Students brainstorm in small groups what their project... Students participate in a community service project. Below is a collection of free printable worksheets covering Italian grammar and vocabulary. They then illustrate and record their own daily routines in storyboard (film... Students practice using their target language by writing a news article. Page has a link to additional resources. Learners watch a video, read a short interview, interview their classmates, learn the names of various sports, practice some specific grammatical tasks, and more. Exercise Italian Personal Subject Pronouns. In this object pronouns practice worksheet, students fill in the graphic organizer with the object pronoun that matches each of the 7 subject pronouns, write sentences using the 7 object pronouns, and correct 7 dialogue sentences. Students write newspaper articles in groups to form a class newspaper. Worksheet is labeled as a quiz, but may be used for practice. In this advice, encourage, discourage lesson, students ask questions to determine the best fitness schedule for a person. Teach your class how to talk about sports in Italian! In this ESL verb forms worksheet, students read a story about John and his girlfriend. In this presenting lesson plan, students share their newspaper creations with peers and receive feedback. In this ESL progress test, students complete a 3 part assessment of basic grammar and sentence writing. Italian Grammar Practice is a collection of 45 worksheets which cover all the essential points of Italian grammar. They talk about the food that they like and dislike and describe why. Using this activity on nouns and adjectives, learners can solidify their knowledge of grammar. For this dates lesson plan, students share these dates in small groups and use the calendar if needed in their language. Students create a bulletin board using... Students create a map of their community. The teacher collects several items around the room, and learners... Students edit written work about a fashion show. In this grammar quiz activity, students read 10 sentences and identify all of the nouns by circling them and all of the adjectives by underlining them. In this ideal mate writing lesson plan, students listen and then help the teacher describe the characteristics of an ideal mate. There are 8 sentences on this worksheet to fill in the missing word. In this grammar worksheet, students read a dialogue between two customers and a waiter in a restaurant. In this language skills activity, students read an article about Valentine's Day. Students practice using their target language vocabulary by completing a crossword puzzle. Students practice using clothing related vocabulary in a class game. Students work together as a newspaper group each... Students write a pen pal letter to narrate a special event in the life of a young person in the TL culture. In this historical arts instructional activity, students present their family shield to their classmates and are graded... Learners write a newspaper article related to a sports event. and i.e. This 14 question activity has learners put words in columns based on whether it is an adjective, noun used as an adjective or a noun. Students create a chart and... For this reading comprehension and vocabulary worksheet, students read a text about the history of National Ice Cream Day. In this foreign language lesson, students utilize their target language vocabulary to answer Jeopardy style questions they prepared the day before. They work in groups to... Students utilize a new language to tell someone they care for them. Types of PDF worksheets. worksheet, students read definitions and examples of both words, then interactively answer 3 multiple choice questions with immediate online feedback. This online, interactive worksheet has 15 multiple choice questions. Students discuss popular movies and television shows from different... Students create a rough draft for a time capsule project. Students... Use pictures and manipulatives to develop vocabulary with your beginning language learners. In this journalism lesson, students read a newspaper from a target language and discover the vocabulary associated with the news. The worksheet is intended to be used with English language learners. They fill in the fourteen blanks with either "some" or "any." Discover how to use prefixes and suffixes to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words. Learners write about their ideal mate and share with a partner.... Young scholars discover alternative medicines from around the globe. They work in pairs practicing giving directions to each other. Students complete three activities for subject and object pronouns. Students complete several exercises that help them learn comma usage and finish with a review and assess of comma skills. In this verb form worksheet, students fill in ten blanks in a passage with the correct form of the verbs provided. Students categorize the words in a chart under the headings: nouns, adjectives, nouns used as adjectives. In this communication lesson, students share filmstrips that lack sound and determine the genre of the segments. Students examine the experiences of Japanese-Americans at the beginning of World War II in America. Worksheet is labeled as a quiz, but may be used for practice also. For this foreign language lesson, students celebrate a classmate's birth using their target language to host a party. This lesson plan is part of a unit: "In the News". In this online interactive English worksheet, students respond to 36 multiple choice and fill in the blank questions about interrogatives. In this home lesson, students listen to a diary entry written by an exchange student. In this using "ed" instructional activity, students complete a set of 10 sentences using the simple present or simple past tense of give verbs. They correct 8 sentences by putting the words in order. In this likes and dislikes lesson plan, after reading the texts, students sort these people according to their interests. In this vocabulary skills activity, students examine 8 sentences and fill in the blank in each of the sentences with "other, the other, or another.". In this ELL lesson, students look at grocery store ads and menus to find new vocabulary words for food. Score can be checked online. For this literacy and communications lesson, students brainstorm food, activity, and guest  ideas for a monthly classroom celebration of student birthdays. In this cleaning habits lesson, students discuss and identify important cleaning items such as a brush, shower gel, cologne, etc. In this newspaper lesson plan, students share their work with another group who critiques it. A series of worksheets follow that include matching, filling in blanks, and unscrambling word spellings. They ask and answer questions and write about a celebrity. In this foreign language lesson plan, students practice using vocabulary words from a target language to speak about birthdays and culture related to a specific student.... Students celebrate a fellow peer in class by having a party for him or her.

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