand is a story about a little child who becomes a victim of an unfortunate event. The Lost Child Introduction This is the story of a child who goes to a fair with his parents. He also ran round the banyan tree. But he was called by his mother. The mother again warns him about not running off far. So he went ahead. The story depicts the struggle of getting lost and separated from the comfort and security of one’s loved ones. Some walked. Day of the Fair But again he was called by his parents. But he knew his parents would refuse to buy him that. So he walked on farther. It was the spring fair. The innocence of a child is exhibited in a soft manner he overcomes the pain of his unfulfilled dreams and finds beauty in the simple things like the bounties of Mother Nature. He heard a flower-seller saying ‘A garland of gulmohur’. Then, he sees a flower vendor and a balloon seller. But he couldn’t see his parents. Other things attract the child He heard the dove cooing. I want my father”. But his saying so was unheeded. Then he saw a balloon seller. When he remained behind, his father asked him to come. The only words he can muster are that explain his desire for his parents. He had balloons of various colours. It was the season of mustard flowering. Some rode on horses, some in bullock carts. Checkout English Summary's free educational tools and dictionaries. Then he ran to a shrine. The Lost Child Summary In English. So he moved on. He was overjoyed. It narrates how the wonders of the World and their beauty captivate a child’s fancy. The child in a very bad shape . He gets tired, rests and dries his tears only to start running again. The child went a bit ahead between the people’s feet. They have colorful and diverse appearances; some are brightly dressed while some are ordinarily clad. The story depicts the struggle of getting lost and separated from the comfort and security of one’s loved ones. व्यक्ति ने बच्चे से पूछा कि वह वहाँ कैसे पहुँचा। उसने उससे उसके माता-पिता के नाम भी पूछे। परन्तु बच्चे ने इतना ही कहा, “मुझे मेरे पिता चाहिएँ।” व्यक्ति बच्चे को झूले के पास ले गया। उसने उससे पूछा कि क्या वह घोड़े की सवारी करना चाहता है। परन्तु बच्चे ने केवल यही कहा कि उसे उसकी माँ चाहिए। तब | व्यक्ति ने उससे पूछा कि क्या उसे गुब्बारा चाहिए ? At last, he offers him some sweetmeats including the burfi. In his fearful astonishment, he runs all over hunting for his parents.

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