[58] Dudley was elected governor in 1634, and the general court reserved a large number of powers for itself, including those of taxation, distribution of land, and the admission of freemen. A flotilla of ships sailed from England beginning in April 1630, sometimes known as the Winthrop Fleet. For many years the Old Colony Railroad Company also operated steamboat and ferry lines, including those of the Fall River Line with express train service from Boston to its wharf in Fall River where passengers boarded luxury liners to New York City. This line has been abandoned. On September 22, 1895, the New Haven converted all former Old Colony lines from left-hand running to right-hand running.[10]. Legal tender included England's pound, Spanish "Pieces of eight", wampum in the 1640s and of course, barter. Older widows would also sometimes marry for financial security. [76], In 1643, Massachusetts Bay joined Plymouth Colony, Connecticut Colony, and New Haven Colony in the New England Confederation, a loose coalition organized primarily to coordinate military and administrative matters among the Puritan colonies. However, dissenters from the Puritan rule argued that the government lacked a proper constitutional foundation, and some of its actions were resisted on that basis. The extension from South Boston to the newly completed Kneeland Street Station in Boston opened on June 19, 1847. [112], The colony performed a survey in 1642 to determine its southern boundary west to the Connecticut River. Edward Appleton, Massachusetts Railway Commissioner, This page was last edited on 22 November 2020, at 15:12. Your feedback will not receive a response. Parts of the former OC on Cape Cod are also still used to operate the Cape Cod Central Railroad tourist train from Hyannis to Buzzards Bay during the summer and fall months. Outside a town center, land would be allocated for farming, some of which might be held communally. By 1851, traffic on the line had increased enough to warrant the opening of a second track running between Boston and South Braintree. [2] The total Indigenous population in 1620 has been estimated to be 7,000. In response, Randolph asked the crown to cut off all trade to and from the colony, and asked that further regulations be put in place. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was economically successful engaging in trade with England, Mexico and the West Indies. Despite high ridership, the Old Colony line had been a source of problems for the New Haven Railroad. In the spring of 1854, construction continued, with the railroad reaching Barnstable village on May 8, Yarmouth Port on May 19, and finally Hyannis on July 8, 1854. [103] Bradstreet reported in 1680 that the colony had 100 to 120 slaves, but historian Hugh Thomas documents evidence suggesting that there may have been a somewhat larger number.[104]. The Puritan founders of Massachusetts and Plymouth saw themselves as having been divinely given their lands in the New World with a duty to implement and observe religious law. These houses were the precursors to what is now called the saltbox style of architecture. Old Colony Memorial Obituaries Homes Calendar Scanner E-edition. The territory nominally administered by the colony covered much of central New England, including portions of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. The OC and Fall River Railroad merged with a joint stock vote on June 20, 1854, forming the Old Colony and Fall River Railroad Company,[8] which provided a two-pronged line from Boston to Plymouth and Boston to Fall River, splitting at South Braintree. Many colonists lived in fairly crude structures, including dugouts, wigwams, and dirt-floor huts made using wattle and daub construction. [64] These laws formed the nucleus of colonial legislation until independence and contained some provisions later incorporated into the United States Constitution, such as the ideas of equal protection and double jeopardy. [24] The first winters were difficult, with colonists struggling against starvation and disease, resulting in numerous deaths.[25][26]. In 2007, MBTA passenger service was restored on the Greenbush Line between Braintree and Greenbush Station in Scituate. Massachusetts authorities were sympathetic to the Parliamentary cause and had generally positive relationships with the governments of the English Commonwealth and the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell. This was found not to be the case and, in 1652, Governor Endicott sent a survey party to locate the northernmost point on the Merrimack. This page, Old Colony Correctional Center, is, in the scale of 1, Strongly Disagree, to 5, Strongly Agree, Professional Training & Career Development, Resources for Family and Friends of Inmates, Massachusetts Department of Correction Locations, Resources for Family and Friends of Inmates Locations. These included sleeping during church services, playing cards, and engaging in any number of activities on the Sabbath. Between 1986 and 2016, the Old Colony & Fall River Railroad Museum operated in Fall River. These grants were typically about 40 square miles (10,000 ha), and were located sufficiently near other towns to facilitate defense and social support. Alexander Holmes from Kingston served as company president during this period, from 1854 to 1866. Handicapped parking is available and all vehicles parked in these spaces must have a handicapped vehicle placard. Would you like to provide additional feedback to help improve Mass.gov? [6], The "first Colony" ranged from the 34th- to 41st-degree latitude north; the "second Colony" ranged from the 38th- to 45th-degree latitude. [6], All OC locomotives were named until 1884, after which they were simply numbered. Old Colony Correctional Center is a Massachusetts Department of Correction men's prison in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.The medium security facility is located in a 30-acre (12 ha) plot of land in the Bridgewater Correctional Complex with the Bridgewater State Hospital, Massachusetts Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center, and the Massachusetts Treatment Center. Those who wanted Massachusetts Bay and New England to be a place for religious observance and theocracy were most hostile to any change in governance. The following is a description of the Old Colony Railroad lines and branches at about the time of the 1893 lease to the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, and shortly thereafter. In the following years, most of the immigrants came for economic reasons; they were merchants, seamen, and skilled craftsmen. Since the early 1970s, Amtrak has provided passenger service from South Station in Boston over the former Boston and Providence lines of the Old Colony Railroad. Among the proponents of the Cape Cod Branch Railroad was Richard Borden of Fall River, who saw the new line as an opportunity to bring more traffic and business through his hometown. The crown did not wish to enforce such a harsh measure and risk alienating the moderate members of New England society who supported England, so the British offered conciliatory measures if Massachusetts Bay followed the law. The two options were to immediately submit to royal authority and dismantle their government or to wait for the crown to revoke their charter and install a new governmental system. [5] Neither of these corporations was given a name by this charter, but the territories were named as the "first Colony" and "second Colony", over which they were respectively authorized to settle and to govern. The quality of these instructors varied, from minimally educated local people to Harvard-educated ministers. [37], Two delegates from Massachusetts Bay were sent to London to meet with the Lords of Trade when the crown threatened the colony with a quo warranto. [48] It was expected that individuals would marry fairly young and begin producing offspring. The 1872 merger formed a system with three main branches; Boston to Plymouth, South Braintree to Fall River and Newport, and a third splitting from the Newport branch at Middleborough to Hyannis. It was successful, with about 20,000 people migrating to New England in the 1630s. [95], The preponderance of the immigrants were well-to-do gentry and skilled craftsmen. Colonial support for the Commonwealth created tension after the throne was restored to Charles II in 1660. Kneeland Street also served as the headquarters for the OC until the 1893 consolidation. [31] Many ministers reacted to the repressive religious policies of England, making the trip with their congregations, among whom were John Cotton, Roger Williams, Thomas Hooker, and others. There had previously been an Old Colony Railroad formed in 1838 for a line between Taunton and New Bedford, but the name was changed to the New Bedford and Taunton Railroad in 1839 before service began in 1840.

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