See the gallery above for specific date ranges for each fruit and vegetable, from asparagus to tomatoes. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. We're here to help. Central Jersey residents don’t even realize how blessed they are. =). Thanks for stopping by. During the cold blustery days of winter, when longing for the juicy tomatoes of summer, home gardeners think about what selections to grow. We got these at Matt’s in Belmar. Thanks for a great read! I found it! It's tomato season right now in New Jersey yum yum yum but it will all be over in a few weeks with a long winter to come:-) Thanks for reading and commenting. Eileen’s photo in her kitchen. HEE HEE HEE. 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I love it! Almost all the tomatoes were gone because they were so delicious. But as late as 1900 the tomato was still considered poisonous. Great Hub! Rutgers has classic Jersey tomato seeds, home gardening information and diagnostic services to get the season started. Change ), Ocean Grove’s Quaker Inn. May: Asparagus, spinach, peas and lettuce. Bernie Pollack (left) with the president of the Vegetable Growers Association of New Jersey in 1968 with the pile of mail orders for Ramapo tomato seeds. The Ramapo was a hit. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Find Entertainment on Facebook. A Product of the SEBS and NJAES Office of Communications and Marketing, March 26, 2018 by Office of Communications, Share the post "What’s in Season from the Garden State: Jersey Tomato Throwback – Ramapo Tomato – 50 Years as a Home Gardeners’ Favorite". Tracy from San Francisco on August 22, 2010: Robie, I loved this hub ~ and your terrific sense of humor! L. esculentum var. If you drop by the Garden State next year I'll make you a salad:-). The classic old time Jersey Tomatoes were a portfolio of varieties that did well under New Jersey’s climatic conditions in a different range of soils and ripening at different times of the season. Two popular Jersey tomato varieties, ‘Rutgers’ and ‘Ramapo’ and tomatoes … Yeah--tomatoes, like potatoes evidently originated with our neighbors to the south. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Seed companies were replacing old time varieties with newer varieties, some that would hold up to commercial shipping standards and were firmer. See the gallery above for specific date ranges for each fruit and vegetable, from asparagus to tomatoes. Roberta Kyle (author) from Central New Jersey on August 22, 2010: well hi Tracy-- glad you liked the hub and California wins the prize for so many wonderful fruits and veggies I imagine the tomatoes are pretty wonderful too. Contact with questions. Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. Nothing is any more satisfying to eat than homegrown tomatoes and I wish I could taste those grown in Jersey...they sound delicious. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). uly and August is when the Jersey tomato is plentiful. ( Log Out /  It's also their loss because they just don't know what they're missing!!!!!!! ajcor from NSW. I agree with you about home grown tomatoes and I love tomato soup too--ditto sliced tomatoes on sandwiches and in salads with fresh basil--yum. YUMMMMMM! And the Jersey tomato reigned supreme. Wish I could have seen yur show with the kids dressed up as tomatoes and I'm glad the hub brought a smile to your face. It is suggested that certain famines during this century forced people to try this plant, because by the middle of the century the tomato was much more popular. Each of these varieties has been resurrected by Rutgers to maintain the availability of tomato varieties that were once grown by Jersey tomato growers, and to support Rutgers current breeding efforts of producing commercial varieties for farmers that not only produce well, but taste good too. New Jersey Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables. Roberta Kyle (author) from Central New Jersey on September 02, 2008: ajcor from NSW. That year, after eight long years of breeding a hardy tomato and testing it on New Jersey farms, Bernard Pollack, a vegetable breeder at Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES), released the Ramapo tomato. Being a Jersey girl myself, I am in total accord with you about everything you said about Jersey tomatoes. RUCAFE, IFNH's new Rutgers University Center for Agricultural Food Ecosystems, is an innovative and creative space where science, technology, culture and art come together to develop sustainable solutions to complex food system challenges. Blogfinger photo. The American Indians used the name "tomatl.". The chicken thighs and wings were prepared with a dry rub and then finished with Wegmans’ Organic Sweet Chili sauce. I would put them against any tomatoe. See what else grows in New Jersey below. However; after reading this article, I'm actually honored and realize that I am sooooooo fabulous. Good to see you. In the meantime try playing the killer tomato game I linked to. Home grown tomatoes mid winter - and not in a glass house! :) Now I can't wait for summer. They also had wonderful pear and apple trees, and it was my job to pick all the fruit that had fallen to the ground, so she could make her absolutely delectable pies. m_gallery_json = ""; Thank God I can rise above this with a chuckle! Every one knows its a fruit... so what on earth are they doing... its so comical! Blogfinger photograph. m_gallery = "nj_produce_calendar_when_fruits_and_vegetables_are_in_season"; Zsuzsy Bee from Ontario/Canada on April 08, 2008: We could start a great debate here. Fill the night with song…    Music, family and good food—-a fine recipe for a family gathering: And here is FRANK SINATRA regarding a tomato he found in Italy: Posted in Blogfinger Presents, Eileen's Recipes | Tagged Caprese salad, Eileen's Caprese salad | 1 Comment. Especially New Jerseyans. This brings to mind my dear grandmother's garden. All the tomatoes in The Jersey Tomato Co. products are from Swedesboro and Vineland, New Jersey. By 1779 it was used in catsup in New Orleans. It’s not quite clear what makes these tomatoes grown in New Jersey so amazing, but they just are. In fact the Aztec name was Tomatle from which we get tomato. We had family over for a chicken dinner last night, but the stars of the show were the Jersey tomatoes done up by Eileen who prepared her Caprese (Capri style) salad with slices of tomato alternating with sliced fresh mozzarella; See the actual recipe below. It's a hoot. See the Tomato Availability page to learn more about where to find Rutgers tomato seeds and plants. 10/31/20. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! All rights reserved (About Us). The seed production and distribution was taken over by commercial seed companies and the Ramapo gained its place as a home gardeners’ favorite. It is not the same. I grew up with an Italian Grandmother who grew tomatoes in her back yard (in NY), so they must be similar to the Jersey variety. Jersey tomatoes and sweet corn are famously good. They're pretty good in the summer in parts of California, but they don't come with quite the same musical score! I'm gonna add it to the hub. (PG) and I discovered in high school. By September, the season is pretty much over … Go out now and buy some. LOL   I always said it was that song we choreographed. If you would like to receive updates from the Rediscover the Jersey Tomato program, subscribe to our email list. In addition we served fresh white Jersey corn and fresh green beans. We are planting a vegetable garden this year, and I plan to try several kinds of tomatoes---never have a jersey tomato, but Indiana and Michigan tomatoes are none to shabby!

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