Copyright text 2020 by Watercolor Affair. I was unsure how to use the watercolors in the tubes. She works primarily en plein air on the streets of Rome, and also travels for private international collectors on commission. Some artists prefer to keep their fresh tube paints continuously wet. They are extremely helpful and clear. I didn’t really know the difference between tubes or pans (also called “cakes”). My students love to paint and I am always looking for ways to make it more interesting. They use a “wet palette” option to keep them moist. But if you use watercolor paint straight out of the tube it’s ready to mix... To use watercolor tubes, squeeze a small amount of paint from the tube and onto a mixing palette. The palette provides a workable surface area for mixing your colors. Watercolor may not feel as intricate as other paint like oil or acrylic, but that's what makes it so unique. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 12,726 times. You can find special wet palette boxes with folding or snap on lids to accommodate your tube paints (see the reviews for this leakproof palette on Amazon). This can be useful if you want to keep your colors separated until you put them on paper. Also you can layout the colors the way you want. It takes some time, trial and error to find the technique which works best with your workflow. Thank you! They have a lid that prevents overnight evaporation and works as an effective dust cover. Thanks so much for posting this! This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Hardened watercolor cakes are more highly concentrated in pigments. ​To reactivated the paint add a few drops of clear water with a brush or a spray bottle. Enter in your email and password to create a FREE account. Would you like to join my FREE weekly update newsletter? I have just recently discovered your website and I love it! A little goes a long way. Unlike oil paintings, usually watercolors are done in a single sitting. I later discovered tubes can be just as versatile. This is handy for when you want to refill a pan later on. A full pan has a capacity of about 5ml. I love oils, and for years only painted with acrylics. It’s pretty straightforward to make your own pans. ", straightforward about how and what to do to become familiar with the type of paint, and how best to use, experiment, and become more familiar with it. 2. Use printer paper for rough drafts and sketches. So I personally employ a combo: I have a pan set for my “main” watercolor palette because I love the convenience. When you start a new painting, begin with just a few colors. They don’t want their colors to be stained with other pigments, so this method of working suits them well. However, some manufacturers employ different additives to make watercolor in tubes flow; once it dries, it loses some of its vibrancy. You can squeeze out a large amount of paint into a mixing palette if you like. Some artists like to have fresh pure colors when they start a new painting. Last Updated: July 30, 2020 I know most Pre-K teachers have used both dry and liquid watercolors with their students before, but have you ever used “tube” watercolors? A mixing palette is different to a simple mixing surface like a butcher tray or a ceramic dish. When you’ve finished painting, let the artwork dry for at least 30 minutes to prevent smudging or bleeding of the colors. If you are brand new to painting all together you should look into watercolor pencils. Storage is easy. She works primarily en plein air on the streets of Rome, and also travels for private international collectors on commission. It’s more annoyance than anything, but worth considering if you’re not a neatnik. Thank you! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It depends on the level of exactitude you’re going for. I use a mixing palette with a lid and you can also find some good leak-proof, airtight palettes. There is students’ and artists’ quality paper. Show them what happens when too much water is added to the paint (colors are weak), and show them how a drop of water will make deeper colors. The three primary colors are red, blue, and yellow, and are impossible to achieve by mixing other colors but can be mixed together to create secondary colors. ", by watercolors as it's so easy to ruin, not like oils and acrylics, whereby you can paint over your mistakes so easily and do it again. But it can be used as a type of pan colour. Jonelle. To use these, I use a white plastic paint tray for each child. Here’s a more in-depth explanation of the process of using watercolor from tubes. I. To use these, I use a white plastic paint tray for each child. One of the biggest advantages of watercolor from a tube is that it’s a concentrated amount of the color, so it will apply instantly vibrant. Use multiple pencil strokes on a concentrated area of your painting to make it darker. You can give your painting the illusion of depth or shadow by coloring some areas darker than others. Make sure you start by squeezing paint into the corners of the pan. Professional Artist. If you don’t fully rinse your brush in water before switching colors, they will blend together and give your painting a muddy appearance. Each format has its advantages depending on the style of painting you want to do (small or large scale projects, indoors or outdoors, etc.). Prices vary because of the different pigments used to obtain each color. This is good for your workflow because you have an established order fixed in your mind. A clean sheet of card will do the job. ​Leave the pan to dry. For me, the price difference between a pan and a tube makes the tube a more economical choice. A #8 round red sable watercolor brush makes a good all-around brush for painting with watercolors. I also use Kilimanjaro 300 lb. ​Note: In theory, it is possible to mix any color from the 3 primary colors, red, blue and yellow. All you need is an empty palette box and some empty pans. Here, we’ll explore the difference between these two varieties of the same medium, including the benefits of each so that you can decide which one might be the better choice for your painting. Tubes just have more liquid binders and fillers which evaporate when you leave them to dry. ", "Very good. There’s nothing as frustrating as running out of a color mix and having to mix the exact same color twice. Often if you leave them for a while the paint dries and the cap becomes difficult to remove. Non-staining paint sits on the surface of your paper and can easily be removed for different “lift off” techniques, while staining paints set into the paper, creating a permanent color base. So you're ready to make a dent in the world of watercolors ? I've been intimidated, "This is a fantastic and clear article for learning how to use watercolors for the first time. Add one color to each of the wells in your palette. ", "Very clear with some interesting ideas. Want to know which method is best for you ? This article was co-authored by Kelly Medford. Tubes are more pricey but in my experience they are more economical compared to buying ready filled pans. I wanted to know the best way to use watercolor paint from tubes. Most palette boxes will fit both full and half pans. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Glad you're here! I use that mostly. Thanks for posting this.

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