Lynne. Read your book white chrysantemum, swedish version. Mais la vieille dame n'est pas là uniquement pour renouer des liens distendus, elle est venue manifester devant l'ambassade du Japon avec toutes les femmes de réconfort qui réclament justice. Mary Lynn Bracht, 39, is an American author of Korean descent who now lives in London. I have already recommended your book several of my friends. Happy holidays Jan! All women genetically “feel” your words no matter how old or young. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. Pour exercer vos droits, merci d’adresser votre courrier recommandé AR à l’adresse suivante : DPO EDITIS, 92 avenue de France, 75013 Paris, en y joignant la copie d’une pièce d’identité. It must have been a difficult task editing the war histories for the Dutch immigrants. Comme sa grand-mère et sa mère avant elle, Hana est une haenyeo, une de ces femmes qui plongent en apnée et remontent, des profondeurs de l'océan, le fruit de leur pêche. I think I’ll fall asleep leaving the book beside my pillow, otherwise I’ll feel like i’m leaving Hanna alone. I’m so pleased you could visit the Peace Park. Congratulations on writing a truly brilliant book. You have also painted such a wonderful portrait of the familial love shared by Emi, her parents, her sister and her children. Please write more books. Hi Monnah, you are so welcome and thank you for reading WC and sharing your thoughts! Mary Lynn Bracht completed an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck, University of London. In the process of my work I felt their love for the sea. Vous pourrez suivre vos auteurs préférés, ajouter des livres à votre bibliothèque et vous tenir informé(e) de toute l’actualité littéraire. A lire absolument. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Blood Moon. I think we have much to say between us. Il ne s'agit pas d'une newsletter classique. Hi Debbie, thanks so much for your message! I did not receive the link but would LOVE to see the paintings. I have read your book with a great emotion after I have completed my “bleu garden” collection. Les informations marquées d’un astérisque sont obligatoires. I am very much interested to find a way we could collaborate in the future. Tears spilled through the night as I completed your brilliant novel. I’m sure it was a memorable experience. Ces informations sont à destination exclusive des maisons d’Edition du Groupe EDITIS et seront conservées pendant 3 ans à compter de votre dernière visite. 1943, Hana, une jeune fille de 15/16 ans, plonge en apnée avec sa mère, une haenyeo, comme toutes les femmes de sa communauté sur l'île de Jeju en Corée, pour pêcher de quoi vendre au marché. An American author of Korean descent living in London, she grew up in a large ex-pat community of women who came of age in post-war South Korea. Voir plus, En premier lieu je tiens à remercier les éditions Pocket pour m'avoir gracieusement donné ce livre lors de la soirée "rendez vous des héroïnes" qui s'est tenue le 11 juin dernier et au cours de laquelle j'ai pu rencontrer l'auteur et qui par ailleurs m'a dédicacé ce roman. I mainly write novels and short stories. Hi Zenas, Many thanks for your comment! Blood Moon. Could you explain, please. Brava! While I was on Jeju I visited the Jeju 4.3 Peace Park – this year is the 70th anniversary of the Uprising and Massacre, something you refer to in your novel. What a wonderful trip you must have had on Jejudo! But just for my understanding, did you ever in the book describes them as prostitutes? Revelations.. the tree with 12 kinds of fruit. It’s a wonderful translation tool! Just been reading the book and it was lovely! Thank you for asking! You brought Hana and Emi to life for me. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Thank you. I don’t have a sequel planned at the moment. After writing White Chrysanthemum, I’ve learned that I have to take my time so the story can truly develop and I can ensure I get everything in I hope to include. Anne van Arragon Hi Jonas, Yes you’re right, they were war time military sex slaves, not prostitutes as the Japanese military called them at the time. I chose your book for a book discussion at my public library and am wondering if there are any discussion questions? Une lecture d'une auteure ,traduite certes,(Bravo aux deux)qui m'a émue de bout en bout!On apprend l'Histoire avec le destin de ces deux soeurs coréennes,qui débute en 1943.La structure narrative alterne la prise de parole d'Hanna,une haenyeo,comme sa mère sur l'île de Jeju et la voix de sa soeur cadette Emi en 2011,sauvée des Japonais par le sacrifice de la grande.Nous aussi ,nous sommes en apnée en lisant ce témoignage romancé malgré les descriptions exceptionnelles de la nature qui nous entraînent dans ce voyage prenant. I look forward to your next publication. What a wonderful message to receive over the holidays I’m working on my next book right now. I know how important feedback is so here it is and I will make it simple: I have read over 70 books in the last 6 months or so, this is the best one. Un roman poignant et dur qui raconte le calvaire de ces Coréennes parfois très jeunes. This was the most heartbreaking story I’ve ever read! Is this something you think you would explore in a future book? Thank you Tracy! just your read your book omg such a great book…couldnt put down..put on Facebook for all my book friends..been telling everyone I have to spread the word. I too find it a sad reality that so many girls and women continue to be trafficked today. Hello! I was reading through my tears. En ces temps de guerre et d'occupation japonaise, l'adolescente est particulièrement vigilante à l'égard de sa petite sœur Emi, encore trop jeune pour plonger et qui doit attendre sur la plage. This book captured my heart from the very beginning. I am a lover of historical fiction and found this book mesmerizing. Emi is such a strong woman, bearing all the challenges and difficulties life has thrown at her. 1943, Hana, une... Most children today know nothing about history. I’ve now read White Chrysanthemum 3 times for three book clubs. I have just finished your book and I loved it. The name Bracht could be Dutch. I’m pleased you enjoyed reading my book Like many older haenyeo, Emi suffered from arthritis and possibly a past injury, but it never made it into the storyline. X. Mary Lynn; I just completed White Chrysanthemum and was so moved by the story. Aussi, lorsqu'un jour elle voit un soldat approcher de l'endroit où joue Emi, elle se précipite vers la plage et réussit à cacher sa sœur. Is this something which occurred during recent conflicts? Four bestselling authors create joyous romance around the Thanksgiving holiday Phone: 1300 36 33 32 My name is Paola Folicaldi Suh, I am an Italian painter and portraitist. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It’s such a pity that more of these stories are not heard. I can hardly wait to see it! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Her debut novel, Fingers crossed it will be ready for publication next year.

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