This is a small but incredibly important step on our journey with disability inclusion, a journey intrinsically linked to Microsoft’s mission – “to empower every person and every organization to achieve more.” The word every is significant, it includes the one billion-plus people with disabilities around the world. He apologized publicly and in 2018 told CNET women should advocate for themselves. Have the latest posts sent right to your inbox. Our ambition is to fully represent the population of people with disabilities across the globe, and we take that seriously. For example, at one point they thought providing diversity-related training for employees was enough. Today, we released our annual diversity and inclusion report, including U.S. disability representation for the first time. Among tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Twitter and Facebook, only Google is offering those demographics. More than 80% of the company participated in the survey. Plus, the percentage of women in technical roles is low, and the percentage of underrepresented groups is even lower.  |   Codess and Women Think Next support women in coding and engineering. Codess and Women Think Next support women in coding and engineering. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Disability impacts more of us than you might realize. The tech industry has come under increased scrutiny for its lack of diversity from advocates and in the public eye. Disability inclusion has been a key part of that journey, and none of our progress today would have been possible without the insight of disabled talent. The report also introduces the "Inclusion Index." ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Dev Stahlkopf, May 15, 2019   |   The anti-diversity messages on Microsoft's internal message board come at a difficult time for the company. Put simply, you would not know if a person has a disability or not. McIntyre also talked about looking back over the years and trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. In part, the Inclusion Index is the result of internal surveying, which found that 88% of respondents felt "positive sentiments when it came to factors like authenticity, belonging, and a belief in Microsoft's commitment to diversity." In the years since, progress has inched forward, sometimes by single percentage points from year to year. For everyone on this page, there are hundreds more yet to be told. Major tech firms, including Microsoft, have struggled to hit even 30% of women in those jobs. Also, with the disproportional impact of the pandemic on disability employment being top of mind we are publishing a new disability employment resource center that shares learnings and toolkits to empower and support employers and job seekers alike. Tags: Accessibility, disabilities, diversity and inclusion report, inclusion, Jul 12, 2019   |   Dev Stahlkopf, Dec 11, 2018   |   When companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple started publishing diversity reports around 2014, those reports put data behind what many assumed to be true: The tech industry is mostly white guys. These are small steps on a longer journey of building a culture of disability inclusion and accessibility both in the workplace and in society. As of September 1, 2020, of the 46.1% of US employees who responded to the survey, 13.2% self-identified as having a disability. Microsoft's first full-fledged diversity and inclusion report tells a well-worn story in the world of tech. Our Microsoft Inclusion Index, shared publicly for the first time, reflects that 88% of employees agree that they experience positive aspects of inclusion at Microsoft.

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