For that reason, the dBAir Long Term Noise Monitor provides a weatherproof microphone enclosure with de-humidifier, protecting your microphone for long durations. Here are our other top picks for noise monitoring equipment. Environmental Class 1 Sound Meter - Castle dBAir Measuring and recording noisy neighbours, loud music, dogs barking and other loud antisocial behaviours. Kit comes with Class 1 sound meter for workplace safety and environmental noise checks and calibrator in a case. This Castle Sonus 116L comes with dBDataLite, the free version of Castle Noise Analysis Software. If you are looking to take handheld outdoor noise measurements, this Class 1 Castle dBAir Environmental Assessment System is the system for you. The kit is completed with a dual level acoustic calibrator to ensure your meter is operating correctly and our powerful dBdataPro Noise Analysis Software so you can download the data from the meter. It's fully compliant to IEC61672-1-2013 for Sound Level Meters, and also meets the requirements to be used in BS 4142:2014 assessments, which also makies this rugged little meter a useful tool for noise consultants who offer a variety of different noise monitoring services. If you require a long term measurement then you can extend the battery life with our Castle Weatherproof Power Source. NoiseMeters Limited supplies sound level meters, noise dosimeters and other noise monitoring equipment for the UK and for export. This new environmental sound meter has been designed for a single purpose, to enable the user to carry out simple and effective noise assessments for environmental noise. To assist in reducing noise complaints. Making the right choice for a noise monitoring equipment for a short term assessment or a long term and permanent monitoring need, or even for an indoor or outdoor purpose at the workplace and some unusual locations could be very challenging. Outdoor noise monitoring for more than a week requires better weatherproofing (especially in the UK!). There are many man-made sources of environmental noise, such as wind turbines, industrial sites, roads and traffic etc. The Best Noise Monitoring Devices 1) Noiseaware, Indoor Noise Monitoring Devices. Noise is one of the most complained about aspects of the environment, as not only does it have the potential to affect quality of life, it can also be difficult to monitor and therefore control. For medium and long term noise monitoring with various download options. Noise monitoring is an effective tool for improving such conditions because of its capacity to deliver accurate insight into noise levels thereby providing concrete data and highlighting avenues for change. The Castle Railway Noise Assessment Monitoring System compiles everything you need to carry out short-term and long-term Boundary Assessment measurements. This model can be pre-programmed up to 28 days in advance and … The simple data logging package for running and analysing noise assessments and checking noise levels. Transport Noise Monitoring, including Railways, Road, Aircraft etc. We provide a wide range of instruments and equipment designed to monitor many of these types of noise, whether you are the complainant or the complainee. The new version of BS4142, published in 2014 has a number of specific requirements for a sound Level meter including statistical parameters, the ability to measure overnight if required and weather monitoring. The new Class 1 SONIK-E Environmental Sound Meter combines the latest noise measuring technology with our industry leading product development experience. Salter Road, Scarborough Business Park, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, Shoulder mounted sound exposure meters to monitor a worker's exposure to noise throughout the working day. The SV 971 Sound Level Meter is a hand held and rugged instrument with 1/1 and 1/3 octave band analysis, providing surprisingly powerful operation in such a small device. Ultra low sound level detection with the SONIK-E, Environmental Sound Meter. If you are looking for equipment to measure noise in the workplace, look at sound level meters. Grid  Whether you're measuring for Environmental Noise Surveys, or taking short/medium term measurements, the Castle Sonus Railway Noise Assessment System provides all that's necessary at a very competitive price. This dBAir Octave Band Noise Monitor has been designed to provide the user with all of the equipment required to carry out weatherproof environmental noise measurements. SONIK-E Environmental Sound Level Meter - A Lean, Green Measuring Machine This Castle Sonus Data Logging Sound Level Meter provides you with a cost effective solution to making noise measurements for Noise at Work and Environmental Noise Assessments. SONIK-E is the pick up and go noise meter for any environmental noise assessor. Policy | Ideally equipped for carrying out Noise at Work risk assessments, as well as the majority of environmental survey work the Risk Assessment System comes with a choice of Class 1 or Class 2 logging sound meter, calibrator, case and PC download software. For that reason, the dBAir Long Term Noise Monitor provides a weatherproof microphone enclosure with de-humidifier, protecting your microphone for long durations. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. SM 258 Pro Outdoor monitoring station for SVAN 958A including 17Ah battery, SP 270 3G modem This type of noise is generally called environmental noise. Industry, provided with expert knowledge & support from our dedicated team. As standard the System comes with a 140 hour battery, with an additional option of an external power source, the Castle Weatherproof Power Source. which enables over 40 days of running time for those long-term monitoring requirements. This noise assessment system is provided with a Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator, Attache Carry Case, Sound Meter rubber case and Cloud Software. This noise monitor isupplied with a weatherproof casing, tripod and microphone windshield as well as all of the cables and accessories required. For use by environmental health officers, housing associations and concerned home owners, the recorder includes a precision grade Sound Level Meter, Calibrator and Microphone to provide the following features: SV 207B Building vibration accelerometer and mounting adapter In this category you'll find a comprehensive selection of Environmental Noise Monitors designed specifically to make simple and accurate measurements to help comply with the Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006. YO11 3UZ This dBAir Construction Noise Monitor provides you with a solution to every noise monitoring requirement within construction, including Planning Conditions, BS5228 Assessments, Complaints and Occupational Noise Measurements. The Castle dBAir system shown here has the functionality to handle BS4142 assessments and the optional weather monitoring station will provide the required parameters to ensure compliant reports. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This noise monitor is supplied with a weatherproof casing, tripod and microphone windshield as well as all of the cables and accessories required. Meters to assess the risk of hand arm vibration syndrome. This Noise Assessment System can be configured to your exact requirements, making it the ideal product for Noise Consultants who perform a wide variety of noise assessments for industrial and environmental noise. All dBAir Systems come with a 3 Year Pro licence. Site Map, Castle Group Ltd SA 251 Carying case for accelerometer and accessories Our Catalogue shows the range of meters available to buy and our Sound Level Meter Hire page shows the short term rental options. The Castle dBAir works wirelessly with The Castle Cloud software and it's FREE to use! This dBAir Noise Monitor has been designed to provide the user with all of the equipment required to carry out weatherproof environmental noise measurements. This noise monitor is powered by an external source, such as mains power or solar power, and is supplied with a 48 hour back up battery in case of power disruption. List. 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