The black snake can often represent hidden agendas - related to this archetypical color. Dreaming about the god sitting calmly represents the balance we all need. The most acclaimed illustrated palm reading guide. The "snake" symbolism is basically anything which represents a penis. In humanity we display a nurturing aspect of the mother archetype. The good news is that because you have had this dream you can possibly prevent this deception from occurring. Shiva can be seen very clearly in meditation. The snake itself is supposed to be considered a “spirited animal” and this is connected the holy spirit. Your child in the dream is just a reflection of your inner child. You kill a snake in the grass. It’s better than a deadly experience. 1,249 1.2K. Wondering what the future holds? after that she has asked me to perform pooja for that shivling with yellow flowers which will enable me to get a desired husband. However, you have a much powerful weapon – your fate in God and your hope to live a long and happy life. Meditation and Shiva go hand by hand. The dream, in which you saw a snake, represents hidden sexual desires the one has. Their money is their only power. Labels Dreams. Spiritually red snakes signify human life form, passion, danger and additionally the fact that we need to be more aware in life. According to Carl Jung the green snake is connected to instinctual energy. If you kill more than one or two snakes this indicates that you are in danger from enemies that wish to do you harm. To kill a snake in your dream represents your hidden fears and anxiety. In order to understand the significance of killing the snake in such a dream we need to understand that this snake is in fact a representation of polar opposites. Freud believed that the snake was a phallic symbol. Someone very powerful and rich will try to harm you. A dark green snake can suggest that people will hide something from you. You have an invincible spirit. To remove the problem visit a Shiva Temple, offer water to Shivalinga, and pray to get the blessing of God. These dream dictionaries are in fact written in the 1930s today, there are much more modern theories in regards to our dreams. This dream predicts victory. If the snake turns into a person after you kill it, this represents a fake person in life. Saying so that lady was becoming weak, or she fell unconscious. I will say this, to dream of someone killing a snake  in my research symbolizes that you will encounter some minor problems in relationships it could be that you’ve attached yourself to logical solutions and something will be SOLVED in waking life. See a snake around your body. Interestingly, this dream is also connected to wisdom so to sum it all up killing a green snake can indicate possibly turning events in life such as career or new relationships. Perhaps it is a time that you face up to reality. The good news is that you will come out stronger after overcome the betrayal. If you killed a snake with your bare hands in your dreams, it represents the strength within - that you didn’t even know existed. Orange snakes symbolize passion in life. If you walk over snakes without trying to kill them it suggests that in the end the tables can be turned, and justice is going to run its course. Worried. Even if you feel small now, your dream reveals your future greatness. Trust your instincts and let them guide you through each hard period in life. It is a wakeup call to the truth a need to be completely vigilant going forward. To dream of a boa constrictor generally indicates that stormy times are ahead - especially in the near future. The dream itself is bringing you the great awareness of your own subconscious mind. Coping with other people’s attempts to deceive you in waking life can be fundamentally difficult. The “asp” is a modern Anglicisation of the world “aspis”. Dreaming of killing a snake with bare hands also represents danger. In Chinese mythology biblical sign of a snake is associated with money, fortune and also wealth. It is sometimes difficult to find that polar opposite. For example, Psalm 58 details that wicked people have the “venom of a serpent.”  there is also additional accounts of the serpent and his wisdom. No matter how hard you get hit, you always find the strength to pick yourself up. Snake / Snake / Boa, cobra and snake / Asp (venomous snake aspis; reptile) / Snake / Snake / Cat / Feet / Birth / Childbirth / Snake. However, if you kill an orange snake, it means you’re killing your fears and revealing the hidden threats around you. In order to make it as easy as possible to interpret the dream of seeing snakes, it is important to understand the surroundings of this dream, and your actual feeling at the time of killing the snake. If you have encountered any threat from the snake and then you "killed" that snake in your dream then this is an indication that you are finding it difficult to cope with your subconscious mind. It can signify that even though we are nurturing someone or ourselves - we sometimes kill parts of ourselves and we need time to discover ourselves better. You are going to get big success and victory over your all problems. To see an animal killing a snake in a dream carries the same interpretation. This is a dream that bring balance. A green snake seen in a dream indicates that you will need to harness your energies. This is a great time if you are embarking on your adventures in life as the green snake represents a totally new base of life. We try to understand deceptive behaviours but these can apply across all different aspects of life. You will experience a spiritual awakening. Those who have dream of Shivling should make offering of water or milk to Shivling in a nearby temple. Basically he believed that we need to understand the energy of the mother. Seeing your partner killing a snake can also imply that you are thinking of protecting yourself against others. You will hurt someone’s feelings unintentionally. A dream about sitting Shiva, as if in the state of meditation, is a good one. Labels: Dreams. The color of the snake may also provide a clue to the interpretation of your dream. If you saw a cat killing a snake in your dream, it denotes your strong personality, resourcefulness, and great potential. The biblical narrated regarding serpents and God state that we understand that the snake can suffer a great deal. The presence of a snake or serpent in your dream indicates that it is important to harness your energies. Dreaming of killing a rainbow shaded snake is also a good omen so congratulations. Snakes in a dream have a special meaning. You kill a snake. Alternatively, the fact that the snakes surrounds children in the dream. Uncover spiritual secrets today by watching my videos on YouTube. Often when we have a job that we don’t like or there is added pressures and stresses in life - killing a green snake in a dream can often appear. If you both pass, then things will work out. In order to answer this question, we need to understand the spiritual meaning of the color “black” this color spiritually means that you need to think about “deception” in waking life. You will experience a spiritual awakening. If you kill the snake then it is a positive dream, indicating that you can overcome any difficulties you face, and you have a strong character. Jung describes the implications of killing the snake in his book “symbols of  It transformation”  he associated the snake with the nurturing aspect of the mother and also spoke about the Egyptian story whereby a poisonous snake was created by his mother Isis and it bit the God known as Ra. Black is connected to how we understand authority, rebellion, wealth and darkness in life. Money can buy respect and happiness. If you find yourself walking over snakes and killing them then this indicates you are going to be able to change your own visions and destiny. You will overcome a complex situation in waking life. Surely, you will overcome all the troubles that may occur with you. Your word will be final and even if you feel defeated now, you will be the last one smiling. It is important to understand that this dream equals some kind of emotional storm in your life, normally as mentioned in the opening sentences above, this will be around your relationships and energy. Dream about shivling and snake is sadly a warning signal for you are trying to gain a better understanding of a person. Celebrating over 10 years online. Often seeing somebody you know killing a slake in a dream can represent that after a period of worry confusion happiness will prevail. See someone killing a snake. It can suggest that you need to understand other people better. Snakes can often reflect a situation that is currently in your life. To dream of killing an asp also symbolizes jealousy. To kill a light green snake in a dream indicates that there is something external that is trying to kill your motivation in life. With such weapons, your victory over your enemies is inevitable. Seeing Shivling and snake together is also auspicious. Scared. Such a dream also means that your partner will protect you from a complicated situation. Anxious. Someone’s trying to ruin your status quo. There is a key message try to respect and love the people who care about you.

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