Learning this made me leery of the brew, but I decided to give this organic, supposedly small-batch vodka a shot. And there is darkness. Likewise, the songwriting is typically poetic yet piercing, culminating in vivid imagery (“A bag of tears where love is gone/ The darling days, a siren song”), subtly humorous self-deprecation (“A wife that hates me/ So does her boyfriend”), and everything in-between. We told you here how good it sounded, now long-time fan Ged Babey gives you the full verdict on what will forever-now be a career best. Made of Rain is the Psychedelic Furs’ seventh album since their 1980, self-titled debut and, while the band has shed a few original members since then, brothers Richard and Tim Butler are still front and centre of this post-punk colossus. His nimble phrasing and cockeyed asides are still magical after many decades, and even if the music on Made of Rain isn't always as inspiring, his presence alone makes it worth hearing. I was wondering after almost 30 years what the mysterious music of Made of Rain will sound like. The Verdict: Those gripes are admittedly very subjective and nit-picky, as Made of Rain is, in every way, far better than it has any right to be. After spending nearly two decades as a reliable concert draw playing the old hits to crowds happy to hear them, the Psychedelic Furs decided as the 2010s came to a close that the time was right to record some new music. They have already released three singles off the album and played the opening track, “The Boy That Invented Rock and Roll,” on their most recent tour. The wait is almost over, a brand new album of all new material called Made of Rain is set to be released on July 31, 2020 on Cooking Vinyl Records. It’s like standing on a clifftop with the wind in your hair…   It’s the Furs equivalent perhaps to the Only Ones song Why Don’t You Kill Yourself? The distinctive throaty vocals of Richard Butler, gloomy guitar riffs and wailing sax gives them a trademark sound that you recognize immediately. A full album of songs with this kind of energy and/or feeling would have been a miracle; it's not surprising that it falls a little short. All of his bitterness, negativity and righteous bile is poured into the dramatis personae in his songs. Made of Rain is the Psychedelic Furs’ seventh album since their 1980, self-titled debut and, while the band has shed a few original members since then, brothers Richard and Tim Butler are still front and centre of this post-punk colossus. Save 8% with your AAA car rental discount code. I had to laugh at BBC 6-Music trying to decide on-air whether the Furs were “New Wave, Post-Punk or Goth – deciding they were “all-of the above”. Richard Butler smiles a lot onstage nowadays, put it that way. Joining the main duo this time around are former saxophonist Mars Williams and drummer Paul Garisto, as well as two studio newcomers: keyboardist Amanda Kramer and guitarist Rich Good. It’s been a long time coming and it has been worth every minute of the wait. Many of these songs will grow in potency in a live setting (if we ever get back to that). Made of Rain is not just a ‘return to form’, it is a superb contemporary left-field rock album that people who like the National, Editors, Interpol, the Killers but are looking for something new and better would be well-advised to check out. Well, that wont be happening as live shows and touring have all been pretty much been cancelled. The song builds with scorching sax that’s leads to a climatic ending. A grown-up Furs album, impressionistic and sublime. The Good: Primarily, … I hope Made of Rain gets the recognition it deserves. Don’t Believe Taking its name from a death-themed poem, Made of Rain is a welcome return to the Furs’ classic blend of aggression, tender melody and brooding ambience. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They beat their kids up, somewhere suburban – was the key line. They were enigmatic outsiders, flamboyant dissidents. It’s called Wrong Train and is so old it has an Ashton writing credit – he left the band some years back now. Ronnie James Dio: The Rock Legend Lives on Through Charitable Fund In His Name – VIDEO, Sylvia Borgo: Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit Celebrated Two Years After Death, Copyright © 2020 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes, on Review: Psychedelic Furs Find Their Way Back to the Magic with New Album ‘Made of Rain’. This is a song Tim Butler wrote, which came together in the studio. Nevertheless, it’s a sound which is unmistakably that of the Psychedelic Furs – even if Butler would have been unlikely to sing lines like “Hide the medicine from the kids” during their first go-round, but might rather have encouraged them to dig in. Rain Vodka Review. When the Psychedelic Furs first came to New York they came on stage and the crowd was going crazy and pounding on the metal barrier. The second track – and album highlight – Don’t Believe is one of the most haunting tracks the band have ever committed to tape. An album to wallow and submerge yourself in. Richard Fortus plays violin on the track and  even adds Taeko drums giving it a tribal feel. When Richard Butler was asked how he felt about the making of new music after so long, he said “it was the best, worse, emotional time he could imagine.”  The album was produced by ex- bandmate and former Guns and Roses guitar slinger Richard Fortus. It was originally set to be released on May 1, 2020 but due to the current situation we are facing the band decided to delay the release. This is their masterpiece return. These minor issues aside, Made of Rain is a fine and sometimes inspired comeback. As such, they prove that a vintage band can still produce something so praiseworthy and pertinent that it surpasses the output of many newer stylistic siblings. Or perhaps it was the three-year gap between 1984’s Mirror Moves and 1987’s Midnight To Midnight that curtailed their legacy? More than just a return-to-form, nothing as vulgar as a ‘comeback’, this deserves a wider audience than just loyal Furs fans. the Rise & Fall and Rise Again of the Psychedelic Furs, The Dandy Warhols – Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia Turns Twenty, INTERVIEW : Creation23 – Alan McGee ‘I am still driven by rock and roll’, httpss://www.facebook.com/people/Ged-Babey/597879918, Ezra Furman: Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston – live review (streaming), Alex Maas (Black Angels): interview – “It’s about just letting go and allowing yourself to fall into love”, Haggard Cat to play online live fundraiser. Official Store It’s been many years since then and the Furs are now ready to give us new music for 2020. Deep, dark and enjoyable. People Talk Talk Talked about The Psychedelic Furs ever producing another album. 3 Star Star Star Star Star. A wife who hates me / so does her boyfriend / and i’m never going home again…  It’s a break-up song: Dylanesque and wry but it will still make you cry. For sure, these are some of the catchiest and most ambitious tunes the Furs ever cut. Pre-order Made of Rain here, or pick up the album here. Don’t Believe. Made Of Rain, with its relentlessly gloomy atmospherics and punishing gothic beauty, shows the band haven’t lost a step in all these years, and – unlike many of their contemporaries – they’ve made a few new ones.

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