This giant supermarket of Korean origin is the heir of a small grocery store that opened in Queens, in 1982. Korea, Vietnam, Japan and China have a spot in the gourmet market that we will talk about in a future article. Another fascinating snack are the united peas with wasabi or sriracha in a game of flavors and colors worthy of the most daring. Its price in the Korean chain is unbeatable. It is the fried pixin. Apart from these delights, its market for fruits and fruits, teguments and tubers are sometimes difficult to find in Texas. A Korean Tradition Made in America. Some of them conjugate unusual flavors and ingredients. Another sauce that suits the Skiyaki is the Sikimi sauce from Kikkoman. Getting lost at Hmart is pure fun. Shop Local, Shop Fresh. All Rights Reserved. A Korean Tradition Made in America. Asian snacks will enchant you with its impressive packaging, its crazy diversity and its flavors. Between the fruit section and the fish section, where you will find tea sets, cooking gadgets, stone or steam, frying pans, toys and items worthy of the Japanese home shopping network. But the kings of the indispensable are the buns, especially the Red Bean Buns whose bittersweet mix has fascinated us. Our favorites are the Korean Pepero. Gather your friends and family and introduce them to this new way to satisfy your dumpling cravings. These spherical surimi-based marvels resemble Western meatballs but stand out for their intense flavor produced by a maceration of spices and their color that can be confused with a sweet dessert. Gather your friends and family and introduce them. The giant Hmart has landed in Austin bringing the wonders of the depths of Asia to the tables of Austinites. It is a spectacular barbecue sauce created without any type of animal seasoning. Our monthly purchase already includes several must-haves that we can no longer do without. For the most daring vegetarians, we have found the Bull Head sauce. Its intensity is a surprise. Its soft texture and delicious taste can be served as an appetizer or as a meal to your family and friends. If you add bread crumbs, egg, parsley and salt, it is a delight. Shop Online. Its exotic flavors have spread throughout the United States conquering not only the large Asian population, but all ethnic groups. Daegwallyeong Samyang Farm. Another of the surprises that await you in the aisles of Hmart is the Hot Chicken Flavor Squid of the Samyang brand. The most demanded section of Hmart is undoubtedly its fish market with fresh specimens and prices. Hmart is the empire of the nascent sauce. At the moment, our fridge has never been so happy to receive the culinary jewels from the edge of Asia. If it is Cabrales Apellation of Origin, it´s much better. One cannot miss an incredible variety of noodles at Hmart, where Cantonese-inspired flavors stand out for their flavor and texture. A Korean Tradition Made in America. Highlights: Multiple Payment Options Available, Friendly Place. Shop Local, Shop Fresh. We’ve always enjoyed crispy fried dumplings with the sauce on the side but. this spicy dumpling salad, with the sauce mixed in together with the dumplings, is a whole game changer! Another essential that you throw to your car are the exquisite Shitakii mushrooms that you will find in its most diverse forms. This Korean dish, World Heritage according to UNESCO, feeds you without neglecting the scale with vegetables fermented and spices. A must for universal cuisine. We have not been able to escape from their mochis. Shop Online. Don´t be scared of its appearance, it´s one of the most exquisite fish in the world. The princes of the refrigerator are gyozas or dumplings (veal, vegetables or pork). Pre-cooked foods from Hmart move away from the topic and surprise the palate. On the otherside of Hmart we find a gourmet market where you can sit down to taste different Asian traditions. Another exotic wonder is the Asian Beef Jerky with fruity flavors that offer a very curious contrast between sweet and salty. As surprising as the Miso Sauce Sesame and Thai Peanut Sauces, achieving an effect on dishes are similar to those found in posh Asian restaurants. Shop Online. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. They are bread sticks covered with tasty chocolate and a crunchy texture that differentiate them from the classic Pockys and the European Mikado. You can also taste shark and more than 20 marine varieties cut to your liking. Highlights: Multiple Payment Options Available, Friendly Place. Its soft texture and delicious taste can be served as an appetizer or as a meal to your family and friends. Highlights: Multiple Payment Options Available, Friendly Place. The aisles of Hmart are full of juicy temptations and traditions. Its packaging attracts enough attention to take it home. The pixin is the Asturian word for the cuttlefish, known in the United States as Monkfish. From the tastiest streets in Asia, fish balls have arrived in Austin. Hmart has an ocean of sauces where you can sail blindly without fear of losing yourself. For those fish that we do not know how to set, a reccomendation is to have Viet Huong, a Vietnamese fish sauce that is capable of turning a common fish into a gourmet one. We have reduced our favorites to a few references to the overwhelming amount of proposals. There is something for everyone. Freshly cut red tuna, salmon from the northern seas, endless prawns and the most desired crabs are another interesting part of this aquatic tour. A look at its refreshment section is a visual pleasure for the imaginative flavors, the striking labels and the curious shapes of the bottles you contemplate. They are available in sachets spiced with spices and other ready-to-eat ingredients or solitaire prepared for you to give them your magic touch.

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