I suggest going down to 11 inches to make for more wiggle room. My stacks were irregular in number of shelves, but consistently 3 feet long. Patrons and staff should be able to keep the collections useable by leaving enough room for shifting or display. Then calculate the average for DVDs, audio books, paperbacks, etc. This wiki is not run by any commercial entity and does not represent any commercial interests. If you have materials that would be helpful to other librarians, add them to the wiki. This also depends on the spacing between shelves. T ulalip Resort Casino, located about an hour north of Seattle, is the largest and most distinctive meeting, gaming, dining, and entertainment destination in Washington State. Close. See more ideas about Shelving, Library shelves, Library. Services for Health Information Consumers, Resources for Library & Information Technology students, Online Library Card Registration and e-Card Services, http://www.libsuccess.org/index.php?title=Library_Success:_A_Best_Practices_Wiki&oldid=17800, About Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki, ACRL IS 'Sponsors of Continuing Education Programs for Library Instruction, InfoCamp - Seattle, WA, October 10-11, 2009, One Big Library - Toronto, ON, June 27, 2008, Information Literacy from Birth to Earth: An Unconference http://2011tlaunconference.wiki.zoho.com/HomePage.html Texas Library Association, April 2, 2011, PLA 2012 Unconference Philadelphia, March 16, 2012, The Unconference: Community College Library Issues - Santa Barbara City College, May 5, 2012. Once upon a time, Holly mentioned that I had a special formula for determining shelving capacity. (For my project I did not count the oversized books since we didn’t have very many. For example, if every stack has six shelves and every row consists of six stacks, 6 x 6 = 36 shelves. I apologize in advance if this doesn’t live up to the hype. For those wishing to use content in the wiki, the wiki itself (and all the content contained herein) is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons License. ��F��X�r�'�����W'M/�����lн1�w�w�{����}����Fv��N����>#�)B�|�Bw�����?�y����'ًNv��W�]����OH��߼z:|0g|�k� ��������P�'���H=}�k����z��|�����%���]�c��㓮��u���? aj_server = 'http://litbreaker.nui.media/pipeline/'; aj_tagver = '1.0'; Reflections: Shelving Best Practice Suggestions As part of this study, consideration was given to the incorporation of best practices gleaned through a survey of sister ACA libraries and a review of two . I knew I subscribed to this blog for a reason! �6�`,d�zɎ�t ��(�%�c����M��G��Ր2m���PƢ���K%U�,�f�1�g��(&* C[ �j�]��Gf�.���lUn�#g�M��a�4o�OY�������vi���tB�4 �it�3�g�ϯ[xYZ�e��C��'�E�KE n�g�1�Ӵ You can also add new pages off of the pages in each category (subpages). Anyone who wants to add to or edit topics on the wiki can do it. Posted by 6 years ago. There is also an RSS Feed for the Recent Changes page. Mobile Library Services for people remote from main library. Others are still under consideration. i�7p:�j�N�U?���tD-T�ήq���D�{�٫Z�D�����?� �P��f��{���mԸ��rC}*\E�hH�b�6�r�%þ�ۆ�`"�[�Yt&�)P�C)Egq��l^m\���9g{��Ix{��C-A�ޏ����޿�*�б�Gf@��T��>�)���!�ƶ�E�@z�V&��K+b�Sڞ� o�2�Qq There are lots of great blogs out there sharing information about the profession, but there is no one place where all of this information is collected and organized. Trying to make one average of all the books in all the sections of the library would be pointless, so calculate specific averages for each shelving range, collection, or item type – whatever works best in your particular setup. The reality is that I had little scraps of paper with a few notes and a half-baked spreadsheet estimating the linear feet of available shelving in my library. You can easily add a new page by putting the title of the new page inside double brackets on the front page (you can see the formatting when you go to edit this page). I decided to use an estimate for each item type or each collection. The point is to get a pretty good estimate. Create a spreadsheet with each section getting its own line. << /Length 1 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> It was time to get down and dirty and determine maximum capacity for each shelf and thereby the entire library. Obviously, a picture book takes up less space on a shelf than a big fat novel or reference book. aj_pv = true; aj_click = ''; Mary’s Swedish Death Cleaning Project 2020, Collection Management and Interlibrary Loan, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nDQSpu5-zI68tn5ilGp9-zm-zt4rMY8ADpsOweKfFYA/edit#heading=h.yauqhfwoevf. This page was last modified on 26 October 2015, at 16:35. I was only trying ballpark a number for planning purposes, as well as for future building projects. x��]َɕ}�_��&v:�e���m�0~.��T���vQ���'IfF$��!#ɤ From here on in, we will have to delete any new vendor/software recommendations that do not have the author identified. Not seeing the stuff you added? Please visit the Wikipedia Style Guide for instructions on how to format text in the wiki. Depending on their height, your stacks might have between 3-8 shelves per stack. I hope this wiki will be a venue where people can share ideas with one another, and where librarians can learn to replicate the successes of other libraries. In order to make my case for more aggressive weeding, I felt we should talk about the maximum capacity of physical items for our library. I have included a portion of my spreadsheet so you can see how it works. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nDQSpu5-zI68tn5ilGp9-zm-zt4rMY8ADpsOweKfFYA/edit#heading=h.yauqhfwoevf. I’d love to hear more about his formula, can you shoot me some details? aj_zone = 'litbreaker'; aj_adspot = '519007'; aj_page = '0'; aj_dim ='518325'; aj_ch = ''; aj_ct = ''; aj_kw = ''; If the stacks have a consistent number of shelves, you can simply multiply stacks by shelves to come up with your number. For my purposes, I used about a ¼ inch as an average width for a picture book and 1 inch for the average fiction/nonfiction book. In addition, current rules for preferred titles conflict with past LC poli cies for using games as subject headings, and Online Audiovisual Catalogers, Inc. (OLAC) will be working with LC to harmonize these practices.

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