Guiteau fired again, and Garfield collapsed. [47] The next morning, his vital signs were good and doctors began to hope for recovery. Fans blew air over a large box of ice and into the President's sickroom, and the device worked well enough to lower the temperature 20 degrees (Fahrenheit). [43] Garfield was unaffiliated with either faction, but Blaine had given his support to Garfield once it became clear that Blaine could not win the presidential nomination. Hospitals now have strict protocols in place to ensure all medical personnel and their instruments are completely sanitized before performing any procedures on patients. [4] Guiteau decided he was a Stalwart and a Grant supporter, and authored a speech called "Grant against Hancock". [73] He sang "John Brown's Body" to the court. The site is now occupied by the West Building of the National Gallery of Art. By September, a massive infectionmost likely caused by his medical treatmenthad left Garfield with a persistent fever and abscesses over his entire body. Charles Guiteau turned to politics after failing in several ventures, including theology, a law practice, bill collecting, and spending time in the utopian Oneida Community. It was an act of God, resulting from a political necessity for which he was responsible." [84] Arthur lost the Republican Party nomination in 1884 to Blaine, who went on to lose a close election to Democrat Grover Cleveland. [49][50] His condition fluctuated; fevers came and went, he struggled to keep down solid food, and he spent most of the summer eating only liquids. He was unsuccessful, partly because Garfield's metal bed frame made the instrument malfunction, and partly because self-appointed chief physician Doctor Willard Bliss allowed Bell to use the device only on Garfield's right side, where Bliss insisted the bullet had lodged. [51], Navy engineers rigged up an air cooler in an effort to relieve him from the heat of a Washington summer. [80] Guiteau's bones and more of his brain, along with Garfield's backbone and a few ribs, are kept at the National Museum of Health and Medicine,[81] at the Army's Forest Glen Annex in Silver Spring, Maryland. Guiteau's trial was one of the first high-profile cases in the United States where the insanity defense was considered. He was dismayed when the jury was unconvinced of his divine inspiration, convicting him of the murder. 1837 S East Bay Blvd, Suite 201 "[41] This statement briefly led to unfounded suspicions that either Arthur or his supporters had put Guiteau up to the crime. Kearney apprehended Guiteau and was so excited at having arrested the man who had shot Garfield that he neglected to take his gun from him until after they arrived at the police station. [74] He dictated an autobiography to the New York Herald, ending it with a personal ad for a nice Christian lady under 30. [26] He wrote a letter to Garfield, saying that he should fire Blaine or "you and the Republican party will come to grief". On July 2, 1881, at 9:20 a.m., James A. Garfield was shot in the back as he walked with Secretary of State Blaine in Washington's Baltimore and Potomac train station. Arthur was inaugurated early in the morning on September 20, and he took the presidential oath of office from John R. Brady, a New York Supreme Court judge. [79] He requested an orchestra to play as he sang the poem; it was denied. [5] Grant lost the nomination to dark horse candidate James Garfield, who was not affiliated with either the Stalwarts or their rivals the Half-Breeds. James Abram Garfield, né le 19 novembre 1831 à Orange (Ohio) et mort assassiné le 19 septembre 1881 à Elberon (New Jersey), est un homme d'État américain, 20 e président des États-Unis. Garfield, like many other presidents, often preferred to interact directly with the public, and although some form of security was almost certainly in place, a comprehensive security detail had not been seriously considered by either Congress or the president up to that point. During the 79 days between his shooting and death, Garfield's only official act was to sign a request for the extradition of a forger who had escaped and was apprehended after he fled to Canada. [15] In addition, he spent time shuffling back and forth between the State Department and the White House and approaching various Cabinet members and prominent Republicans to press his claim, all without success. [62] New infections set in, as well as spasms of angina. [19] Now his mania took a violent turn, and he decided that he had been commanded by a higher power to kill the President. [40] Kearney demanded, "In God's name, man, what did you shoot the president for?" [6] Guiteau then revised his speech to "Garfield against Hancock", and tried to sign on as a campaigner for the Republican ticket. ", "Unveiling of President Garfield Assassination Waysides", "This Is the Brain that Shot President James Garfield", James A. Garfield On Prospect of Being Assassinated: Original Letters and Manuscripts, New York Times article reprinting indictment, New York Times article on shooting at time of shooting, "American Experience | Insanity on Trial", List of presidential assassination attempts and plots,, Articles with dead external links from October 2016, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 1 (Garfield; died on September 19, 1881 as a result of infection), Retribution for perceived failure to reward campaign support, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 09:01.

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