violent, destructive and cruel. , A vicious rumor swirled around campus that a teacher had slayed a student after the student threatened to report him to the police. This was not a mangy or vicious creature standing before him, but a breathtakingly beautiful, gigantic wolf. Working for Muskie, Thompson wrote, " was something like being locked in a rolling box car with a vicious 200-pound water rat. Examples of vicious circle in a sentence, how to use it. I wouldn't say " Game On " is a classic but it is a brilliant show with plenty of vicious & hilarious one-liners. The roller coaster station is built in the abandoned mission but the vicious bull has never been conquered, though millions of riders have tried since the coaster opened in 1999 by braving its dramatic track and imposing drop. This traps too many jobseekers in a vicious cycle between low paid work and benefits.”, Videos, tips lead authorities to alleged abductor He’s a vicious predator.”, “It has the potential to break the vicious cycle of weight-related health issues in women and their offspring.”, “We are worried that it could kill the recovery momentum and that the economy could get into a vicious downward cycle.”. Peter Jackson's King Kong (for the Xbox 360) game will take you to Skull Island, where King Kong and many vicious dinosaurs, savage islanders and dangerous terrain surround you at every corner. In these circumstances his accession could not have the political importance which would otherwise have attached to it, though it was disfigured by a vicious outburst of party passion in which the names of the emperor and the empress were constantly misused. Poverty is a vicious circle, which is virtually impossible to get out of. The vicious bird flung the. Commerce.-Owing to political disorder, difficulty in land communications, and the inheritance of vicious fiscal methods from Spanish colonial administration, the commercial development of Peru has been slow and erratic. Show no fear in the face of vicious fire flights, nail-biting recon missions and daring rescues behind enemy lines. A vicious cycle of deceit is too easily set up. It was an odious face crafty, vicious, malignant, with shifty, light-grey eyes and white eyelashes. It's a vicious cycle, as the body struggles to regulate itself, and the consumption of carbohydrate foods -- especially simple carbohydrates -- exacerbates the problem. This vicious and cowardly crime has filled us all with horror and deepest revulsion. In all his life nothing became him so well as his manner of leaving it; but the fortitude he then showed, even if it was not merely the courage of despair, cannot blind us to the fact that he was little better than a reckless and vicious spendthrift, who was not the less dangerous because his fiercer passions were concealed beneath an affectation of effeminate dandyism. Two minutes later Momo unleashed a vicious volley from 20 yards tho this time his effort was off target. victim 96 examples: Further, as we examine how agreements/compacts were actually made, we realize… When he's not being overtly vicious, he may be passive aggressive in his actions. Some in the group are strong enough to withstand the continuous barrage, dishing it back or just ignoring the stupid, vicious taunts. And so he writes vicious, vicious lies.. . 156. Son of Beast: This vicious prodigy lives up to its father's reputation, and at more than 7,000 feet long, Son of Beast is the second longest wooden coaster in the world. The father was seriously injured trying to defend his son from a vicious dog. CK 1 1542294 Tom was mauled by a vicious animal. Cook’s vicious free-kick from 30 yards was creeping under the crossbar when Cowler tipped it over. Always looking over my shoulder in case somebody was coming, being shouted at for having a vicious dog. › Phycoerythrins [ˌfīkōˈerəTHrin, -iˈriTHrin], © 2020 If Sid Vicious ever went swimming or surfing, it's quite possible that this would have been his preferred look. You'll be offered 3 different characters to choose from, and the ability to use weapons, magic and your wits to save the kingdom from a vicious tyrant. 8. This shivering would then turn into a really vicious contraction. 6 March 2019 inasentence. 228. William was not just vicious. That is a vicious practice. The pruritus often creates a vicious cycle of itching and scratching, which leads to more widespread rash, which leads to more itching. The 25-year-old pleaded guilty after three weeks of trial. I shall die! This is of course due to the vicious thorns, which are not to be taken lightly. It was a vicious circle. He soon became prominent; first by his contributions to its organ the Messenger; then by The Anxious Bench - A Tract for the Times (1843), attacking the vicious excesses of revivalistic methods; and by his defence of the inauguration address, The Principle of Protestantism, delivered by his colleague Philip Schaff, which aroused a storm of protest by its suggestion that Pauline Protestantism was not the last word in the development of the church but that a Johannean Christianity was to be its outgrowth, and by its recognition of Petrine Romanism as a stage in ecclesiastical development. 11-6-20-Adrian-Ortiz-PRDownload Yesterday a Tulare County jury voted for a death sentence for Porterville man Adrian Ortiz, age 31, in the 2009 murder of a 23-year-old father and husband in his own home. 1. 6. Often a vicious circle develops where a rejected child is given fewer and fewer opportunities by his peers to relate and thereby learn new skills. But to Butler's more cautious mind the completeness of this harmony did not seem sufficiently demonstrable to be taken as a basis of moral teaching; he has at least to contemplate the possibility of a man being convinced of the opposite; and he argues that unless we regard conscience as essentially authoritative - which is not implied in the term " moral sense " - such a man is really bound to be vicious; " since interest, one's own happiness, is a manifest obligation.".

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