MANILA — An official from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) said Friday the rehabilitation of Manila Bay, particularly the beautification of its beach portion where crushed dolomite was dumped, will continue. Various groups have criticized the use of dolomite sand in the bay’s rehabilitation, saying the money for the project should have been allotted instead for the coronavirus pandemic response. DENR Undersecretary Benny Antiporda earlier said the Manila Bay rehabilitation project has a ₱389-million funding, which wasn't spent on the dolomite rocks alone. The Department of Health (DoH) said dolomite, which was used in the restoration of the Manila Bay shoreline, might cause health problems such as respiratory diseases. An artificial beach strip in Manila Bay has environmentalists up in arms. The Department of Health assures the public that "no untoward incidents" will occur as a result to the use of crushed dolomite rocks as "white sand" in the Manila Bay coastline. Top Story: How 8 of the World's Greatest … Scientists from the University of the Philippines (UP) are pushing for the planting of mangroves in the shorelines of Manila Bay rather than overlaying is with crushed dolomite “white sand” to help solve environmental issues in the area.. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources said it would fill Manila Bay’s shore with white sand, which are actually refined dolomite rocks sourced from Cebu province. The rehabilitation project that started two years ago has drawn controversy over its … The use of crushed dolomite sand will not help solve the environmental problems in Manila Bay. He also clarified that the “white sand” is dolomite, a sedimentary rock which, Antiporda said, will not affect Manila Bay’s ecosystem. As the idea of the Filipino nation started on its shores, the City of Manila and the view of its shores Oceana Philippineswarned that since the sand does not naturally occur at the bay, the government could be destroying both the natural ecosystem of Manila Bay as well as the source of the synthetic sand.Marine scientist Diovanie de Jesus said the dolomite could cause hazards to creatures in and around the water. At most, it is a beautification effort that is costly … According to Infrawatch PH, a think tank focused on infrastructure projects, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ (DENR) controversial white sand project along Manila Bay most likely costs P795,000… per meter.The beach is 500 meters long, so the total calculation for the entire project could be a whopping P397,500,000. Scientists warn its dolomite sand could harm people's health and marine wildlife. Environmental Impacts of Dolomite Sand on the Marine Environment of Manila Bay (Understanding the Ecology and Hydrology of Manila Bay) Background Manila Bay is a natural heritage of immense value to culture, science, and the Filipino people.

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