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The basic accounting formula forms the logical basis for double entry accounting . This way, when you go to take a bookkeeping exam or create a balance sheet for your own small business, you will have the experience to back up the equation. For example, you might say “Arguments are Loud and Obnoxious.” With acronyms, there are two important things: First, you need to make sure that the words you substitute have meaning for you and two, they should be easy words to remember. For example, total debt ratio can serve as a key indicator of whether it's the right time to take a new loan. Image Credit: Courtesy of this is so confusing, there are way too many formula that i have to remember, and they won't give us formula booklet like in math exam. You can use accounting software to do a lot of the hard work for you, but it still behooves you to know the basics of accounting, which include accounting ratios.Â. Having a basic understanding of accounting is essential to running a small business. In essence, if both sides of the basic accounting formula do not match at all times, there is an error in the accounting system that must be corrected. Retail Accounting: Library of Helpful Resources, Tips and Techniques, One-Stop Guide on Cost of Goods Sold and Cost of Goods Manufactured. Having clear books that are accurate and easy to interpret can ensure you're running a successful business. These are the tangible and intangible assets of a business, such as cash , acco Not only will this method make the formula easier to learn the first time round, but will really help when it comes to memorising the formula later on. These are some common liquidity ratios:Â, Accountants use these ratios to measure a business's earnings versus its expenses.

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