112 , 14138-43, (2015). Stable, but hygroscopic. )acsp �� �-bICC�m4���E�m��Qm cprt � �desc | xwtpt � rTRC �gTRC �bTRC �rXYZ � gXYZ � bXYZ � text Copyright (C) 2007 by Color Solutions, All Rights Reserved. WebElements: THE periodic table on the WWW [www.webelements.com] COVID-19 Status: American Elements is currently in full operations and sales engineers are available for orders. Fluorine is produced by the electrolysis of molten potassium bifluoride. LI-F-02 The present risk assessment study was conducted using a series of inorganic binary fluorides of the type XFn, where X(n) = Na(+), K(+), Li(+), M... Proc. Eyeshields;Faceshields;Gloves;type P2 (EN 143) respirator cartridges. Service Tel: +86-571-87759741, Marketing Tel: +86-571-89739798 skype, Copyright©2010-2020 Guidechem 浙B2-20090288-37. Trace Elem. All rights reserved. Bidentate SO Complexes of Zirconium and Hafnium Difluorides with Highly Activated S-O Bonds. / Substance Name:7789-24-4 Lithium fluorideIdentification number(s):EC number: 232-152-0, Description of first aid measuresGeneral informationImmediately remove any clothing soiled by the product.In case of irregular breathing or respiratory arrest provide artificial respiration.If inhaled:Supply patient with fresh air. 3 0 obj The information in this document is based on the present state of our knowledge and is applicable to the product with regard to appropriate safety precautions. Surface modification of luminescent Ln(III) fluoride core-shell nanoparticles with acetyl salicylic acid (aspirin) - synthesis, spectroscopic and in vitro hemocompatibility studies. 1907/2006 (REACH). COPYRIGHT 1997-2018 AMERICAN ELEMENTS. , LI-F-05 Waste treatment methodsRecommendation Consult official regulations to ensure proper disposal.Uncleaned packagings:Recommendation: Disposal must be made according to official regulations. 2 H315 Causes skin irritation.Eye Irrit. ", Chemical Rubber Company handbook of chemistry and physics, F.A. R��T�a:�8�и�DؙZ�$��4'7��)Mc,���tE��tx While not a normal route of preparation because of the expense, lithium metal reacts vigorously with all the halogens to form lithium halides. ... Melting Point 848 °C (6) Lithium was discovered by Johann Arvedson in 1817 and first isolated by William Thomas Brande in 1821. Continue rinsing.P405 Store locked up.P501 Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional/national/international regulations.WHMIS classificationD1A - Very toxic material causing immediate and serious toxic effectsD2B - Toxic material causing other toxic effectsClassification systemHMIS ratings (scale 0-4)(Hazardous Materials Identification System)HEALTHFIREREACTIVITY20 1Health (acute effects) = 2Flammability = 0Physical Hazard = 1Other hazardsResults of PBT and vPvB assessmentPBT: N/AvPvB: N/A, SubstancesCAS No. Information on basic physical and chemical propertiesAppearance:Form: Various forms (powder/flake/crystalline/beads, etc. Ionic compounds have high melting and boiling points, so they are in the solid state at room temperature. For full table with Density, Liquid Denity at Melting Point and Water Solubility-rotate the screen! The table shows element percentages for LiF (lithium fluoride). Beijing Yuji Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency proceduresUse personal protective equipment. Fluorolithium, Lithium fluorure, Lithium monofluoride. Histidinium-Driven Chirality Control of Self-Assembled Hybrid Molybdenum Oxyfluorides. Copyright 1993-2020 Mark Winter [ The University of Sheffield and WebElements Ltd, UK]. In its elemental form, CAS 7782-41-4, fluorine gas has a pale yellow appearance. )Color: WhiteOdor: OdorlessOdor threshold: No data available.pH: N/AMelting point/Melting range: 845 °C (1553 °F)Boiling point/Boiling range: 1680 °C (3056 °F)Sublimation temperature / start: No data availableFlammability (solid, gas) No data available.Ignition temperature: No data availableDecomposition temperature: No data availableAutoignition: No data available.Danger of explosion: No data available.Explosion limits:Lower: No data availableUpper: No data availableVapor pressure: N/ADensity at 20 °C (68 °F): 2.635 g/cm3 (21.989 lbs/gal)Relative density No data available.Vapor density N/AEvaporation rate N/ASolubility in / Miscibility withWater at 20 °C (68 °F): 1.3 g/lPartition coefficient (n-octanol/water): No data available.Viscosity:Dynamic: N/AKinematic: N/AOther information No data available, Reactivity No data availableChemical stability Stable under recommended storage conditions.Thermal decomposition / conditions to be avoided: Decomposition will not occur if used and stored according to specifications.Possibility of hazardous reactions Reacts with strong oxidizing agentsConditions to avoid No data availableIncompatible materials: Oxidizing agentsHazardous decomposition products:Hydrogen fluorideLithium oxide.

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