You'll then be challenged by Young Link; defeat him. To unlock the Final Destination stage, you must complete all 51 Event Matches. The grey outline is done by having a larger "shell" model with its normals pointed inwards so the inside is seen instead of the outside. This ultimately wasn't implemented in the final version of Melee, but was included in Brawl and later games, with translated voice clips for non-Japanese versions. Starting in SSB4, unlike previous games, only music and voices are available; sound effects and victory themes are not. Pick a character for the 1st player, but don't pick any for the one playing as player 3. A similar shout can also be heard in in Super Smash Bros. After unlocking the Sound Test (portions of this trick can be done before unlocking the Sound Test, however), you can change the music that plays on some of the stages. To unlock the Poké Floats stage, you must play at least 200 matches in VS. mode (without quitting). From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki, This article is about the in-game sound test. In the first Super Smash Bros., one can unlock the Sound Test by completing Break the Targets and Board the Platforms with all 12 characters. When the language is set to "Japanese" this is used as a victory quote. Contains one silent, unused sound effect. Based on the "N" included in the filename, it may have been intended to play when one uses Nayru's Love, since Ai (愛) means love in Japanese. The use of "SUTEMI" indicates that this clip was likely intended for Pikachu's back throw, which bears close resemblance to the real-life judo technique of the same name. Contains sounds used for the trophy dropping cinematic at the end of a single player mode. "Kirifuda" means "Trump Card" in Japanese, so it's possible that this was to be used with final smashes (Saigo no Kiri Fuda in Japanese) when they were being considered. This was likely intended to be its effect here as well. Ultimate: When summoned, it transforms into the fighter that summoned it and fights alongside them. To unlock the Battlefield stage, complete the All-Star 1-P mode for the first time. Mario's signature "Let's-a-go" (when choosing a Star in Super Mario 64) which was pitched up for Luigi in this game. The term "Step" is also used in Brawl to refer to the music used in the Subspace Emissary mode (and for a few cut tracks in the same stead), and the themes used in the Subspace levels are referenced as such in the game's sound test. To unlock the original Yoshi's Island stage from the N64 version of the game, use Yoshi and hit over 1,350 ft. (400m in the JP version) in the Home-Run Contest. Can be accessed through normal sound test as sound #28, but not within the rest of the game. It might have been used when a Bonus Stage was lost, considering the length of the fanfare. Despite the game having files to load a different Ryota Hayami trophy dependent on region (TyWaveRace.dat and TyWvRcUs.dat), both files feature identical trophy models. Notably, the last clip is unique in that Fox actually has specific dialogue for when he wins a match against Falco. Additionally, unlike previous Smash titles, songs in Sound Test cannot be played indefinitely, instead fading out. This can be listened to in the Sound Test, not requiring any debugging. The music section in Super Smash Bros. Mewtwo also has Japanese exclusive victory quotes, based on its appearance in the first Pokémon movie. This will allow to see your score during the match instead of afterwards! Then shoot 2 fully charged shots. which means "I got it!" These textures are also present in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's version of the stage. If you reset again, you'll turn back to Zelda unless you do the trick again. In later games, this clip is used as both one of Captain Falcon's taunts and part of his Final Smash. Mario's signature "Let's-a-go". This glitch allows Link to go abnormally high into the air. This game has unused graphics. Master Hand's moves are done in a different way than any other characters. Sakurai confirmed that there was another Ice Climber stage planned on the Melee website. This option appears in Additional Rules under Custom Rules in VS mode and allows you to exclude stages you don't want to go to when you use the Random stage select option. Move one of the cursor/hands at the "BACK" arrow, top right of the screen. Strangely, it would eventually end up being used in Brawl as the Wii Remote sound effect played when selecting Ganondorf. Used in character selection screens, the results screen, and in Classic Mode to refer to Yoshi. To do this get a total of 5000 KOs. This file still functions as it did for demos if loaded by the game. First, you will need 2 controllers, and one of them must be plugged as Player 3. ", and "Game!" This game has unused playable characters. The Japanese versions of SSB4 and Ultimate include credits for the voice actors of each character in the voice section. To unlock the Kongo Jungle from the N64 version of this game, complete the 15-Minute Melee. Face away from the ledge and throw the Boomerang away from it and upwards, then jump and Hookshot the wall below the ledge (with respect to where you jumped from). Contains narrator clips used for the various single player modes. See the Notes page for the codes. This game has a hidden level select. A demo version of the opening to the special movie. However, only the "Music" and "Voices" for the characters, Assist Trophies and Pokémon are available, despite it being called "Sounds". In the first Super Smash Bros., one can unlock the Sound Test by completing Break the Targets and Board the Platforms with all 12 characters. This only works in the North American and Japanese versions. Not even in the Japanese version of the game is this used. The existence of this animation allows an unusual glitch to be performed in 1.0 releases of the game, where using a jab while under the effects of a Bunny Hood would trigger this otherwise-unused animation, revealing that no hitboxes were coded in for the move. Used in the Versus Mode results screen to announce that the match was quit. It is recommended that you use Final Destination, because Master Hand will not adapt to the other landscapes.

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