One of the games we’ve been holding out hope for is the English fan translation of Segagaga. Here is a test subtitling of a translation of the introductory “placard” to Segagaga. Segagaga English; Oct 24, 2017 Has anyone heard any news about the Segagaga English translation that was supposed to be happening a few years back? Hello! We’re handling the English translation patch for SegaGaga as well as revising our public domain translation of Hand-in-killer7. Segagaga English translation? Update By: Shih Tzu I saw this over at GameSetWatch: Apparently, a guy (who also runs a game-industry translation outfit) is working on producing a fan translation of Segagaga, that wacky Dreamcast game-industry sim where you take the reins of the ailing Sega corporation and … level 2. I think it this approach as an attempt to simulate an un- self- conscious observation of a gallery of freaks. Interview: The SegaGaGa Translation Project. Close. Posted by. Segagaga Intro: English Translation. Segagaga English Iso Sep 19, 2006 This is an automated message generated by's RHDNBot. The SegaGaga translation project isn’t possible without his curiosity and enthusiasm. Segagaga is a role-playing simulation video game, described as a "Sega simulation". Segagaga English Translation – For those who like our new Segagaga Translation Blog banner, Jonathan has provided us with three desktop backgrounds based on the Segagaga cast. « on: September 02, 2018, 05:54:26 AM » Does anyone out there have the skills to take a dumped DC game like Segagaga and code it so the opening menu/battle system menu/inventory/general game options are in English? What projects are DELTAHEAD working on now? Segagaga | Still no English translation, but even in Japanese this is loads of fun! And dual widescreen, X The Chief, he mentioned a Golden Flag! Segagaga translation not dead after all. u/schmupitup. I really wanna mess with this and unlike a youtuber just going for the omgsorandom clicks, I wanna actually enjoy it lmfao. This introduces the corporate values that Sega holds dear in its striving toward excellence in saving the world through videogames. Controlling the young Sega Tarō, the player is tasked with saving a struggling Sega from losing the console market to their rival DOGMA. 2. I keep holding out hope that this will come to fruition as I really, really want to play that game, but unfortunately I cannot read japanese. For those of you that are old-school Sega Junkies (especially fans of the Dreamcast), you may have heard of Sega’s simulation adventure that puts you in control of the (at the time) beloved hardware and software maker.Segagaga Posted on September 1, 2013 by Adilegian.

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