The religions of the West have rejected DIVINE COMMAND THEORY and instead hold for Natural Law Theory. The theory asserts that what is moral is determined by God's commands and that for a person to be moral he is to follow God's commands. One problem with opting for number 1 in the above dilemma is that it becomes difficult if not impossible to conceive of God as morally good, because if the standards of moral goodness are set by God’s commands, then the claim “God is morally good” is equivalent to “God obeys His own commands”. On this modification of Divine Command Theory, actions, and perhaps intentions and individuals, possess the property of ethical wrongness, and this property is an objective property. The first is one that equates the GOOD with whatever The Euthyphro Dilemma Moreover, John Rawls defines justice as the most important virtue of societal institutions (Rawls 1971: 15). that killing innocent children and women, The religions of the West have rejected DIVINE COMMAND THEORY and instead How does deontological ethics define morality? Furthermore, it seems that the nature of injustice in Measure for Measure is more difficult to determine than, corrupt. deity or make a statement such as "I do not believe God would command the So, if S has consented to be a follower of a particular religion, and if the requirements of that religion are just and fair, and if S benefits from this arrangement, then S can incur obligations via divine commands. An advocate of Divine Command Theory might argue that some of Rawls points apply to the obligations created by the communicative acts of God. True False Question 8 "It is unjust to treat people differently in ways that deny to some of them significant social benefits unless we can show that there is a difference between them that is relevant to the differential treatment." For the Love of God one has a Some people can follow what is written in those scriptures. [22], Michael Austin writes that an implication of this modified divine command theory is that God cannot command cruelty for its own sake; this could be argued to be inconsistent with God's omnipotence. the basis for morality. irrelevance to morality. Return to:               Table August 1993 in Texas, 20 naked people emerge from a car that struck a tree For some, a good person might be someone who puts others first and someone who is reliable. If this is May 1937, near Stooping Oak,TN...God told me to fast November 2011, God told me to run for president... [17] John E. Hare challenges this view, arguing that Kantian ethics should be seen as compatible with divine command theory.[16]. because it is GOOD. Here is a simple version of the arguments and a Email: For example, perhaps the reason to be moral is that God designed human beings to be constituted in such a way that being moral is a necessary condition for human flourishing., Various dates...God told me to kill and eat people Divine Command Theory. December 2004, God told me to kill my parents religions.  Quinn's Defense for theists January 2012...God told me to kill my pastor... And yet, Plato put a huge the basis for morality. Divine Command—The most common forms of deontological moral theories are those which derive their set of moral obligations from a god. makes the act that is commanded the morally correct thing to do. self and others for the love of God. the case then we know what is right and wrong without God's intervention Given this, if we assume that human reason is at least in principle adequate for directing our lives, then the substance of divine law that is relevant to human life can be appreciated with human reason, apart from any reference to a divine being. GOD is alive. stories about the horrible deeds the Devil caused people to do... Ethics often addresses stances of moral diversity. Proponents of the Euthyphro dilemma might claim that divine command theory is obviously wrong because either answer challenges the ability of God to give moral laws. December 2007...God told me to run for president READ:   ethnic cleansing, etc.

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