• Coupons applied to an order over $35 USD will not affect eligibility for discounted shipping. Cello Duet Monte Abraão (principal) - composer luis-artur-dos-anjos-teixeira, luis SHEET MUSIC Hommage à Modigliani (principal) - composer JEAN, FX SHEET MUSIC 5 Duos (principal) - composer Dewagtere, Bernard SHEET MUSIC Duo pour violoncelles N°1 (principal) - composer Vignon, Denys SHEET MUSIC Minuetto Primo (principal) - composer Andrea, Ferrante SHEET MUSIC It might be a great opportunity to give the omnis a try, providing you've time to mess around a bit after getting the ORTF set properly, and have two spare input channels. Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Conversation #1by David E. Kemp, 2017This is an exploration of a fugue subject that I remembered from a waking dream. These two worlds eventually form a cohesive whole in the final movement, finally resolving the intrinsic search for identity which follows the piece. Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Swing Lower, Sweet Chariotby Bradford Wright, 2018This is a jazzy take on the spiritual Swing Low Sweet Chariot. The piece will prove quite straight-forward for an ensemble at the intermediate level. 2 After purchase you can download your video from your Digital Library. • We're handing off packages to our shipping carriers as quickly and safely as possible. I wound up sticking to a simple and super discrete setup. The odd meter, brisk tempo, preponderant dissonances, and the shrillness of the sopranino recorders impart urgency and distress. They are well suited to school concerts. - Instrumentation: Recorder and Cello - Level: Medium - Score Type: Solo Score - Tempo: Medium - Genre: Baroque - Composer: Louis-Claude Daquin - Year Composed: 1735 - Pages (approximate): 6, Deck the Halls Pure Sheet Music Duet for Oboe and Guitar, Arranged by Lars Christian Lundholm, Jingle Bells Pure Sheet Music Duet for Oboe and Guitar, Arranged by Lars Christian Lundholm, Gounod's Ave Maria Pure Sheet Music Solo for Violin, Arranged by Lars Christian Lundholm, Ave Maria by Schubert for Piano and Voice - Pure Sheet Music By Lars Christian Lundholm, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Pure Sheet Music for Piano and Clarinet Arranged By Lars Christian Lundholm, Gabriel's Message Pure Sheet Music for Piano and Oboe, Arranged By Lars Christian Lundholm. )&oldid=2997220, Works first published in the 21st century, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License. Duet Sheet Music for Recorder accompanied by Cello arranged by Lars Christian Lundholm. This more modestly proportioned treatment of Frère Jacques was inspired in some measure by Bartok's Mikrokosmos. 4 The coda (ad infin.) The intervals between notes of each cell become progressively wider -- hence "rarifying." (-) - !N/!N/!N - 7×⇩ - Stephen W. Beatty, MXL typeset by composer Duration: 1:45The performers on the accompanying recording are Scott Paterson, soprano; Anthony St. Pierre, alto; Janos Ungvary, tenor.Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Missa 'Cum Jubilo' Fantasia (AATB)by Anthony St. Pierre, June 2007A frequent source of inspiration for this composer is the repertoire he learned as a choirboy. 8 Easily accessible to lower intermediate players and up.Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Friends Long Goneby Marvin Levine (1928 - 2016)A quasi-Klezmer piece suitable for intermediate and up, this duet for two Altos or AT has rich wide intervals (C#-Bb) and multiple moods. Although very chromatic, it is not particularly challenging to play. A bold wavy line indicates a slow, heavy vibrato, a lighter one, a faster, less intense vibrato. The piece makes no notable technical demands. "The composer has also composed 'A Greensleeves Fantasy' for alto recorder and piano, published in the UK by Peacock Press (PRM 009). )Scott Paterson, alto/sopranino; Anne Massicotte, tenor; and the composer, bass play on the accompanying recording.Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 fileBass low E instructions, Introduction & Fantasy on 'Ave Virgo' (ATB) by Anthony St. Pierre, May 2011Not far into a reading of Perotin's conductus, Ave Virgo, the composer and his colleagues noted some strikingly anachronistic twists that turned out to be the result of missed accidentals! Mainly, just have fun with it. Duration: 3:40 Performed by Anthony St. Pierre, alto, sopranino; Scott Paterson, tenorPreview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Fantasy on 'Schenectady' for SATB recordersby Anthony St. Pierre, December 2010The Fantasy on 'Schenectady' might recall the Americana style of composers like Aaron Copland or Virgil Thompson. Glissandi are executed by sliding fingers on and off the tone holes.

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