Period: Jan 1, 1750 to Dec 31, 1900. Very heavy goods such as coal, iron and clay could not be transported by road. Evolución de las Corrientes Teóricas y Epistemológicas que Sustentan el Desarrollo de la Informát... Recogiendo saberes en torno a la diversidad. Here is a photo of Robespier. Highly significant for Revolutions in the United States because this pushes the US towards major starts of revolts. Thomas Edison born in 1874 was one of the most successful inventors in the world. Martha Yaneth Camacho/Psicología ), RECONOCIENDO MIS COMPETENCIAS Paula Tatiana Hernandez Ramirez, el rol del hombre y la mujer a través del tiempo, TIMELINE EXPOSURE TO TRADITIONAL AND NEW MEDIA, Linea del Tiempo sobre la Evolución de la Economia, La Evolución De Las Relaciones Publicas, Acontecimientos Importantes de la Revolución Rusa, 1744202, Significant Events in Period 2 (1607-1754), Los presidentes de Colombia de la hegemonía conservadora, Línea del tiempo "historia del periódico". Robespier was known to have controled the Reign of Terror. This starts irritating the Americans. The weapon was equipped with a revolving cylinder which chambers six rounds and an innovative cocking device. The Luddites destroyed many of the spinning jenny’s. Therefore, he started the Reign of Terror. The Industrial Revolution (1750-1900) Timeline created by jroberts16. This was because smuggling was a social crime- people benefitted from the cheaper goods smuggled and so did not see it as wrongdoing, they even viewed smugglers as heroes in some areas. Here is the Declaration of the Rights of Man. By 1799, they lost the faith of the people. In 1786, the banks would start refusing to lend the king money igniting a spark of Revolution. The British would do this believing that they had rights to do this. The eight year old boy did not show any symptoms of smallpox. Crowds would often mock the authorities and treat the condemned as a hero. Geography What other European countries besides England had coal, iron, and textile industries in the 1800s? This lead to people become angry at Hargreaves. The slave trade act of parliament in Britain was passed on March 25 of 1807. Industrial Revolution Timeline Timeline Description: The Industrial Revolution was a time in the 18th century when many important inventions were made. There was also a high rate of suicide. On August 22, 1787 John Fitch made the first ever successful trial of a steamboat on the Delaware River. This allowed ranchers and cowboys to contain their land and keep it from animals such as wolves and coyotes. The Industrial Revolution Jan 1, 1764. Many supporters of the bill thought that this would be the end to slavery itself, but slavery was not abolished for many more years. These improvements paved the way for the Industrial Revolution. People no longer believed in witches, and those who claimed to be as such were seen as con artists or confidence tricksters taking advantage of others. Finding him quilty of treason to the National Convention, he was executed with a guillotine. The Industrial Revolution 1700 - 1900. Eli Whitney was born in Massachusetts America and inventor of the cotton gin. This was a crime fighting team set up in London in 1748 by Henry Fielding. After 13 years of construction the largest suspension bridge of the time was completed in New York. He eventually invented a bulb that lasted for 1500 hours. Demanding money from the United States to pay for this, the US refused. Surgimiento del Territorio Federal de Quintana Roo y su Consolidación. This is significant because it finally and pernamently removed the king and monarchy. The Industrial Revolution 37 Name D a t e TELESCOPING THE TIMES The Industrial Revolution, 1700–1900 CHAPTER OVERVIEW Britain fueled an Industrial Revolution, which changed soci-ety. Later in his life he also developed vaccinations for rabies and anthrax. The Quartering Act ruled that the Americans would be obligated to house British soldiers during times of peace. The emphasis of this force was to deter criminals by having a public presence on the streets. Mobs of the street (same as those who captured and imprisoned the king) now set about revenge for the war had with Austria. In 1859 Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution in the book “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection”. the Execution of Robespier came about and finally brougt peace to Paris from his reign. A new witchcraft law was passed in 1736, during the reign of George II. This event took place at the end of the French Revolution, where the people took the country of France from the Monarch. Roads were improved in the 18th century, this led to more travel, including stagecoach services, which meant far more people travelling, thus more targets for highway robbers to steal from. The Bow Street Runners were so successful that by 1785 they were officially paid by the government and were the first modern detective force and formed the origins of the early police force. they ruled well for around five years until Napoleon forced them out. It used a separate system focusing on the isolation of prisoners which were meant to encourage self-reflection and reform, ensure the prisoner was not influenced by other more hardened criminals, deter others from committing similar crimes because of the harsh system, and ensure retribution by ensuring that being in prison was a severe punishment. Here is the creation of the Declaration of Independence. See more Science and Technology timelines. Other nations followed Britain’s example and industrialized. It was the first practical method of generating electricity. Jan 1, 1807, Robert Fulton invents the first successful steam boat. The Industrial Revolution, 1700–1900 Previewing Main Ideas From the spinning jenny to the locomotive train, there was an explosion of inventions and technological advances. Demanding money from the United States to pay for this, the US refused.

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