Shaded areas of the lychee canopy will generally not produce fruit so if you are planting the tree for it's future fruit production you should pay attention to your tree's level of sun exposure. Lychee trees will take at least five years to mature before bearing any fruit. They need lots of water much more than they need lots of fertilizer. Mulch should be mixed with a good organic topsoil when planting lychee trees. My very limited experience with fertilizing lychee tree is different than most...I'm one of those that fertilize my Lychee tree every 4-6 weeks except in the winter. Apply a complete fertilizer with a ratio of 1-2-1 after the first flush of growth hardens in the first year, when the new leaves turn a darker green and the tender shoots turn hard. One day without water in the hot afternoon sun is enough to de-hydrate your tree to the point where it may drop all of it's leaves. And lots and lots of water. Older seeds begin to dry out and die. Lychee trees originated in the rainforests of southern China, where it is not unusual for trees to reach heights up to 100'. A lychee tree will provide some natural organic matter to its soil zone through leaf and occasional branch litter and any fruit drop that occurs. Wind damage can severely impair the development of a small lychee tree and destroy new growth before it has a chance to develop and mature. Lychee Flowers & Fruits. The water should not stand on the soil for long, otherwise the roots will rot and the tree may die. Root burn from over fertilization can happen in the blink of an eye and you will have a dead tree. Subscribe to Garden Tricks YouTube Channel, Propagating Curry Leaves From Stem Cuttings. Discard any seeds that are floating because not good for germination. organic matter content are suitable if sufficient fertilizers are supplied. You can assist your tree by providing an external source of Phosphorus in the form of Phosphorous acid. The lychee seeds lose their viability quickly so fresh seeds should be planted. However, you need to supplement the area above the root zone (slightly out past the drip line of the tree) with mulch and organic composts. The standard size progression of containers goes from 3 to 7 to 15 to 25 gallon. Once lychee trees are of fruit-bearing age they become heavy feeders, but excessive nitrogen will cause vegetative growth and prevent fruiting. The soil mix should consist of equal parts of topsoil, compost and partially decomposed mulch with a visible woody component. Fertilizer program for lychee Fertilizer application amounts for establishing lychee trees Tree age (years) ounces grams 1 1.1 30 2 1.4 40 3 2.1 60 4 2.8 80 Apply the amounts of fertilizer listed above in the months indicated Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec U U U U U U C+ C+ Mounding decreases the area through which lychee roots can grow and spread, it increases the exposed soil surface area that is subject to water loss and it exposes a cross section of the root zone to direct invasion by pathogens, such as fungi, nematodes and root damaging weevil. When your lychee tree(s) become larger the bananas can become a nuisance, by providing too much shade for your lychee(s), but they are easily removed. Mycorrhizal fungi enjoy a symbiotic relationship with lychee trees by feeding off of root exudates and providing the lychee tree(s) with a vastly improved transport system for water and soil nutrients through their extensive network of microtubules (hyphae). Leslie Rose has been a freelance writer publishing with Demand Studios since 2008. When its red skin is peeled, a white translucent firm juicy ball flesh comes out containing a shiny brown seed at its center. of Fish Emulsion and water the fertillize solution after I've watered the tree well or right after a Rain shower . Lychee trees will need at least 5-25 years before bearing any fruits, depending on variety and seed quality, climate, soil and  sun light. Manure is an acceptable component of compost; however; care must be taken to insure that the manure has fully deteriorated. The lychee tree can be propagated from seeds, air layering, stem cuttings and grafting. The lychee fruit is walnut size oval to round in shape, and red in color when fully ripe. University of Florida Extension: Litchi Chinensis, University of Florida: Nutrient Management for Improved Lychee Yields. Following is the method to sprout and germinate and grow lychee from seed. Less is more. This will develop into a growth flush and increase canopy density while the root system is developing. Avoid using artificial fertilizers (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) that will kill many of the essential organisms in the soil ecosystem of your lychee tree. These cute and highly adaptable tree dwelling rodents are a fun addition to any back yard, unless you have fruit trees. They mix and aggregate the soil as they consume organic matter and they increase filtration through burrowing. Add cow manure or compost in the soil to make it nutrients rich. Watering is important when the tree starts to produce flowers, water regularly till it bears fruit. Do not fertilize again until fruit has set for the second harvest of fruit. Stripping off foliage will induce bud break on the terminal branch ends that are stripped or pruned. ", Login with username, password and session length, Looking for the best way to start them off I'm trying a few things 1-0-22 with seaweed and iron added does this sound right for 1 yr old trees??? I think the key to fertilizing Lychee trees is the amount that you use and the type of fertilizer. These trees need not be fertilized at the time of planting, and subsequent applications on young, non-fruit bearing trees are light. NPK fertilizers, if misapplied (which is very easy) can burn your lychee tree(s) roots and cause soil particle aggregation, which, over time, negatively affects water drainage and impedes the microenvironments where essential soil food web organisms thrive. Roots will form in the cut area, allowing the grower to cut off the whole branch and plant it as a small tree. Earthworms stimulate microbial activity in the soil they tunnel through. The larger seeds germinate better than smaller seeds. Place the bag in shade in a warm place (between 75 and 90°F or 24 and 32°C). Earthworm tunneling provides channels for root growth as they bury and shred plant residue pulled from surface material into their burrows. How Ripe Do Bananas Have to Be Before They Are Picked? Use 1 pound of fertilizer for the entire first year. You should apply (inoculate) mycorrhizal fungi to the root systems of your trees at the time of planting. You must expose the tree to cold temperatures for at least 100 hours in the winter to trick the tree, if you want it to bloom and then bear fruit. Use very, very dilute solutions and only very light slow release granules. The lychee tree produce both male and female flowers on the same panicle, so they are self-pollinating, therefore only one tree is needed to get fruit. Also some varieties of lychee are difficult to germinate directly in soil, so paper towel method is good for such seeds. Bananas also provide shade for young lychee trees during the high temperature extremes encountered during sub-tropical summers. Anyway I use half the amount they say to use on the trees     Also have a 20+yr old avocado tree started from seed no avocados thinking of using it as a rootstock and adding 3-4 different types to the stump after I cut it back any advice on multiple varieties on one rootstock? Plant your tree in an area that receives some measure of wind protection. Propagating Lychee . For best results, you should attempt to simulate the soil environment of the natural lychee habitat, which is rich in organic matter, moist with good drainage and free of artificial components like perlite or vermiculite. Continue fertilizing in following years, once after harvesting and once when fruits are pea-sized. I also wanted to mention that I add a few inches of layer of Pine Bark Nuggets/Mulch...this is very important to keep the soil from drying out quickly, helps to keep the soil moist. Fungi convert dead organic material into fungal biomass, carbon dioxide (CO2), and small molecules, such as organic acids.

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