Finish the framing by installing the shelves (Photo 7). Let me know if that helps. The first step is to turn off the power to the outlet, and double-check that the power is off by testing the wires with a noncontact voltage detector. Leave a 2-ft. loop of extra cable at each light fixture location. Its “Voila” not “Walla”. Sadly, the cat boxes are still there. And the beauty of this type of construction is that the design is limited only by your imagination. Next to the art niche, having these custom-built storage shelves is the most commented on aspect of my basement. These diagrams illustrate the wiring arrangement used in this project. Once the pieces are cut to width, it’s easy to cut them to length and screw them to the framing. Cut the side pieces to fit between the top and the bottom notched corner beads so they overlap the metal tabs. Position the center columns, plumb them and attach them the same way. I tried to just take a piece of pegboard and line it up on the sides and use it as a guide for where to drill the bracket holes. (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(hs); Subtract that number from the total opening of 78”. Learn more about how to hang and tape drywall and installing outlets and switches. I bought one large sheet of 3/8" plywood with one side finished (smooth). We used a computer drawing program called Sketchup to design these shelves. as the rest of the vertical and horizontal dividers after they’re covered with drywall. Sound good? Those shelves should be the same as the top and bottom shelves. Make sure the framing isn’t going to cover an electrical outlet. It does take some time to execute correctly. Signing you up... Come on internet,it\'s GO TIME! Mark the column sides for the shelves. We left a 1/2-in. Maximum height for a set of built-in shelves is the height of the ceiling. It can be. Add the height of the base molding + the width of the face frame. The depth of a three-shelf bookcase will be between 12 and 13 inches. If the fit is just slightly wobbly, just hit the shelf with your hand near the peg and it should adjust it just slightly. Then call the electrical inspector for a final inspection. Thanks Korrie! deep x 34 in. If your bookshelf is built around a seating area, like this window seat, consider practicality when styling the shelves in reach. Set the 1/4-in. There you have it. Note how this extends the natural block wall by a few feet, giving the space more definition and separation. Place bookcase shelf on the brackets. Stop while you have the chance and build something distinctive for your basement finishing project. But, I recommend not having a bookshelf that is more than 3 and a half feet wide without a center support of some type. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Use a special drywall screw gun, or buy a special bit for your cordless drill that sets the screws just under the surface without driving them too deep. space between the fixture and the combustible surfaces. I am going to try it. Nice job! Push the cable(s) through the connectors and connect hot, neutral and ground wires with the appropriate wire connectors. Anyway, we had to design that corner a little bit different than the other side, since there was a plumbing chase there. This is a really good DIY project I will pin to our site. Pick the straightest lumber for the long lengths and cut the parts. The space from the floor to the bottom shelf was reserved for the base molding. Then use the shelves as spacers to make sure the columns are in the correct locations before you screw them to the base. Then cover the edge of the bead with mesh tape. Then measure the distance between the walls at both the top and the bottom. Trowel on thin coats until you’ve got a smooth, flat surface. Then when the painting is complete, finish the wiring by adding the outlets and connecting the switch or dimmer switch. I told my drywall contractor that I framed this for bookshelves. Love the look of these! If you plan to caulk the back edges, get a tight fit between the drywall and wall. I would have installed a recessed light baffle that directs the light toward the built-in shelves. Problem is the box is not perfectly square and the back is slightly wider than the front.. Any ideas how to cover that up a bit and still look nice? Use premixed joint compound for the final coats, letting it dry between each coat. I am understanding that the “wall brackets” are just 1″ wide strips from the MDF, correct? 78” – 7 1/2” = 70 1/2” Divide that number by the number of shelf openings (4). Which, by the way, was called "Glow" an eggshell finish by Behr. View Standard Built In Bookshelf Dimensions Published: May 7, 2013Filed Under: *Our Projects, DIY Project Plans, How To Tagged: Bookcases, Built-ins, How To, Park House Living Room, Project Plans. You can take this tutorial and modify it to the size that you want. Follow this guide to learn how to build with a table saw, plywood and some imagination, you can build a custom bookshelf for your home. Plan on spending a few hours a day for several days. The new electrical code requires an AFCI (arc-fault circuit interrupter) in many areas when new wiring is added. We chose remodel-type fixtures, which are installed after the drywall is finished. Click here for our favorite outdoor woodworking plans. Here are the overall dimensions of our built-in bookshelves. Yes. Set the frame in place and level it by adding shims if necessary (Photo 4). 17 5/8” – 5/8” = 17”. Cut the 2x6s for the top and bottom to length and mark the column locations. Got it? When we were satisfied with the design, we marked the wall at the vertical and horizontal framing locations and chalked lines to get a better sense of how it would look (Photo 1). Or simply fasten the corner bead with 1-1/4- in. In this article we’ll show you how to build the frame, hang the drywall, and finish the project with corner bead and drywall tape. See, I told you it was tricky, do I need a diagram here? Just to clarify, you are just pinning the project to Home Depot’s Pinterest boards, but it will still like to my post? We added flatwise 2x6s to provide backing for our glass-shelf supports. Quick note here on design. Subtract 1 in. I want to be inspired to do build another built in bookcase upstairs in my office. For a printable PDF version of this illustration and a complete list of the shelf materials … Now here are the plans for you to check out, so you can build your own. What could be better. If I had used a good primer before the finish coat the result would have been a bit faster and better. But you can use graph paper or just map it out on the wall. hs.src = ('//'); More About Us…. If that is the case great! Figure A: Shelf Framing. When you’re done sanding the drywall, you can install the recessed lights. Most built-in shelves in luxury homes have a top shelf installed a foot below the ceiling, and shelves spaced evenly along the wall. I'm afraid to construct anything except open shelving on wheels so it's no touching floor that would allow moisture to dry. Plan it, try it, do it. DIY tutorials, Woodworking plans and more. My husband and I are building these, but were slightly confused by the measurements on that. Nicely done. There should be a 1/2-in. Mark the front and the back of the base and top for the column locations. If you’re using LED bulbs and want to install a dimmer, check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure the switch is compatible with the brand of LED bulb you’re using. If anyone does this please email me pictures and tell me stories of glory as your friends and family whooo and aaaahhhh over your creative genius and ingenuity. Yes, it is awesome. Figure B shows how to wire the outlets and dimmer switch. That’s all the wiring you need to do for now. Granted, you’ll have a chunk of time invested before you’re done, but the materials are readily available and inexpensive. It’s all about what you can afford and are willing to live with. Leave 12 in. If your project includes a TV and lights, you’ll need another outlet and a switch. Then use the level again for the front right hole. Then use an 8-in. They just covered it like a regular wall and then cut-out the hole along the framing. space on each end, and screw it to the wall. It is true that it does chip easy. These are the built-in bookshelves that we designed and installed in our park house living room. This arrangement also looks great even if your ceilings are only 8 ft. high. Then count the wires in the box and calculate the box size required, including the extra hot, neutral and ground wire you’ll be adding.

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