0000001448 00000 n This way you will not need to purchase another mics. What you are going to need to remember is that recording drums are not an exact science. Win! An overhead microphone is a microphone (usually condenser), that is placed above the drum set/drummer and used to, overall ambiance and blend of the drum set as a whole. Phone Hours | Your cymbals will shine and your drums will sound big and full. The simpler of the two models is the KSM137, a fixed cardioid-pattern, 'end address' (which simply means you point the end at the instrument, not the side) back-electret capacitor microphone intended for both live and studio applications. But the most popular are still condensers, small and large diaphragm. What We like –  Its the best pair of drum overhead mics you can buy at its price range. The KSM141 is unusual in that it offers a choice of cardioid or omnidirectional polar patterns, yet it uses a single-diaphragm capsule. Omnidirectional vs. Cardioid Mic: Which Is Best for Studio? A collab bewteen the two (info). Neumann makes expensive microphones. ���gf.\�-��5[��t*�1ؤm The only other thing to note about these overhead mics for drums is that they are a little thin sounding. It strictly depends on what you like and feel is best for your current recording session. Easily portable due to the included carrying case and mic clips, the C02 is great for situations where multiple mic placements are required. They work well with cymbals, overheads, room mics, on acoustic guitar, pianos, horns, and you can even use them as a snare bottom microphone. This mic has a warm and natural sound to it. The Cheapest Overhead Microphones for Drums. The word “small” in “small diaphragm condenser” usually refers to the size of the capsule (or “membrane”) within the microphone itself. It is also great with guitars, percussion, woodwinds, strings, etc. What We like – The AKG C414 multi-pattern condenser microphone needs a little introduction (but I’ll give you one anyway! It’s still used in a session, and engineers still use 87s everywhere. And for the price, wow. Use this Shure microphone with acoustic instruments, electric guitar amplifiers, brass and woodwinds, orchestras and choirs, room ambiance pick-up, and some low-frequency instruments. It also works great with extreme X-Y recording with its fantastic new bracket. Choosing A Vocal Microphone For The Stage. 0000003885 00000 n Not as “natural” as a small diaphragm. I checked the mics on a number of sources, including using a matched pair of KSM141s as drum overheads — a task they managed with no problems. I wish they came with a nice case but again, for that price you get what you get. Hand selected from all across the globe, each brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the world of music gear. Along with that, these will be produced together so they will easily work in singularity for better recordings. You’ll be able to track amazing sounding vocals, record guitars, amplifiers, you name it. Overhead drum mics are essential for recording and monitoring a live performance. There’s a lot of great things about this microphone but the one I think I find to be the most attractive is the overall natural and bright sound it produces. Fans of this microphone love its warm and natural tones. If you have been thinking about building your own recording studio, the excitement might have taken over, making you forget about the importance of ventilation. ����k��5vY4�榞מ A company we have yet to see on our list is Shure. Find out the best overhead drum mics with our comprehensive buyer's guide. Usually, the room acoustics are a big factor in how you place your microphone within and around a drum set as the room you’re playing in highly effects the overall sound of the kit and the sound that is going to be captured from it.

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