Its only natural for you to be down after all the turmoil you've been through over the last few months. devaluation of the peso in late 1994 threw Mexico into economic turmoil, triggering the worst recession in over half a century. The answer to his turmoil was clear: his revenge wasn't worth her life. Its shallow social base, however, meant it was very vulnerable in a period of growing social turmoil. This was the last thought that rose coherently out of the turmoil of his senses as the firepit opened before his eyes. , The turmoil in the stock market is causing investors to rethink their buying and selling decisions. Given the current turmoil in the wholesale gas market, you might be tempted to go for a capped product. But the fact that so many women have longer or shorter cycles often throw fertility and attempts to conceive into turmoil. At first glance, stress is a fantastic catchall phrase to help define all of the mental and emotional turmoil in our lives. Alecsandri is less successful in his dramas, most of which are adaptations from French originals; the only merit of his novels is that amidst the phonetic and philological turmoil he kept to the purer language of the people. Their lives, their loves and their turmoil, while not always the headline of the show, are making a quiet, yet firm return. In the seclusion of the little town of Troppau, where in October of 1820 the powers met in conference, Metternich found an opportunity for cementing his influence over Alexander which had been wanting amid the turmoil and feminine intrigues of Vienna and Aix. If you are just announcing you are gay and coming out of the closet with this truth, it can create some turmoil with family and friends. She went woodenly, her stomach in turmoil. Again and again Sumner used the power incident to his chairmanship to block action which threatened to embroil the United States in war with England and France. Do I detect a certain schadenfreude among Scots at the apparent current turmoil among the English over their sense of national identity? It is not uncommon for the emotional turmoil of the experience to cause disturbances in eating or sleeping. The papal states were in a turmoil, and the powerful Colonna faction seized Ostia in the name of France. But my mind was in a turmoil, and the nights became more oppressive than ever. His life has been in a constant turmoil. Many people ask, particularly in times of turmoil, "Why am I like this? At Pirna the Elbe leaves behind it the stress and turmoil of the Saxon Switzerland, rolls through Dresden, with its noble river terraces, and finally, beyond Meissen, enters on its long journey across the North German plain, touching Torgau, Wittenberg, Magdeburg, Wittenberge, Hamburg, Harburg and Altona on the way, and gathering into itself the waters of the Mulde and Saale from the left, and those of the Schwarze Elster, Havel and Elde from the right. The turmoil created by Henry VIII lasted to beyond the Civil War with the people never sure whether to be Popish or Lutheran. Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds chooses neither the glistening life on the core planets nor the turmoil of a space settler's existence. A mental health provider can help you deal with the emotional turmoil that often accompanies divorce before, during, and after the proceedings. In the turmoil of his later life he looked back with regret to his student days; and "for all his troubles philosophy was his only cure.". Schroeder has argued that a strike against Baghdad could wreck the international anti-terror coalition and throw the Middle East into turmoil. schadenfreude among scots at the apparent current turmoil among the English over their sense of national identity? Keep your child away from the turmoil between you and your co-parent. , During the riots, there was widespread turmoil in the city. , For many young adults, the teenage years are ones of turmoil in which they are often confused about who they are. | (obsolete, transitive) To harass with commotion; to disquiet; to worry. You put an end to several days of emotional turmoil over whether I should make a similar comment myself. But Israel after the fall of Samaria is artificially excluded from the Judaean horizon, and lies as a foreign land, although Judah itself had suffered from the intrusion of foreigners in the preceding centuries of war and turmoil, and strangers had settled in her midst, had formed part of the royal guard, or had even served as janissaries (§ 15, end). The election of elderly Grand Masters became prevalent, the turmoil and chances of frequent elections being acceptable to younger members. But when the seer is exalted tg heaven he sees no trace of the turmoil on earth. The stereotype has been shattered by the market turmoil of the last few years. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. The state of turmoil caused by these religious and political disputes was increased by the possibility of Albert's early death and the necessity in that event for a regency owing to the youth of his only son, Albert Frederick. Agency Turmoil Recent attacks on Scottish Screen have focused on the agency's apparent inability to invest in features that are certain box office winners. The confines of the sun are visibly in a state of turmoil, for which a sufficient cause can be assigned in the relative readiness with which the outer portions part with heat to space, and so condensing produce a state of static instability, so that the outer surface of the sun in place of being fixed is continually circulating, portions at high temperatures rising rapidly from the depths to positions where they will part rapidly with their heat, and then, whether perceived or not, descending again. Invited again, in 1557, he shrank from the scene of turmoil, but a " band " of a Protestant tendency was made by nobles, among them Mary's natural brother James Stewart, later the Regent Murray (3rd of Dec. 1557). turmoil in the wholesale gas market, you might be tempted to go for a capped product. Before any of this could be signed on the dotted line, turmoil among the band destroyed it that same year. In the turmoil of the seventeenth century, the Duchy of Lancaster fell on difficult times. If this person is a close friend of yours, it might be time to decide if the friendship is worth all of the turmoil. turmoil caused by this simple gesture roused great fires. turmoil of the seventeenth century, the Duchy of Lancaster fell on difficult times. As regards Vincent he himself tells us that only after long and sad experience of worldly turmoil did he betake himself to the haven of a religious life. A story based more on inner turmoil than typical ' boo! Falling behind with mortgage payments is a relatively common financial problem during times of economic turmoil. Turmoil crossed the features of Darkyn's mate. 2. Allowing yourself to let go of your frustrations and find others who share in your turmoil will help you release tension. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. When the process of deciding what type of custody parents will be granted after a divorce culminates into a full-blown battle, the potential for emotional turmoil is quite high. While this may be a blessing, it can also compound the emotional turmoil that parents are already going through. Turmoil In A Sentence Definition of Turmoil (obsolete, intransitive) To be disquieted or confused; to be in commotion. Adding another layer of separation between past-Deidre and his mate settled some of his turmoil. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. In the turmoil over the " ` Trent' affair," it was Sumner's word that convinced Lincoln that Mason and Slidell must be given up, and that reconciled the public to that inevitable step. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Darn him, like a graven image there, the only mute, immovable thing in that turmoil! During the Italian turmoil the schism in Germany had made such alarming progress that it now proved impossible to bridge the chasm. Many women are naturally comforting and good listeners, which can be so nice after going through turmoil. The snowy world the story is set in serves to reflect this emotional turmoil.

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