You just need the one bag. Quick thawing can be achieved by running cold water over the mussels for 10 minutes, moving them around to ensure all are properly defrosted. In a pan sauté the oil with the chopped shallot, add the two bay leaves and chopped parsley. Add the onion, celery, fennel, thyme & sauté without colouring the ingredients. Add the cream to the saucepan & bring to the boil, allow to reduce until the mixture slightly thickens & has a saffron yellow colour (colour will depend on the quality of the saffron). 6. Place a medium to large saucepan on the heat; add the oil & butter allowing the butter to just start to bubble. Aotearoa New Zealand is a country of exquisite beauty and amazing clean water. 5. Reduce heat to medium and let simmer. You also would want to buy the mussels the day you are cooking this recipe. Conventional thawing can be achieved by placing mussels or sealed bag in the refrigerator for 5-8 hours, draining off excess liquid prior to using, Care should be taken not to overcook Kono Greenshell Mussels with the best results achieved when cooking until just heated through, Kono Greenshell Mussels must not be over-thawed or refrozen. Cook for 4–5 minutes or until the mussels have opened (discard any unopened mussels). 2. Fishing is a traditional source of economix and cultural wealrh for Maori.Fishing is a traditional source of economix and cultural wealrh for Maori. And you can always serve the meal with a glass of the same wine! Remove the whole garlic cloves and discard. Once it's foamy, add shallots, garlic, and 1/2 teaspoon salt. 7. 1. Speaking of mussels, if you just go to the fresh fish section of your grocery store, they probably have pre-packaged mussels on ice. 6. 3. And to be honest, maybe the sauce would still taste good without the saffron – but I’m not sure. Reduce the heat and stir in the cream. Temper the egg yolks by slowly whisking in 1/2 cup of the hot sauce. You should have enough mussels to serve about 8 to each guest. Add the cream to the saucepan & bring to the boil, allow to reduce until the mixture slightly thickens & has a saffron yellow colour (colour will depend on the quality of the saffron). A colourful dish that can be served as an individual plate or shared as a banquet styled dish/platter. Whisk egg yolks. Mussels With Saffron Cream. Allow the saffron to cook out for 10-20 seconds. Consultant Chef - New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Restaurant SchwassChristchurch, New Zealand, ...and his culinary tea, McDonnell Kinder & Associates (MKA)Kansas City, U.S.A. For the wine, it depends on your budget. Increase the heat, add the wine and bring to the boil. Bring to a boil. We cultivate and catch our produce using the most stringent of safety and sustainability standards. 4. I wouldn’t have it every time I have mussels, but every now and then (or once in a blue moon as they say…) would be good. Just before serving, spoon mussel with sauce onto each half shell. 8. Cook until shallots are transparent and garlic is soft, about 3 minutes, stirring every so often to keep garlic from scorching. Serve immediately while the dishes are hot. If you love it, Besides the expensiveness of the saffron, at least the mussels only cost me $5 and this meal would feed 4 people. very quick and easy, this makes an appy for 6-8 or a main course for me ( just kidding, sort of). We wanted to have mussels tonight so I used this recipe from In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita. Good appetite! I didn’t re-look at the menu until now and I realized that this recipe should also have diced tomatoes it in. Isolated from global pollution, our clean natural environment and water purity make New Zealand an idea country for growing seafood. 3. 2. Bring to a boil. 8. Using a large slotted spoon or tongs, plate eight each Greenshell Mussels into 4 suitable serving bowls. deliver fine selection of quality Mussels with saffron cream sauce recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. Stir the tempered egg yolks slowly into the sauce over low heat. DIRECTIONS: In a heavy pot with a lid heat olive oil. Fishing is a traditional source of economix and cultural wealth for Maori. Serve immediately with a few fennel fronds scattered over the top, accompanied by slices of hot crusty bread and lemon wedges. Add the mussels and close the pot with a tight-fitting lid. Season the sauce with salt and pepper. 1/3 of daily protein needs and almost three times your daily Vitamin 812 needs, Kono Greenshell Mussels are convenient and easy to prepare. 10. Stir frequently until the sauce thickens slightly. Season with salt and pepper. Temper the egg yolks by slowly whisking in 1/2 cup of the hot sauce. Add the cream, saffron and reserved cooking juices from the mussels. Cook until mussels begin to open. Add the garlic and shallots and gently fry over a low heat for 3–4 minutes, or until the shallots have softened. Oh my yummy! Get one of our Mussels with saffron cream sauce recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. Drain mussels well and mix with saffron mayonnaise. Allow saffron to steep for 15 minutes, then strain hot liquid into mayonnaise and mix well. 7. Who says cooking a French meal needs to be a fiddly affair? Other than that, this is a really easy and tasty recipe. 9. Tonight’s supper was FABULOUS! 5. I always think of a mussel dish as being light, but this saffron cream sauce was so decadent and indulgent, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. In a large skillet, saute whole garlic cloves and chopped shallots in olive oil over medium heat until the shallots begin to soften. Heat the olive oil in a pot. The wine I bought was Cesari Chardonnay Delle Venezie at the LCBO and it was for the LOW LOW price of $7.50 for 750ml (I had a bit left over from a previous recipe to top me off). Remove the mussels from the pot and keep warm. Allow the Greenshell Mussels to defrost in a tray with sides, pour off any juices that are left from the defrosted mussels. 9. (Saffron is soluble in water, not fat, so it won't release its color or flavor if added directly to the butter.) Add the mussels and heat through, this will take approximately 2-3 minutes, any longer will over cook the mussels. I’m pretty sure you can keep the mussels in your fridge for a day or two with a damp cloth on top of it (ask your fish expert to be sure though and exactly how to store it!). Add the fennel and continue to cook over a low heat for 4–5 minutes. Whisk egg yolks. Continue to stir and gently cook sauce until lightly thickened, about 1 to 2 minutes. adapted from gourmet 12/06, i made this tonite and loved it. serve this with lots of french bread, and with spoons for the sauce. Add the cream, saffron and reserved cooking juices from the mussels. from EPA and DHA in one serving. Meanwhile, melt butter over medium-high heat in a shallow stockpot. Kono Mussels are the ultimate health food High in protein, low in fat yet providing 680mg of omega-3 Reduce heat and let sauce simmer until reduced slightly, about 10 minutes. Once thawed use Kono Greenshell Mussels immediately, Frozen Kono Greenshell Mussels will retain their quality for up to twelve months if stored at or below 0°F (-18°C), Please refer to product best before date for further detail on the shelf life of individual products, The George HotelChristchurch, New Zealand, Winner of the Best Cookbook in the World at the 2011 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. Do this through a fine strainer if possible to remove any broken shell fragments Reserve the mussel juice. Discard any mussels with cracked shells and that do not close when tapped. If you don’t know what kind to buy, just ask someone at the wine store for a suggestion based on your price range and mention that it is for cooking (you don’t want anything fruity!!). Too bad I don’t drink wine. Allow the saffron to cook out for 10-20 seconds. Stir in the saffron-water mixture followed by the cornflour-water mixture. They are well suited to many types of preparations including saute, frying, baking, steaming, broiling, stewing and grilling, If frozen, Kono Greenshell Mussels can be thawed before cooking or alternatively prepared from frozen, Thawing frozen mussels prior to preparation is recommended for baking, grilling and frying recipe applications. Mussel and King Salmon Haemultong (Korean Spicy Hot Seafood Stew), Mussels in Pajeon (Korean Spring Onion Pancake), Mussel Wraps with Vietnamese Peanut Sauce, Mussel lettuce parcels with Thai style dressing, Mussels with Macadamia, Chive & Citrus Kelp Crust, Mussels with Apple, Radish & Split Pea Salad, Mussels with chilled leek, potato & saffron soup, Mussels in Coconut Milk with Ginger and Cilantro, 32 Kono Greenshell Mussels frozen half shell, 30 gm (1oz) Small brown onion - fine diced, 4 sprigs Lemon thyme (normal thyme also works) - stalks removed leaves only, 12 Cherry Tomatoes (optional - blanched & peeled). Stir the tempered egg yolks slowly into the sauce over low heat. But to be safe, I would suggest same day. This two-course menu is both delicious and simple to prepare. A rich creamy dish inspired with Spanish flavours in mind. 4. Add the Pernod & burn off the alcohol if possible (take extreme care if following this procedure - be aware of any low fixtures, as the flames will rise up quickly), then add the white wine, mussel juice & the saffron.

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