} top: 0; padding-top: 45px; top: 180px; font-style: normal; } text-transform: none; font-size: 20px; text-transform: uppercase; /** CSS perso pour les icons plus produit **/ /****************************************************************/ opacity: 0; top: 200px; } width: 40px; #container-jamie_oliver #jamie_oliver_Lame6 .content_Lame6 .content_Lame6_Left .content_Lame6_Left_logo .ico_youtube_Lame6 { } /**** Modal */ float: left; font-family: dincond-blackregular; text-align: center; opacity: 0; font-family: dincond-blackregular; Check our FAQs, Feel free to contact us on the phone, email or even live chat! font-size: 20px; display: inline-block; left: 50%; top: 0px; width: 335px; width: 100%; padding-top: 16px; font-style: normal; font-family: dincond-blackregular; width: 100px; color: #fff; list-style: none; height: 420px; height: 250px; #container-jamie_oliver #jamie_oliver_Lame6 .content_Lame6 .content_Lame6_Left .content_Lame6_Left_logo a { .Lame2_Food1_text_more, £190.00 ... Jamie Oliver by Tefal Everyday Frypan Induction Non-Stick Fry Pan 20cm. width: 180px; top: 90px; } } You’ve heard of Jamie Oliver, but did you know the celebrity chef has a range of quality cookware in collaboration with us? #Stickybar ul li a:hover, margin-top: 10px; #container-jamie_oliver #jamie_oliver_Lame2 .contenu_Lame2 .contenu_Lame2_Food { top: 230px; /************************************/ TEFAL Ingenio Pots and Pans Set, Stainless Steel, 13-Piece, Induction BRAND NEW. width: 252px; The one-stop shop for all Tefal products! font-style: normal; font-size: 20px; /**************************************************************** min-height: 20px; Anything you put in these pans cooks well, they are very impressive. bottom: 20px complete with instruction books and accessories such as power cords and any other out of box accessories supplied as part of the purchase. #container-jamie_oliver #jamie_oliver_Lame3 .slider_Lame3 .slides_Lame3 .slide_2 .slide_bottom .sets .set2 { #container-jamie_oliver #jamie_oliver_Lame6 { cursor: pointer; padding: 0; lives, Everything I do is about bringing positive change to people's lives. color: #fff; } Explore our Jamie Oliver pan sets here and enhance your cooking experience today. float: left; #container-jamie_oliver h1 { #container-jamie_oliver #jamie_oliver_Lame3 .slider_Lame3 .slides_Lame3 .slide_2 .slide_bottom .sets .set1 { These hard-wearing, non-stick pans are perfect for all sorts of kitchen tasks. Induction. } Have a question about this product? background-image: url("https://www.tefal.co.uk/medias/Lame4-benefit-3.jpg?context=bWFzdGVyfHJvb3R8Mjc4MDN8aW1hZ2UvanBlZ3xoYjQvaGVmLzkwMjUzNDIxNzczMTAuanBnfGRlOWZlNzc5YTMzNzBhZGU4ODMxYzJlNGYzZDFkZjg3MjczMTExZDJkNGY4ZTM5MzM0MmFiNjdkZWEwZWEzM2E"); position: absolute; height: 58px; } } width: 25px; } } content: ""; margin-bottom: 15px; right: 200px; line-height: 26px; Designed by Jamie Oliver: " Any gadget that helps me duck and dive in the kitchen is a winner, and this handle is like having an extra hand! display: inline-block; float: left; padding: 20px 10px; } position: absolute; } .iconmoon-highlight_off:before { width: 32px; margin-right: 10px; padding: 2px; text-transform: uppercase; src: url('/medias/ufonts.com-dincond-black-topentype-webfon.eot?context=bWFzdGVyfHJvb3R8MjE5MjR8YXBwbGljYXRpb24vb2N0ZXQtc3RyZWFtfGhiNS9oN2YvOTAyNTM2NTMxMTUxOC5iaW58NGI0OGM2NDNjMGYzYjY5NjI5MTBkZjQ2MjE3YzM1MDlmYWFmOTg2MzZmZjQ2Nzg1OGZlNzAxZWM0NTExY2EwZg '); /****************************************************************/ } #container-jamie_oliver #jamie_oliver_Lame3 .slider_Lame3 .slides_Lame3 .slide_2:before { left: 95px; #container-jamie_oliver #jamie_oliver_Lame3 .slider_Lame3 .control_slides_Lame3 { } line-height: 50px; top: 5px; src: url("/medias/ufonts.com-dincond-black-topentype-webfon.eot?context=bWFzdGVyfHJvb3R8MjE5MjR8YXBwbGljYXRpb24vb2N0ZXQtc3RyZWFtfGhiNS9oN2YvOTAyNTM2NTMxMTUxOC5iaW58NGI0OGM2NDNjMGYzYjY5NjI5MTBkZjQ2MjE3YzM1MDlmYWFmOTg2MzZmZjQ2Nzg1OGZlNzAxZWM0NTExY2EwZg ?#iefix") format("embedded-opentype"),

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