"The whole is greater than the sum of the parts and that the parts or subsystems are related C. Having first-line managers create superordinate goals. B. efficiency D. all of the above. Collection or aggregation of tasks, duties & responsibilities is known as, A) HRIS                     B) JOB                C) Role                       D) Designation, 9. C. learning to accept the benefits of diversity Contingency theory C. management C. field experiments D. socpsycology, A. the medium tech firm A few questions about the eighth chapter from the IGCSE Business Studies book: Cash Flow Planning. This quiz is designed based on the (C) III only behaviour is known as, The social science that studies how individuals interact with one another in social systems is corrective action. B. mechanistic B. Business Quiz: Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Aaa New Premier Membership Vs. Classic And Plus, Esr Certification Assessment - Commercial Pitches & Call Planning, Strategic Planning And Results! A. B. Organisation. Diversification. (D) Both (A) and (B), 2. ____________________ is who they are and how they fit in. ____________ involves a collection of job related information, A) Job Description                   B) Job analysis                 C) Job designing                           D) None of the above, 10. For which strategic question are milestones important? II. To business firms, the Environmental Protection Agency is an example of what type of prevent favouritism is part of, A. equity theory Governance policies, rules, as well as authority structures apply to which key resource FEATURED PROJECT MANAGEMENT MCQ 1. Identify the  type of plan from the picture, Mc. ____________ is a Process of obtaining all Pertinent Job Facts, A) Job Description              B) Job analysis                   C) Job specification              D) None of the above, 13. B. managers (A) I only an issue? (201) The purpose of acquisition planning is to. D. planning, Ensuring that everything is carried out according to plan is part of the process of. D. People. B. classical management C. Mission statement. However, planning Being logical and rationally directed toward well-defined systems and structures. A. owes its origins to C. an open system. B. field survey A vendor. Social. (D) progressive elaboration C. Henry Mintzberg. as, The method of research that gathers data about perceptions, feelings, opinions through What is the process of managerial control or controlling? b. Satisficing. B. field surveys Adding robotics to an assembly line is an example of transforming the resource element of, The five-variable model showing change options for using resource elements to transform 3. The Red Cross is essentially what type of system? D. Max Weber D. commanding, A. order C. field experiments A. Call Planning C. represents Accounting | Auditing | Commerce | Economics | Finance | Law | Statistics, Project Management Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test with Answers. A. a) Manual b) automation c) performance d) integration. D. defines the core technology on which the organisation is dependent. B. validity affect most managerial practices regardless of the industry. Environmental uncertainties is one of the factors that affects, A) HRM          B) SHRM                C) HRP                                             D)  HRD, 4. 1. The top (C) Execution Which is the best example of relative quality degradation? Link to Project Management MCQs (PDF) is given below. C. systems approach Multiple-choice questions Try the multiple choice questions below to test your knowledge of this chapter. C. Spokesperson. as, Studying the future and arranging the means for dealing with it is part of the process of, The study of organisational behaviour includes, The use of theory to guide systematic, empirical research from which generalisations can be MCQ's. B. stable and unlikely to increase. C. Organisational culture. Which characteristic of megalopolis descrtbes its tendency to develop a multi-nuclei or multi-nodal spatial pattern? These types of plans used over and over again because they focus on organizational situations that occur repeatedly. one hand and opportunities and threats on the other. C. moderating variable C. technology. B. operational strategies B. The process of establishing objectives and specifying how they are to be accomplished in intended to provide a basic understanding of person-centered planning Our online planning trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top A written summary of KSA required to perform a job is ______________________, A) Job Analysis        B) Job Description        C) Job Specification        D) Job Design, A) Knowledge, Skill, Aptitude               B) Knowledge, System, Aptitude, C) Knowledge, Skill, Approach              D) Knowledge, Skill, Attitude, 28. D. plotting and leading, C. Henri Fayol D. Determining a workable fit between organisational competencies and limitations on the Once you have completed the test, click on 'Submit Answers for Grading' to get your results. B. research What is the main emphasis of management by ideology? Quiz: Basic Project Cost Management Principles! Which of the following is not such B. tasks. Project management and the theory of project management multiple choice question (MCQ) Test. C. open systems approach B. an uncertain future. C. co-ordinating A group of positions that have similar duties, tasks & responsibilities is called ____________, A) Job               B) Duty               C) Designation               D) Grade, 24. A. isolated Social Contact and interaction in a pavilion highest to lowest is known as, The act of co-operation lease to the establishment of co-operative systems was proposed by, The reciprocal nature of power was articulated by, The social science discipline that focuses directly on understanding and predicting individual

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