Links & PDF Resources. Parking is permitted only in marked motorcycle stalls, shown on parking maps. Day/Evening permits are $35.00 per semester. Each motorcycle requires a separate permit and permits cannot be transferred to another individual for parking use. To obtain a parking permit for your motorcycle, you will need to complete the registration process including plate number and payment. If their preferred motorcycle zone parking lot is full, motorcycle zone permit-holders will be required to find parking, if available, in any other motorcycle zone parking lot. Motorcycle-Parking for motorcycles only (50cc and over engine displacement). Motorcycle Permits. Phone: (805) 564-5523 Fax: (805) 560-7580 . Please affix your permit to the left front fork, body column, or other easily visible area in the front left of the motorcycle. 132-A Harbor Way Santa Barbara, CA 93109 . Parking stations. Motorcycle parking is only permitted in designated areas displaying a “Motorcycle Parking” sign. 2021 Parking Permits on Sale Now! Vehicles that do not properly display a parking permit will receive a parking citation. Parking permits are required at all times. Motorcycle parking permits must be affixed to the front fender, fork, or gas tank of the motorcycle. How to get a mobility parking motorcycle permit. If you're eligible for the Mobility Parking Scheme, you can apply a permit for an open style vehicle like a motorcycle, motor tricycle or convertible sports car. Ride between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Ride on highways with speed limits higher than 60 MPH. Hackney Council’s Cabinet will be asked on Monday to approve a consultation on new proposals to introduce motorcycle parking permits in the borough, aimed at reducing short journeys and tackling London’s poor air quality, which causes over 10,000 premature deaths every year. Motorcycles do not require a permit unless parking in a paid for bay or a paid for carpark however in line with virtual permits this is under review. In residential parking areas, motorcyclists can park if in possession of a valid permit, but please park sensibly, preferably not taking up the whole length of a bay area. If you have any questions, please contact Security at 730-4200 or 965- Only one motorcycle per parking space is allowed. The Information Center locations can be found on a campus map, denoted by the IC symbol. By completing this form, I agree to abide by the regulations that apply to my parking permit along with the Duke University motorcycle parking and operation guidelines. If you choose to travel this way, please take a moment to become familiar with the University's Vehicle Parking & Permit Regulations.Motorcycles and motor scooters cannot be operated on University pedestrian walkways or sidewalks, within campus buildings or other areas where prohibited by law, regulations or signs. The Motorcycle Permit costs $115 and is valid for the full year. Transportation Services has the right to reserve lots/ramps for event parking on campus. Spring or fall semester: $26; Summer semester: $16; How to Display a Motorcycle Parking Permit. Parking Permit Purchase Options Online with a credit or debit card: Logon to MySite. 31 of the next year. Motorcycles in parking facilities should not use the gate entrance due to safety concerns. Please see the campus map here, Campus Map . Motorcycle Parking. Motorcycle/moped parking permits are significantly less expensive than automobile permits, and are valid only for designated motorcycle/moped parking areas. Remove expired permits. Submit . To get a permit the vehicle must be registered either in your name or in both your name and your partner's name. The motorcycle owner will be issued a residential permit just like a vehicle, and s/he is expected (but not mandated) to post the pass somewhere on the motorcycle. For day-to-day motorcycle parking, please stop at one of the Information Centers on University Parkway or Coyote Drive to purchase a daily parking permit and obtain proper clearance to park on campus. For information about the motorcycle permit in Phoenix, click here: PBC Permits. Your permit is valid in designated motorcycle parking areas only. With this permit, motorcycles are allowed to park at the bottom level of parking deck G accessed only from Collin Street. It is your duty to ensure: your permit is valid for the scheme area in which you are parking; your permit has not expired ; the registration number on your permit is correct ; your permit is used in accordance with the conditions of issue ; the permit is clearly displayed within the windscreen of the vehicle. The motorcycle permit sticker must be placed on the lower left side (front fork) of the motorcycle. Purchase a parking permit . Where to Park. Motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters must display a Texas A&M motorcycle permit or pay by the hour.

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