Peter Paul Candy . PLUS, Keith and Kathy brought along 9 truly histori... Coming up tomorrow — Ali Banisadr & Robert Hobbs in Conversation. The result was a delicious and wonderfully informative encounter with hearth-cooking and colonial foodways. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Image: eBay / 237 Share your COVID-19 story here: and help us write our history. Photographs courtesy of the Library of Congress. The Peter Paul Pixies sang that Mounds and Almond Joys were “Indescribably delicious,” and the entire nation agreed. Peter Paul manufactured many of our favorite '70s candy bars. Seeing the Caravelle wrapper helped bring more to my memory… I think. It was originally founded in New Haven, Connecticut in 1919 by six Armenian immigrants led by Peter Paul Halajian, with a manufacturing plant in nearby Naugatuck, Connecticut. Nope. Throwback holiday ep! It was discontinued in 1979. No, the candy bar I’m trying to remember is not a Peter Paul product. The American candy-bar business was assured, and the two enterprising men wanted to become part of the emerging industry. No. Almond Joy, with its juicy coconut center, double-toasted almonds, and milk-chocolate coating, was an instant triumph. There’s something about the name of this one that makes me think of the classic confectionery-related Monty Python skit “Crunchy Frog” – but I’ll get to that at the end of today’s post. So if the 1975 wrapper re-design revealed that No Jelly’s wonderfully-odd name was losing favor, what followed in 1976-1977 sealed the deal. Even as the company stopped producing Dreams, it stepped up production of caramels and charcoal gum, which required little sugar and no coconut, thus maintaining both the volume of its output and its employment rolls during the war. The six founders s of The Peter Paul Manufacturing Company were a tightknit group, and the company would retain a family atmosphere throughout its history. Because customers found it hard to pronounce his Armenian surname, Halajian legally changed it to the English equivalent, Paul. Sugar rationing and chocolate shortages further complicated the job of manufacturing high-quality candy bars. The Amazing Story Behind America's First Cookbook. On view with timed tickets now through January 24th. They hired Harry Tatigian, an experienced candy maker from Bridgeport, to help develop some unique products to set The Peter Paul Manufacturing Company apart. I had the bar only a few times. By 1977, Peter Paul would still be making this bar, but would retire the No Jelly name – now branding it as the Peter Paul Peanut Butter Bar. The innovation came just in time. In ... Connecticut State Library Connecticut Office of Governor Ned Lamont Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP)CT State Historic Preservation Office Connecticut Historical Society Museum and Library The Connecticut Audubon Society Connecticut River Museum Estuary Estuary Magazine Long Island Sound. And listen for free to our podcast on Sophie at. I’m quite certain it was not an import, based on the year period (as you say) and what little I remember of the wrapper. An ambitious and enterprising man, he dreamed of being self-employed and began operating a fruit and candy business with his two daughters, May and Lillian. While Oh Henry might currently be owned by Nestle, historically it was a product of the Williamson Candy Company. Friends support also helps underwrite our discounted subscriptions for teachers, our free subscriptions to state History Day winners (students and their teachers), the development of social studies resources for students in K-12, and collaborative programming with our partners. It could literally be anything.

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