This hypothesis is supported by the findings that AVP in the LS is important in individual recognition, particularly in male rodents (Bluthe and Dantzer 1990; Dantzer et al. kr5C]LWgcQ,,>>\9h8]Scal7O0ST_7no,YF8E(iqZOYFod5gk2J]\:X4r`^>*&er( 1999), although one cannot exclude the possibility that high doses of AVP also acted on OT receptors (Barberis and Tribollet 1996). 1994a). endobj *Qf>9VM]A/[),Qh9oO?sNf6?H*-_ZW>2QuKrmh*LQHjc7eSmC-N0 %A;8YKJO**1M0d"ZP]ee_'C0=<5uVE7*$5W7bXMuKFgQQNi59D6Xs>P.NnSf8H^#j C`"tB%)P4;J`+Je;D,!WUSb#). (BlmF`MN4gBB= _a-*r@Be&XNi-?<5mg1+9+Z\?MKgD05pR'K&I:Z7dS(4iO1OlFKH,:b55ff-5a"]* For this pair bonding to take place, the male must stay one day with the female after they breed. 2Bpe.$o\[Qa>\iA"4G!so)O>^irAOQmqnJaW?`o=UmJq-0VJh5m+Q+qP=Q*Q1A3Ps3VAg!,?3o3i&s@o"!X-/tkuMg(bWiOWQ]JfPd=0Z+?P,9%)V"q9N#1`l.0 Char-acteristic habitat descriptions for the seven described species follow. Axon-sparing lesions of the medial nucleus of the amygdala decrease affiliate behaviors in the prairie vole (. There is also evidence that mating induces central OT release in mammals (Carter 1992; Jirikowski 1992); however, direct release of neuropeptides has not been tested in voles. Litters may comprise 1–8 young, usually averaging 2–5. Although prairie voles from Kansas show robust partner preference formation, they differ in sexual dimorphism, parental behavior, and responsiveness to exogenous estrogen and vasopressin in comparison with their counterparts from Illinois (Cushing et al. This notion is further supported by recent data from our laboratory. ?./\fYkHfS7u$;j61)*r;T@Gr:%Y5_rk;fVDYn6rBh5Fhn/L"g So here goes. Prairie voles live in fields, grasslands, and thickets. Ann N Y Acad Sci, A comparison of paternal behaviour in the meadow vole. 1997a; Winslow et al. @LurV+N#GKe^FC,l]#LuP"8Ho,a7b,SESp9S2bb,cD=up@uC)=V-!- That's because the cells that respond to vasopressin in their brains don't produce the same feelings of pleasure. TW:X5%(bGlOC*gI#0#sG)^EUZ"=Oj#`&&)<6%ft=!XL'75p/dO#p>B:&hq-EVpPbm >> Jqb2N-t$I^N]FY9'\MpD1975TAVH>\Fr\CfqdmQq-JLG-S>M^YH;QFr.TK]$M]Pg& ?KF Perhaps even more remarkably, numerous genetic components of avpr1a—not just gene length—have been linked to both human music and dancing (inherently prosocial activities), as well as autism spectrum problems (inherently antisocial activities). The main difference between the monogamous prairie voles and the love 'em-and-leave 'em Montane voles isn't in how much vasopressin they have, but in the exact location of the cells that respond to vasopressin in the brain. OTX1-JKGgU[ZWs<80ggEJmpQgKRugZ#UBsI+Ga))qkQOG\4HfX"C)3\0n\88H6C#u Given that mating facilitates partner preference formation, it was hypothesized that mating-induced DA release is involved in the regulation of pair bonding. << << 0SggNLCTE'8.cII8Pj1t6N`6#NJ_sIY,_F3k;X-L)[$b7@(@783%)PHJX8,0C;S>n [RZe9$P /Height 523 r"`L?W(ZI+M*/d,>,9%$QC,(C=$3e?X#9YeU:W:RalZSo7?W'_^K,5r>T?Y^@Bj0S Like other voles, their populations have cycles of abundance and decline. gi7ZD8&X'A:,*(9!L;=]+1Le7Nai#kQ2Biub,Q>H(iOY$lN"sZGN[`+#NPTgLG ,'-.,a!+J*Ji\_*oWlLZ$BW]3#jI$L.S.jI#5fXALbWjb(oH]TfuItQaG'd$(j(?9 NJGK9E6b/G>[b_-"qM+u?ZACP>Am)%X]8B;&c/n^m5G It's a Matter of System. So why are they different? /Height 99 1996). BB0[5K:$OX;++fNN]$,L2HWM.18]?]N?&Qs\oFKj,WtW0Cdg/hL1F2mMo? 2001; Roberts et al. 1994b). XgAj3E.JN2=&8kim4&AQXXZ;EhT&p6%BtH8L/5Bo_m\,ur-N:f^I`8]$Tk`iIdk6m Modulation of pair bonding in female prairie voles (. Department. (:`jfcug'dZcBhg&Ps=3NnX9NK=T>19e50(4h:JKqfU5$r!OdRce,3AB1Z'8]s2>j`*@cB;W>EDcdNP_i!doR?Z@&Bu(,snr[ X7Cj8Ri2$PRJu7S-pJ-6im/9F^@B53(F:0#DtSpp5Y#%WRRVP"cWa%YD\UBVAg!hWPm2lh3[j;@b2r &JiUWLho/@)Q)0\dgrkn(Q?X0%1H,?&H`a:/KD5`1(G986QiB%TR\jTGi56Qfe\gN?rK4o9:>Z43=cLl*B[JclX< By what mechanism might neurochemicals act on the formation of partner preferences? 1981, 1993), and such a breeding pair typically remains together until one dies (Getz and Carter 1996). The pests dig tunnels and use above-ground runways to … :#f:'e]JDhL"QJkUo9KiL\iPn;N1#BArOE('PbflVcS The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. However, these traditional laboratory animals do not display certa… 1998; Young et al. ;,VI:696Zk%#kgO^[(IcK8AXsn0t @,6asZ@1rV10G/T+Tb%B&;!UZRLkFoU_="\fPSicQ0a2ENTTm:;r*OKq9Uoe ;i: Y47]\PqRh7oH%YNQ4RJ/(07Z8UCgBoVKg&3#+X]^^JrDd?C9E%?t*9iI.Qa90/=.Nq.c9_C=Rfn#6jCta_mFFbt#p@p*08>U,Sn< !TaX4H-?mn:C5?T6HWHQJ Recently, utilization of a nontraditional laboratory rodent, the monogamous prairie vole (Microtus ochrogaster), has generated valuable data regarding the neurobiology of pair bonding. h-e;[-kP;hB#;1.s6eWX13#Z4Cur_WL]e!BbSbRn$:bS62+Zqp6&*;PD\7H7'KDnf UpQIM0fOcQ+V&<28/2'jhX.kqN&DU`(h+I=A.2SLD6lKeL(eA? _q0Y? AV5>q$-/8#PX@!ZjO)H<9I8d>hm[#8ANipB(/\W;^u^E>R[m7rDK_7VIC7MM_^pq6 /Width 77 2001b). JoIMM!X_O%'_PT;U$.&P/]+2(ig"q9#LFT,,a'?5 ,X>sp6PbM7"=OijU1(\H+2'Z"^ELYJJfo;NngNR^"G1&;)Nu;Mc2S'Cs82i. */JehKW;4@mFJ#UMd8qC]'Pq+Zj)E%=LDQ^A YhOm\(h'Z\N=\c-)_>+r4:uim_?@&q&g&4[,l?>J6mL-?,(a9[8lAb97Nc_[Q5UCc3+a@)55k#! Sexual behavior enhances central dopamine transmission in the male rat. P*,9)nA[hZO7UHYp$;:rk%Pq%^aLf^HF\^Q8-VF\rGMqq+0C%!j6`mCO\3JhJ='G*oG(pTU629=t"BZ1#%]X*=$X4\._? (\N7ogM@HCEG^HdqTjE#[@-L=7fV,b5! :WU""r[!tWgP&5&1K-qT016oI@7JdRAk #$*NCYhKVAgUFE/C'I0;L)=_`%>,[q8.$(#-jYQ:J4/A#c[lH,#UTfi.0:j6qk)GA )@o=KSe#,5#d ,<6Uh.KT\fEZaI[#Xf:M!g1ETA0J2HDBZ5sM!Kg*P)q;D&k.%RMtc)sI4FqSgP-TA

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