Qld Theatre company, Want you to donate $350 for some crappy advert. Picked up and after 5 seconds of silence there was "Goodbye" by female voice and after that they hung up. Answered but no one there, phone disconnected when I tried to call back. Left some garbled voicemail message about a delivery that only exists in some fictional reality.....! Claim it here: j45.me/RlOY1”. I hung up at that point. Voice is robotic message saying my tax file is suspended. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Claiming to be from the tax office and I had x amount of days before legal proceedings were about to be taken out against me...... Spam caller;.. this is one of likely hundreds of numbers called from. "[PayPal] Due to Paypal regulatory requirements, you will now experience limited usage of your Paypal personal account until you confirm your identity at HTTP://Paypal-verification.help/?paypal" When I followed this link on my pc, a red webpage Warning came up that it was a phishing site. Suggest is a phishing scam. Claimed to be from Mastercard in Melbourne. That's definitely a scam. I just said it wasn’t me and to report it to the phishing govt site. Didn't recognise the number, No problem now. Claimed to be IO marketing group selling stock tips. Automated message saying $249.99 will be debited to your account and if you did not make the purchase then to call them back. Scam. Robot message claiming to be from an Australian government organisation. Says I won seven hundred thousand dollars. When I did the call just ended, Called back and said the number was disconnected Probably a scam ‍♂️, My Tax file number has been suspended as it was involved in a major Fraud Case and that I am now involved in a major prosecution. Automated call saying two purchases have been made on my visa credit card. Send strange messages, name of someone who I don’t know (assuming they have the wrong number). Said there was a package waiting to be collected with a suspicious link. Idiots! And to push #1 to find out how not to be arrested. Rang the number and recorded message said not connected and o check the number. Scam saying from Amazon and will deduct money, It's a scam! © 2020 Reverse Australia - We assume no responsibility for the accuracy, integrity, quality, completeness, usefulness or value of anything on this site. Suspicious, Nuisance call with a recorded message about suspended tax file number and legal proceedings. Bloody Nicole from NBN. I called back to see who it was, but the automated voice said this number has not been connected. Phoned our home phone in Brisbane at 6.35pm Queensland time. No message, Another call about tax file and suspension, saying nbn has been tampered with illegal use, Saying my Tax File Number being suspended.........what evs, I returned a call from (07) 5525 1451 but the voicemail didn't mention the company name, I called back the number (03) 7019 8701 but was routed automatically to an ivr, I called back the number (02) 8922 2443 but was routed automatically to an ivr, got a message from this number (03) 9917 3279 who said it was a Marketing Campaign call, Returned a call from (08) 9398 1427 and spoke with someone who told me I called Go Dental Surgery, I called back the number (08) 9244 2881 but the phone just kept ringing. package stopped by out depot.. with link to 'resolve', Text SCAM. SCAM call. Seems like a phishing call. About; 2. Says they are from Services Australia and will get arrested unless I click 1, Called me to say they will cut my internet off immediately probably a scam, Called said you've order something and if you don't pay straight away and then the phone went dead , beep beep beep, Automated message says internet will be cut off from today, Tried calling back - unable to connect "We're sorry your call cannot be completed at this time......". audio quality was really bad very broken up. Silence for a couple of seconds, then they hung up. Nuisance caller. Automated message advising my tax file number was suspended. Started talking straight away after answering call, gave a message that he was coming to arrest me. Left a message saying they have lodged a legal case against me and to press 1 to find out about my case before I am arrested. bmobile.in website is uptodate with latest mobile specification database and expert mobile phone recommendation. I just hung up. Don't interact with her. Call back and get a RVA advising "the mobile phone you are calling is not accepting incoming calls". For best results search with just a family name, giving more specific details only if needed. Recorded message says thank you for purchasing an i-Phone 7 from E-Bay for $399 on a credit card, and to press 1 if it wasn't purchased. Delete and block it if seen. It’ll usually show you a phone number where you can reach that specific location. SCAM: I didn't click the link in the SMS they sent me, claiming my account was overdue. Some kind of market research company. Spam caller, knew my name, then hung up after asking for me.

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