Another option is to use a cage,... 3. If you've found it on the ground, check that it is not near... 2. How to Feed a Baby Bird As for feeding, the bird will need an hour or so to get used to its new surroundings. If you do not have a cage suitable for the birds, we can make one out of a laundry basket. If the bird has no feathers, it is a nestling, so look around to see if you can spot the nest. Therefore, it should remain on the ground - only remove it if it is in danger from a predator, or the parents do not return within one hour. Make sure the bird is truly an orphan. Cover the holes inside the laundry basket with pieces of screening, cut to fit, and hot glue in place. To care for a baby sparrow, you will first need a nest or box to use to shelter it. If it has feathers, it is a fledgling and could be learning to fly. If he is reluctant to accept food from you, try gently tapping on the top of his beak as a … You will need one laundry basket, a hot glue gun, and a roll of window screening (fiberglass or pet safe). Most important is to make sure the sparrow is healthy. After that, it will need to be hand fed every 20 minutes for about 12 hours out of the day. How to Care for and Raise a Baby Sparrow 1.

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