Communicationis A(process(of(sending(and(receiving( communication Communication(involves(certain(essential( elements( Verbal(messages( NonAverbal(messages( Perception( Channel( Feedback( context We can study communication in much the same way we study biological systems within our own bodies. 0000002560 00000 n Encoding the message x��XKoG8�am�0�M��ei;]կ�k�(��R� �%�9�����%����vW}�ճ�������;.�o�>I��?e�{��8{�x����l����5.�Ȱt�kr+�|O]v&�:M�n�Y,�~�z��z�r=G��n���BY��%�ӥ��W���7�K 6(���xA���Z�~_��q5v9����`S��~[�x8��9p-���u��3E�wg��95" ���~��s��rHoyf�O�.�s"��m�=�T�]9 $�k�����e9t�x�0�-��N�h� There are 7 C’s of effective communication which are applicable to both written as well as oral communication. If not using technology, write it on the board. 0000112007 00000 n �00�Sc� P�yx�ݎh� ��oϾG����S�>�Ͽ� �|���?����������/?~z��/?�x�(g�}�?���qz�,�s��'��^����c�B��}�ƾ��_[� P�~?߾��5������3��1���~�^��z�~_��~x����C; Ǚz�pX��!&N眷7.Ưu�R��'����L�������µ�1�c��JIؽ~~�rt���/ 4O��o/-���;��鵍.e�Fѽ�[T羼��iC�ں�ƍ�q�w��4�r������-x�ی���E�g��K� p}��=.� �o�� � �����K�m!w��� O��r�m�ik�v �jꦛ=ϱ�W�WÀ#��Q���/�z�$Ґp-���&�Y�pZ��j�{Q �1�7(�+�u�iH;)'��3�r���| ���ۯ�L�u�>>��Z\�/H�tjzÌ��I��� �F�͆a5����k��j�fۢR���n�;釬�;��F��m��9�Z�8����d��(Q\0�'�),}Prk�^�t�� �Ud�:�(��{_�pP�Yp��/rd3��@t�Nj�i�� � ��YL��P�}�w���咽��δ�tK����a�B>0�{�p���Ἑ�8mXɪ����7 �+�r��7��d�l�'\Q�4X_�A����6�_���7s�#��a%&�o�c�:q�����N+A{�K#�!bXɬ62�-G��C�D�U�m5~:fI�W�]8t��3�%���n�%�����6���P/�`�y����l{� H�tT�n1��+xLD�(���y�hѤ(�==�N��v�l��~IJ[8A�5���rfȡw�a���~���A�+V_ All communication involves eight steps, regardless of the form used. It describes the basic elements of the communication process and defines concepts. 0000005710 00000 n <> 59 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 61 /H [ 1481 308 ] /L 211303 /E 121417 /N 18 /T 210005 >> endobj xref 59 52 0000000016 00000 n %PDF-1.3 0000009493 00000 n 0000005481 00000 n Discussing communication in terms of sender-receiver implies one-way communication. By ‘mass produced’ we mean putting the content or message of mass communication in a form suitable to be distributed to large masses of people. 0000001327 00000 n 0000002086 00000 n 0000003115 00000 n Unit 1: Nature and Elements of Communication • Grade 11/12 Lesson 1 0000010155 00000 n 0000001388 00000 n 0000100464 00000 n 0000001510 00000 n 0000009451 00000 n 0000043087 00000 n 0000010176 00000 n 814 0 obj<>stream 0000003194 00000 n Language issues and Cultural Differences: the receiver(s) may not (fully) understand the language used by the transmitter. This may be an opinion, … startxref 0000001481 00000 n We can study communication in much the same way we study biological systems within our own bodies. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Murphy, Hildebrandt, Thomas: Communication is a process of transmitting and receiving verbal and non-verbal messages. 0000067729 00000 n 0000006393 00000 n 0000010212 00000 n Definition and Process of Communication.pdf - Unit 1 Nature and Elements of Communication \u2022\u200b \u200b Grade 11\/12 Lesson 1 Definition and Process of, Unit 1: Nature and Elements of Communication, Possible Answers to the Essential Question, Unit 1 | Nature and Elements of Communication, defines communication (EN11/12OC-Ia-1); and. The last member of the, group has to run in front of the board to recite or write down the original, The most accurate message that gets recited or written down first gets the. The communication process consists of several components.

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