Transcending perceptions or taking a higher outlook, especially with regards to your own life (which then becomes the mountain). Doing something you’ve always wanted to do just for yourself (e.g., “climbing the mountain because it was there”). The Element Encyclopedia, If a person sees himself conquering or defeating a mountain, If a person sees himself breaking into the mountain, Scaling the side of a mountain can represent the hard upward climb to your spintual center. Popa called the Stairway to Heaven. • If you are facing a mountain in your life right now, take this passage, memorize and confess it until it is deep in your spirit. A sand mountain seen in a dream predicts disappointment and resentment. But if you gave up and did not get to the top, your plans will fail. A mountain in a dream also could mean achieving one’s goal, a journey, or fulfilling a promise. The dream suggests obstacles you believe you cannot overcome, the dreadful feeling of being helpless in front of something threatening. It might even look intimidating. If the mountain has pasture and stores a source of water, and if it is used as a permanent guarding post, then it represents a pious ruler. Descending the mountain is returning after a success or letting go of insurmountable issues. See hill; last example in flying. Meeting people on the way may help or hinder depending upon the circumstances in the dream. If the top of the mountain was invisible, covered with clouds or veiled by mist and fog, it indicates you cannot clearly see your goals. Mountain dreams are a desire to achieve something, an aspiration. Climbing up the mountains means that your cherished dream will come true soon. Woods: If your dream contained walking through, or seeing woods that looked scare and dark, then this indicates a fear of the unknown, and the message is to face things with optimism and delight, if you can. A mountain in a dream also could mean achieving one’s goal, a journey, or fulfilling a promise. Seeing a mountain at a distance in a dream means a journey. The symbol of the mountain offers many alternatives and choices, such as whether to choose the apparently easier route or the more difficult. A dream about ice mountain states that you have to change your views. Falling down from the top of a mountain into the middle of beasts, crows, vultures, snakes, mammals, mire, filth, or rats and their different kinds in a dream means abstaining from sins, or refraining from innovation if escaping from them leads one into a mosque where he can enter to pray, or a garden where he can rest in peace. To reach the summit of a mountain after a long and difficult climb is a dream that presages ultimate success in writing, painting, or on the stage and screen. It depends on how you react in your dream and how you feel about it. a vision of a mountain is interpreted by: the king / sovereign, the victory, the leadership, encounter of comfort. Dreams about climbing a mountain indicate some kind of progress, regardless of its nature. If the mountain is standing distinct from other mountains in the dream, the above meanings become stronger. It is possible there will be dismissal from work or bankruptcy. Climbing a mountain through a straight path in a dream means facing things the way they are. If it made you feel threatened or scared, it symbolizes difficulties of some sort. Climbing a mountain symbolizes endurance, persistence and willingness to do your best in order to reach your goals. Mountains are where earth and heaven are said to meet, and this is why so many mountains are regarded as sacred places. Negative: When praying for someone or for personal needs, I have often seen a mountain in my path. On one hand, mountains denote a higher level of understanding, awareness, and wisdom. Joining our website you accept Checkmydream's, The Interpretation of Dreams, by Sigmund Freud (Author). In general, mountains in dreams represents ambition, goals, aspiration, dreams in the most figurative way, desires and missions. According to Freud, the image of a mountain in a dream represents female sexuality, because their profile resembles a woman’s breast. If you climb the mountain, reaching the very top, your wish will be gratified. Falling off a mountain in your dream means that you are tempted to give up on things when the going gets tough. A dream where you are driving up the hill predicts improvement of financial situation. It is of great importance to remember the details about the mountain’s appearance. (In religions that place the spirit-world in the sky, spirits of dead people were sometimes said to ascend mountain passes.) Remember that changes on our planet’s surface first begin in the combustible core below. Mountains may also have great spiritual meaning if you feci you have been lifted above the dark or seamy side of life. • Have you been asking the Lord to experience Him in a greater way? Standing on the top of a mountain in a dream may also suggest you have no idea about your next step in life. To see mountains in your dream represents major obstacles and challenges that you will have to overcome. Ifone sees himself climbing a mountain, though at a certain height he finds himself no longer able to climb or to descend in the dream, it means that he will die young. It is an apt image as it comes with a price. Often it is how we face those difficulties that is important. To reach the top is to achieve one’s goal. This relates them to the passion, aggression, and other friction-causing emotional states that occur in the lower depths of the unconscious that, in the long run, build new, higher terrain upon which you can see more of your life. However, if your climb is difficult, it might mean that you might have set your goals too high. Seeing a Castle, or several castles on a mountain: financial gains. If you see a mountain across your path and you feel that it is something that the enemy has put there, then it is something for you to remove in the name of Jesus. To see a mountain in a dream could indicate various things; you should think about what emotions did the mountain in your dream provoke. It represents the higher, more spiritual aspects of the personality. The Fabric of Dream. Reaching the summit of a mountain: you have gained new insight.... Dreamers Dictionary.

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