Maintenance cost is also optimized by enabling condition based maintenance ensuring pro-active maintenance. The information and alarm management solutions from ABB includes: A secure and reliable IT Infrastructure is the foundation for integrated operations. > Remote Commissioning The ABB Performance and Solutions group can carry out this diagnosis and recommend an implementation plan to realize improvement opportunities for any automated process. More information please click here, ABB expands Collaborative Operations for the oil, gas and chemicals industries, ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operation: Transforming operations at every level. Oscillating control loops can be mitigated by proper diagnosis of control loops. The centers are typically centralized onshore, but providing users with a feeling of being placed in an offshore situation through visual, audio and data presentation. > Maintenance  > Remote Engineering Maintenance on tuning parameters and alarm management can be done remotely. The IPL has covered fields within Operational planning, Work surfaces, Logistical planning and... Drilling accidents are often due to organizational problems or a lack of collective learning. > Reporting ABB's website uses cookies. Please click here to read more about the IO Center, how we are organized and who contributes to our research. Learn more, Sign up for a myABB account to access some of our online services. > Production planning Press + key to zoom in. Furthermore, a continuous maintenance service is offered to help sustain the high process control performance level. Description. > Remote Training, > Plant/Process Control More information please click here. This will reduce operation costs. > Business planning This can be used to identify improvement potential and distinguish between tuning issues and physical hardware issues. ABB can deliver traditional wired solutions, but is also a large provider of wireless products and solutions for the industrial and process automation sector. Integrated Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry: Sustainability and Capability Development covers the capability approach to integrated operations that documents research and development in the oil … In the Petroleum industry, Integrated operations (IO) refers to the integration of people, disciplines, organizations, work processes and information and communication technology to make smarter decisions. Improved HMI in the control room will result in more alert, less stressed and healthier operators. > Remote Assistance Learn more, Sign up for a myABB account to access some of our online services. > Real Time Historian, > Application Programming/Maintenance > Easy access & mobilization of ABB specialists An Integrated Operation Center is an extension of the traditional control room and is designed for optimal cross discipline collaboration across the organization as well as cooperation in and between control rooms. Implementing an integrated, centralized, predictive maintenance approach using predictive intelligence technologies can cut an annual maintenance budget by as much as 50%. Visualization and collaborative environment, Integrated Planning and Logistics (IPL) – the Statoil case, The Why, What and How (WWH) of a drilling operation, The future of Telemedicine in O&G (phase 1), Visualization and collaborative environment (72), Data analysis, modelling and prediction (189), IOR - increased oil and gas recovery (50), IO 1 - IO Teamwork and Capabilities (Phase 2) (36), IO 2 - Integrated Planning and Logistics (Phase 2) (39), IO 3 - Proactive Management of Safety and Environment (Phase 2) (68), IO 4 - Production Optimization and Subsurface IO (Phase 2) (52), T3 - System Integrity and Dynamic Risk Assessment (6), Program 1 Drilling and Well Construction (Phase 1) (11), Program 2 Reservoir Management and Production Optimization (Phase 1) (96), Program 3 Operation and maintenance (Phase 1) (11), Program 4 Work processes, Teamwork and Collaboration Technologies (Phase 1) (69), The future of Telemedicine in O&G (Phase 2) (12), S.P. > Significantly reduced travel requirements and time spent traveling An Integrated Operation Center is an extension of the traditional control room and is designed for optimal cross discipline collaboration across the organization as well as cooperation in and between control rooms. This data can be used to operate the plant more efficiently and safely if utilized in an efficient manner. Intelligent integration across engineering, infrastructure, applications and services ensure new insights from your plant data to empower faster, more astute decision making. By staying here you are agreeing to our use of cookies. > Higher efficiency during commissioning ABB can improve your use of data analytics to cut costs, reduce schedules and minimize risk through properly integrated digitalization. > Server/Client maintenance The Center for Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry (IO Center) is a research-based innovation center, established with support from the Research Council of Norway and sponsorship from 14 major international oil companies and suppliers and 3 research institutions.

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