George W. Bush, Democratic nominee John Kerry claimed there was insufficient international support for the war. Well, I think the way to go is civil unions. Can we afford the time spent on endless debates about ethnicity and identity? I'm very happy at CNBC. great, assembly, frequently, vague, perplexed, seeming, dragged, march, intended, No one can have greater respect for the independence of the legislative power than I:;: but legislation does not mean finance, criticism of the administration, or ninety-nine out of the hundred things with which in England the Parliament occupies itself. If the debating parties try to manipulate each other’s mind with their ideas, then the debate becomes the worst kind of disputation. An argument is like a country road, you never know where it is going to lead. Or, would it be far, far more prudent to simply shut up and live out that opinion in ways that the English language has no words describe?”, “It is often in our best interest not to understand, to misunderstand, or to pretend not to understand.”, “You cannot really convince a man who has always been blind that he does not see.”, “Like pretty much every debate, an argument is an explosion caused by the collision of egos.”, “Debating is an ability of making a point without abusing an opponent.”, “Some things are compelling, but not convincing; some things are convincing, but not compelling.”, “Tolerance. of sources. Information, usually seen as the precondition of debate, is better understood as its by-product. Young Columbian Santiago Martinez argues a bit much about the the stroke of this project; nevertheless, Taliesin needs more like him, to make the debates stand the transient of the facts. The key to holding a logical argument or debate is to allow oneself to understand the other person's argument no matter how divergent their views may seem. The image of Parliament in the public mind should be one where proceedings, debates and discussions take place with a view to resolve issues through a constructive and co-operative approach. I've found myself walking away from debates when the person I'm talking to just won't acknowledge long-established facts. Debates of voting methods have been going on for hundreds of years. "We the people are not each other's enemies." (Gerald Ford, 1976)Gerald Ford, who was president at the time, made this blundering statement in a 1976 debate against Jimmy Carter. Discussions about programming languages often resemble medieval debates about the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin instead of exciting contests between fundamentally differing concepts. There's a time for advocacy and time for first principles. Mental health is often missing from public health debates even though it's critical to wellbeing. Kemp’s response: “It’s a deal. one, can, greater, respect, independence, legislative, power, legislation, mean. Perhaps, instead, we might expand the framework of debates by seeking other dichotomies more appropriate than, or simply different from, the conventional divisions. And an untruth shouted is not less untruthful.”, “Unfortunately, fools think that shouting makes their arguments convincing, or more convincing.”, Embracing the Ordinary: Lessons From the Champions of Everyday Life, The Collected Works of G.K. Chesterton Volume 32: The Illustrated London News, 1920-1922. When, read, epitaphs, beautiful, inordinate, desire, meet, grief, parents. Tags: ", Tags: The Great Debaters is a 2007 film about the true story of Melvin B. Tolson, a professor at Wiley College in Texas who, in 1935, inspired students to form the school's first debate team, which went on to challenge Harvard in the national championship. For twenty years programming languages have been steadily progressing toward their present condition of obesity; as a result, the study and invention of programming languages has lost much of its excitement. fun, engage, philosophical, internet, guy. This is not a new debate. And if we recognise this, we are either forced to accept Tory edicts as a fait accompli or we must look to new more militant forms of extra-Parliamentary opposition which involve mass popular participation and challenge the Government's right to rule. Quote from Dr. Ben Carson in the CNN GOP Presidential Debate on Dec. 15, 2015. As an undergraduate at Stanford, I started 'The Stanford Review,' which ended up being very engaged in the hot debates of the time: campus speech codes, questions about diversity on campus, all sorts of debates like that. Here enter not vile bigots, hypocrites, Externally devoted apes, base snites, Puffed-up, wry-necked beasts, worse than the Huns, Or Ostrogoths, forerunners of baboons: Cursed snakes, dissembled varlets, seeming sancts, Slipshod caffards, beggars pretending wants, Fat chuffcats, smell-feast knockers, doltish gulls, Out-strouting cluster-fists, contentious bulls, Fomenters of divisions and debates, Elsewhere, not here, make sale of your deceits. One of the lessons learned from 22 July is that we have to take seriously all those people who take part in debates on the Internet, expressing extreme views, and then meet them, discuss with them, bring them into the open. With so many issues and debates occurring at any given time, it is easy to spread yourself too thin and lose sight of your goal. I don't like the whole 'slander, slander' conversation that most political debates are these days. We can never allow people who use nondemocratic means, people who use violence instead of arguments, people who use knives instead of debates, we can never allow them to set the agenda. Tags: This is a small country with limited resources. When the presidential debates are on, I'll watch that like it's the Super Bowl. I think debates are healthy. This is a debate about our understanding of human dignity, what it means to be a member of the human family, even though tiny, powerless and unwanted. "If we don't get the military right, nothing else matters." The first debate between presidential candidates occurred on May 17, 1948, when Republican contenders Thomas Dewey and Harold Stassen matched wits. If you can’t win an argument logically, demonize your opponent, make him out to be a bad person and all of a sudden the ideas he stands for become bad as well.”, “A bridge-like CIO has the mind to think via the multidimensional lens, the gut to innovate fearlessly; the strategy to lead wisely and the skill to move progressively.”, “It’s not about some principled debate as to whether I should focus on what I have, or on what I don’t have. The debate on how to shrink the federal government is at the core of our problem of government not doing its job. Humor Quotes 37.5k Philosophy Quotes 24k God Quotes 21.5k Inspirational Quotes Quotes 20.5k Truth Quotes 19.5k Wisdom Quotes 18k Poetry Quotes 17k Romance Quotes 17k Death Quotes 16k Happiness Quotes 15.5k Hope Quotes 14.5k (Barack Obama, 2008)The 2008 contest for the Democratic nomination was a neck-and-neck race between Hillary Clinton, the early front-runner, and Obama, the charismatic upstart. When Amazon emerged, people had these debates about whether people would put their credit cards online. ex: The people of our nation are going bankrupt because of this. Tags: I am confident in my accomplishment of having had Queen Latifah portray me on 'Saturday Night Live' both years. If you go in for argument, take care of your temper. Debate Sayings and Quotes. It is important that the decorum and dignity of the House is upheld at all times. BrainyQuote has been providing inspirational quotes since 2001 to our worldwide community. I can’t even pronounce it.”. Something of this sort must, I think, always happen in public democratic assemblies. Quote from Dr. Ben Carson in the CNCC GOP Debate.

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