If you already have PersonalPath.cfg where ShareX.exe is then it would still work as usual, Added "Maximum image limit" option to Image History window to be able to improve load speed of images in case if you have high amount of images, Added screen tearing test button to monitor test tool, Allow drag n drop file support to hash check window, Added upload duration to debug log separate from task duration to be able to measure upload time properly, Main window right click "Clear list" button will also clear recent history now, Added toast window fade duration setting to "Task settings, Advanced tab", Removed Copy file uploader because service is discontinued, Update Greenshot image editor to 1.2.9 version (by @campbeb), Single instance improvements to support multiple file upload from Windows Explorer properly (by @campbeb), Added raw URL option to Pastebin and GitHub Gist, Moved Quick task menu’s "Continue" button to top of the menu, Added AcceptInvalidSSLCertificates option to Application settings -> Advanced tab which can be used by people who using self signed certificates, File name pattern will be applied to "Upload from URL" method too, Will not show window/control hover areas anymore in screen color picker, Added "Show quick tasks menu" to after capture tasks which allows quickly selecting tasks with a customizable menu, Added "Export / Import" tab to "Application settings" window which allows exporting compressed backup of settings, history, logs and import them without requiring ShareX to restart, Added window for "Directory indexer" tool which allows previewing or changing settings before upload, Directory indexer improvements to support html5 compliance, new settings and index methods, Added Chevereto preset uploaders list, it will be defaulted to UltraIMG, Added vgy.me account support and using https links, Added direct link support for someimage.com (by @jevanpipitone), Added "Show file in explorer" after capture task which opens folder with file selected in it (by @junderhill), Use native FFmpeg AAC encoder because libvo_aacenc removed in latest FFmpeg builds, Added "Hide columns" option to main window right click menu, In update notification window if user presses the "No" button then ShareX will not check for updates for another 24 hours, If the user has not changed previous default value of a window name pattern setting then it will be reset to the new default value which uses %pn (process name) instead of %t (window title); people who have already modified it won't be affected (you can always customize the file name via Task settings window -> File naming tab), Alternative clipboard copy method is now disabled by default because a few applications have been causing issues with it e.g. If tray primary double click action is None then single primary click action can execute immediately without wait for double click check, Added settings window to Greenshot Image Editor to be able to change few settings, Location of custom setting file paths will be stored in %LocalAppData%\ShareX\PersonalPath.cfg so that way it will be specific to user account and also allows to change it without requiring to run ShareX as admin. Sometimes, the latest version of an app may cause problems or not even work. Date released: 27 Jun 2018 (2 years ago) Create an account | For detailed information click here, We now have a vanity Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/ShareX, Added image editor autosize start mode, which will resize the window to fit the image. If the active window region is equal to or bigger than the capture region, it is used for the %t (Window title) and %pn (Process name) naming syntax. Qualsiasi versione di ShareX distribuita su Uptodown è completamente priva di virus e può essere scaricata gratuitamente. Tidak jarang versi terbaru dari suatu aplikasi menyebabkan masalah saat diinstal pada smartphone lama. All previous versions of ShareX are virus-free and free to download at Uptodown. If the image is too big then window will be maximised, Added these buttons to image editor, image menu, Auto crop image (Removes same color sections from edges), Add image effects (Allows you to apply various effects to whole image), Added paste image/text button to image editor, edit menu, Added visual scroll bars for panning (by @L1Q), Added resampling option to image size dialog, Added confirm and cancel buttons to image editor crop tool, which will allow moving or resizing crop region before confirming, Added image interpolation mode option to “Image (File)” and “Image (Screen)” tools, Added “Auto close editor on task” option, for example if you click “Upload image” on image editor toolbar then editor will close automatically if this option is enabled, In image editor paste Ctrl + V also gonna check for image files addition to image, Holding Ctrl while using sticker tool will use last sticker instead of opening sticker picker, Holding Ctrl while using image file tool will use last image file instead of opening file dialog, Added image editor startup dialog when editor is opened from tools menu, Using authorization header authentication for Amazon S3 now instead of presigned URL, this change allows to support DigitalOcean Spaces, Added new Amazon S3 regions: China (Ningxia), EU (Paris), Added DigitalOcean Spaces Amsterdam, New York and Singapore endpoints to Amazon S3 regions list, Allow to disable public-read ACL on files uploaded via Amazon S3 (by @sylveon), Added random domain syntax support for Amazon S3 (by @sylveon), Added option to remove file extensions on Amazon S3 uploads (by @sylveon), If JPEG image contains orientation metadata then the image will be rotated automatically, Added “Show cursor” quick setting to main window and tray capture menu, Added size mode option to image watermark effect (by @RedMser), In destinations menu, unauthorized uploaders will be shown as red. Finché lo sviluppatore dell’app non avrà risolto il problema, prova a utilizzare una versione precedente dell’app. ShareX 13.2.1; Old Versions; Join our mailing list. Free Download ... ShareX 12.3.0. A volte le versioni più recenti delle app potrebbero non funzionare con il tuo dispositivo a causa di incompatibilità di sistema. ... old puush was clean and simple and this new ShareX just fails to update itself and looks like a can of ass. Ctrl + Shift + C will copy file path. We updated .NET Framework version to 4.7.2 in the previous ShareX update. Older Versions. In region capture you can right click to open menu which you can select annotation tool, capture fullscreen/monitor or be able to change region capture options. ShareX Developers (Free) Advertisement. Scarica rollback di ShareX per Windows. Download prior versions of ShareX for Windows. Unduh pengembalian ShareX untuk Windows. If you need the previous version of ShareX, check out the app's version history which includes all versions available to download.

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