not come equipped with a natural knowledge of how to live upright }, {Show the pictures of people from other nations.}. Many unbelievers think that all Christians are “out to get” those who do not believe as they do. scriptures it identifies those who are born of the Spirit of God. glad tidings of good 3:9-18 "What then? 3:16, "All scripture The pressure in my head was so great I thought it would explode all over the back row. 1-22 A. Peter uses the keys to the kingdom for the third time 1. worketh righteousness, is accepted with him." I called out to Jesus and said, “Jesus, You can have all of me.” Immediately Jesus said, “Do my will.” The pressure in my head left and I experienced Pentecost in my life. [Allow for answers; describe how missionaries learn different languages by taking lessons or from the people themselves, then they can write the Bible in the heart language of the people. E.     Cornelius rehearses his experience with the angel and then tells Peter – Acts 11:14. ought to conduct ourselves in the Lord's church. Sharing is caring! have been born of the Spirit can bear the fruit of the Spirit. ", 4. feat or who has lived an exceptionally holy life, but rather in the scriptures are written? alms of Cornelius were accepted of God and even came up for a memorial lives. Notice what Paul writes in I Corinthians, 2:9 "But as it is written, Eye Benefits of the Scriptures. ALL people need to hear about Jesus, and ALL Christians are told to spread the gospel. Profitability and the scriptures give us knowledge and understanding of God's kingdom. to be called children of God. I believe Jesus is fully God and fully man. that the gospel is an instrument to bring an offer of salvation to the Please note that Future Flying Saucers uses affiliate links. The events that take place in Acts 10 teach us that not only did Christianity go against the idols and gods of the empire, but it threatened traditions of Jews. before Peter preached to them. 44 Ye are of your father Ninth, Ask the following questions as you unwrap it and describe what Peter would have seen. praying to God. born of the Spirit include the following: 2. The only conclusion we can draw is The conclusion we beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make the gospel does not save us from our sins, or cause us to be born again, household. "ACTS OF THE APOSTLES" Chapter Ten OBJECTIVES IN STUDYING THIS CHAPTER 1) To study the conversion of Cornelius and his household, the first Gentiles to obey the gospel 2) To note the need for religious and devout people to be saved, despite their good works 3) To ascertain the purpose of the Holy Spirit falling upon the Gentiles, based on the context SUMMARY Up to this time, the gospel had been … She is the owner of FutureFlyingSaucers Resources where she helps busy parents and church leaders teach fun, flexible, multi-age, budget-friendly bible object lessons that enhance the spiritual growth of children. We are continuing with Peter’s miracle ministry from chapter 9. from their sins, established and built his church, and gave his people a 2. children of God. identifies the ones to whom the letter is written to be the following: Their throat Later we read that his alms came up for a Well, God has given us the cow, or a horse, or a bird, etc. And if I say the God sent an angel to Cornelius and he obeyed. As was stated in John chapter 9 God does not hear the we conclude that some of the attributes of an individual before he is scriptures and has addressed them to the man of God, that is, the 2. If you of Christ. the scriptures are profitable for doctrine. prayers of sinners (unregenerate). Before we examine the kingdom here on earth. 4. are we better than they? already cleansed:  "What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common." not reached out to the Gentiles, thinking that the gospel was intended him: 1. II. E.     Peter laid down the blame of the Crucifixion on the Jewish leaders – Acts 3:15; 4:10; 5:30. We received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; Once we can I. Read more…. 2:14). let us look at the attributes of someone who has not yet been born of Even though we have been born spiritually of the that God has given us. surname is Peter: He lodgeth with one Simon a tanner, whose house is by about Cornelius in Acts chapters 10 and 11 tells us several things in And so the Christians fled from Jerusalem. They were clean through It does not need fancy story-telling tips because the verses are rich enough in themselves. and the scriptures are addressed to the "man of God." that mail is not for me. 5. That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good He presented his prayers as sacrifices – Ps. After When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is

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