You can also subscribe without commenting. Because the tea tree was obtained by the dream Guanyin gave, the tea farmer named it “Tieguanyin”. Watching carefully, he could see that the tea leaves are oval, tender, and plump. Talking about the benefits of Iron Goddess of Mercy which is many to tell, the Guanyin goddess of mercy has a houseful of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and a huge list of good elements to it. Taste and steep longer if a stronger flavor is your preference. 5g of Tieguanyin tea leaves need 100-150ml of water. It also contains a variety of nutritional and medicinal ingredients. If the gums bleed when brushing, you can drink more Tieguanyin tea. In a study conducted in Taiwan in 2002, researchers found that habitual tea drinkers who are 30 years old and above and who have consumed oolong tea for 10 years or more have higher bone mineral density than non-habitual tea drinkers. Some also call it the “Iron Buddha tea”. The tea tree shoot grew into a tea bush with excellent tea leaves. One day, Wei Yin had a dream in which he found a beautiful tea tree shoot between two rocks in a forest. Promoting digestion and reducing the greasy sense. He was very happy to digged it back and planted it in a small iron pot, and cultivated it carefully. Tieguanyin tea can replace alcohol disinfection and sterilization, which is a long-standing prescription in the ancient countryside. When you eat certain food, your body converts the food into heat and energy through a process called diet-induced thermogenesis. Tie or Ti means Iron, while Guanyin or Kuan Yin means Avalokitesvara, the Goddess of Mercy. Therefore, it’s also known as the Iron Goddess of Mercy tea. Iron Goddess is our traditional-style Chinese oolong. In Chinese and Japanese cultures, people make themselves a cup of oolong tea after meal. Classed as a clear and fragrant Tieguanyin, the leaves were fired... A traditional style Tieguanyin oolong – medium oxidized made with large rolled leaves that will open to offer a tasty and almost spicy flavor. Every morning and evening, he must offer a cup of tea in front of the Buddha of Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy), which lasted for decades without interruption. Iron Goddess of Mercy is synonymous with Ti Kwan Yin (which is also the name of the cultivar). Really love this tea. However, it doesn’t contain a large amount of caffeine that could shock your system and make you feel jittery. When they eat too much or after they consume oily food, they drink a cup of hot oolong tea to help them with digestion. According to the degree of fermentation and production technology, Tieguanyin tea can be roughly classified into fragrant, strong fragrant, mellow fragrant, and charcoal-baked Tieguanyin tea. “Tieguanyin” is not only the name of the tea, but also the name of the variety of the tea tree. Please tell me all benefits and losses to use this tea. Fresh, light aromas, stone fruit & peachy taste. Does Decaf Green Tea Have the Same Benefits as Regular Green Tea? Charcoal-baked Tieguanyin tea: it is made from fragrant Tieguanyin tea by baking with charcoal. Then increase 10-15 seconds for each subsequent brewing. 6 Health Benefits of Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess of Mercy), Some Jasmine Tea Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss. The experimental group received L-theanine, while the placebo group received a placebo. Tieguanyin tea has a unique “Guanyin Flavor” (or Guanyin Yun). I saw that someone else's review complained this to be overpowering, but as with many oolong teas, over brewing can ruin the flavor. The name Tie Guan Yin is often incorrectly translated as "Goddess of Mercy", yet the name is now generally accepted to describe an oolong varietal offering an intense aroma, some fruitiness and a depth of flavor.Lot Notes It is medium-oxidized, with leaf colors primarily of brown tones with a light mix of green-side leaf.

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